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The games sjw ruined in localization Anonymous 12/29/2017 (Fri) 04:55:56 Id: 123b47 [Preview] No. 20018 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]


>Gamers distressed by western bastardizations of Japanese classics have compiled some of the worst offenders, with recent years bringing not just bad translation but deliberate translation sabotage by soyboy betas and feminists determined to roll back the modern glories of Japanese culture in favor of western degeneracy.





Anonymous 12/29/2017 (Fri) 07:59:37 Id: bd93ed [Preview] No.20021 del
(13.54 KB 317x301 1513986544163.jpg)
And so it begins naturally. What Gamergate couldn't and wouldn't do.

Final Showdown Moore Vs Jones Anonymous 12/13/2017 (Wed) 01:46:44 Id: 314667 [Preview] No. 19846 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=xg7syPj3EIc [Embed]

this going to be like nov 8 all over again lads keep mememing
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Anonymous 12/22/2017 (Fri) 04:01:02 Id: 901a52 [Preview] No.19956 del
Secretary of State launches investigation into voter fraud concerns in Senate special election





/Hotpocket Edit

Just HOLD Your Fucking Horses - Moore challenging the election results, will investigate voter fraud

Roy Moore asking for money to investigate voter fraud.


Anonymous 12/24/2017 (Sun) 07:32:40 Id: 01c2f2 [Preview] No.19966 del

is at 71 k from the 75k he needs for the investigation lets hope he gets it soon

Anonymous 12/28/2017 (Thu) 13:50:18 Id: 9516c5 [Preview] No.20011 del
75598 he did it he's got the funding for the voter fraud investigation

Anonymous 12/28/2017 (Thu) 14:06:24 Id: 9516c5 [Preview] No.20012 del

Anonymous 12/28/2017 (Thu) 15:42:28 Id: 4b4351 [Preview] No.20014 del
Huh. Didn't think conservatives had it in them to not get cucked. Neato. Everyone and their dogs could tell voter fraud, but I had figured the GOP would just roll over and take it.

Merry Christmas GGR Anonymous 12/25/2017 (Mon) 09:06:16 Id: 701993 [Preview] No. 19971 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Merry Christmas fam keep shit posting and have good times
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Anonymous 12/27/2017 (Wed) 20:10:32 Id: 63c32f [Preview] No.19992 del
you too babe

Anonymous 12/27/2017 (Wed) 20:10:56 Id: 63c32f [Preview] No.19993 del
kwanza nigga

Anonymous 12/28/2017 (Thu) 08:38:14 Id: 08ab0c [Preview] No.20007 del
>merry Christmas lads, weev trolling jews
You do know that Weev is a jew himself right?

Anonymous 12/28/2017 (Thu) 09:19:05 Id: 278cce [Preview] No.20010 del

Anonymous 12/28/2017 (Thu) 15:39:10 Id: c03920 [Preview] No.20013 del
Self hating jew like bobby fischer then?

(32.72 KB 237x234 sp found a way.jpg)
sp0rtschan.0rg GET Anonymous 12/27/2017 (Wed) 20:15:46 Id: 1b6263 [Preview] No. 20000 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
/sp/, it's about ethics in sports journalism

Anonymous 12/27/2017 (Wed) 22:36:59 Id: ff3a52 [Preview] No.20001 del
You don't get credit when you made a billion posts yourself for the get, figgit.

Anonymous 12/27/2017 (Wed) 23:22:51 Id: 1b6263 [Preview] No.20002 del
butthurt as fuck tbh. im not waiting for the 3 weeks it takes your board to make 10 posts get over it.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Causes Mass Triggering Anonymous 12/08/2017 (Fri) 04:27:02 Id: 7d858f [Preview] No. 19821 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

The character designs for the wondrous women in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (also known as just “Xenoblade 2” in Japan) have unsurprisingly generated outrage from feminists on Twitter, causing them to fly into a rage about their unrealistic size despite the game taking place in a world full of giant flying titans.

Some expected the event to be inevitable considering the game boasts females who can literally turn into objects – only a handful of the toxic tweets from feminists and other salty individuals complaining about the unrealistic proportions of the game’s women:
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Anonymous 12/08/2017 (Fri) 23:56:01 Id: 7a6bbf [Preview] No.19832 del

Anonymous 12/22/2017 (Fri) 23:55:26 Id: f721be [Preview] No.19961 del
SJWs are still hating on Xenoblade 2:


Anonymous 12/26/2017 (Tue) 08:56:43 Id: 7a6bbf [Preview] No.19982 del
(546.07 KB 858x671 Pyra-knickers.png)
>Should've put this picture in the OP.
>Mod Edit: Removed Image
>A small reminder when posting images. As per our rules for figure era - rule #4 states: If the camera is excessively focused on sexual or secondary sexual characteristics, it's a poor choice of picture and another angle may be more appropriate. To expand upon this see our Not Safe For Work Policy in the General FAQ .

the pic in question:

Anonymous 12/26/2017 (Tue) 19:10:33 Id: 728bcb [Preview] No.19986 del
The statues nice hope they get one for kosmos

Senate Pass Tax Reform Anonymous 12/20/2017 (Wed) 06:07:46 Id: 3326f5 [Preview] No. 19922 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]


51-47 we won this the cucks actually attempted to crash the vote wojak had them thrown out

https://youtube.com/watch?v=6Dso8BQkBLo [Embed]
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Anonymous 12/21/2017 (Thu) 23:38:21 Id: 068d6a [Preview] No.19951 del
(112.43 KB 600x600 1513368190342.jpg)
There's a hell of a lot of unemployed folks in America and by no fault of their own. It's a shit show and it's why so many temp agencies have popped up during the Obama era. Spoiler alert, they didn't help Whitey get work either.

Anonymous 12/22/2017 (Fri) 02:10:37 Id: a76a2b [Preview] No.19953 del
Heh, I'm just trying to work out how you live on $0 income for five years straight. Being able to hunt and scavenge for the winters is the only thing I can think of.
Are neetbux that good? Will they actually sustain you for five years straight, all by themselves?

Anonymous 12/22/2017 (Fri) 04:09:33 Id: 068d6a [Preview] No.19957 del
>I'm just trying to work out how you live on $0 income for five years straight.

It's called kids coming fresh out of college with no work to sustain them. They go back to living with mom and dad.

Anonymous 12/24/2017 (Sun) 05:32:53 Id: ec58fd [Preview] No.19965 del

He is going to collage. But yep does live in the forest pretty much lol. Lives with my dad.

John Rivello plea bargains for 5 years in prison Anonymous 07/24/2017 (Mon) 21:19:50 Id: f5bc86 [Preview] No. 18166 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
It seems that (((Kurt Eichenwald))) wasn't satisfied with suing John Rivello for $75,000. So he made sure his Jewdicial buddies put the screws to him as well.
>https://twitter.com/KyleBristow/status/884989639190335488 (pic related)
I just saw a tweet that appears to show an official court document and states that he was facing 99 (10 is the only source I can find) years in prison for the flashing tweet that supposedly caused (((him))) to seize. It seems he will take the plea bargain for 5 years instead of attempting to defend himself.
Lawyer for Defendant is listed as:
Matt Alford
(713) 224-6661
Related Articles
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Anonymous 12/02/2017 (Sat) 06:37:18 Id: 319646 [Preview] No.19776 del
keep an eye on this case lets see what kike ecchiwalds up to

Anonymous 12/02/2017 (Sat) 11:11:47 [Preview] No.19783 del
>gets btfo
<y-you ignored my points!
you have to lurk 2 years before posting

Anonymous 12/21/2017 (Thu) 15:43:07 Id: 80a0de [Preview] No.19944 del
Any new updates on this?

Anonymous 12/21/2017 (Thu) 16:07:15 Id: ce76e0 [Preview] No.19945 del
>btfo by greentext salt over not being able to handle sarcasm about your own incapability to argue in the first place

jesus christ captain autismo just stop

Anonymous 12/22/2017 (Fri) 03:58:37 Id: ea9d7b [Preview] No.19955 del
2/8/18 re trial or something according to the lastest slips from november its dropped federally but this kikes still going to try and get him at the local level

4k+ Antifa members list Anonymous 12/20/2017 (Wed) 06:26:19 Id: eaefc9 [Preview] No. 19923 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
got it from 8pol

Hey /pol/fags. I'm from /baphomet/

Been messing around with some web scrapping have compiled a database of 4k+ antifa members who belong to the ANTIFA facebook group


It includes

>Full names



> Date Joined

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 12/20/2017 (Wed) 06:27:26 Id: eaefc9 [Preview] No.19924 del

Anonymous 12/20/2017 (Wed) 11:15:35 Id: 90d156 [Preview] No.19925 del
(169.60 KB 750x698 1513725316102.jpg)
(271.30 KB 426x500 1513728481431.jpg)
Lots of old news in here but still doing God's work chief.

Anonymous 12/21/2017 (Thu) 13:56:08 Id: b8b31a [Preview] No.19942 del
Get the dox for those cucks from Seattle trace them we can nail who's involved in the train incident from Monday like the one where gg+ had Lily feng killed

Why does GGRevolt like this? Anonymous 12/21/2017 (Thu) 12:48:05 Id: 86121e [Preview] No. 19937 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
What do you see in this manbeast?

(139.71 KB 1500x1427 71kE6BYu3UL._SL1500_.jpg)
Anonymous 12/17/2017 (Sun) 15:13:41 Id: 26ecb3 [Preview] No. 19883 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>The Last Jedi
reminds me of something
Gamergate never dies
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Anonymous 12/18/2017 (Mon) 21:05:43 Id: aad76a [Preview] No.19909 del
Heh, is that an actual product or is that just something some betas threw together in paint?

Anonymous 12/18/2017 (Mon) 21:43:18 Id: feedb1 [Preview] No.19911 del

>>pink haired

I doubt thats still a thing. Around here its predominantly disgusting blue

Anonymous 12/19/2017 (Tue) 05:49:14 Id: b148f8 [Preview] No.19914 del
that's not real

Anonymous 12/19/2017 (Tue) 11:02:18 Id: 90035d [Preview] No.19915 del
dank memage from FJew

Anonymous 12/19/2017 (Tue) 16:20:54 Id: 846b99 [Preview] No.19917 del
>that's not real

Only the problem glasses are fake