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This is going to be hard both because I haven't practiced magic and I don't know how it is supposed to work and can't just take anyone's word for it and also because the somewhat erratic way you write but I'll try.

Credential is not a portal (or pathway), big difference.
Sigils are supposedly ways to channel intent into something like a common unconscious or whatever aren't they? Say we stay by demonic interpretation isn't goetia about how to contact the demons and if so wouldn't the sigil be like adress or phone noumber? Portal maybe in a metaphorical sense that it allows to reach and contact but not that it carries the demon over into this realm.
Let's look back at the sun astrological symbol that you've found in washing tag (not exactly because it's in a square but whatever). What's the purpose of it being there? Why would it work as a mean of communication with spiritual if there's neither intent nor understanding on the part of regular dude who just needs to check how to wash his clothes?