Anonymous 01/31/2017 (Tue) 19:46:09 No. 451 del
It can work simply if the person has no idea what they are looking at. They subconsciously assume it is meant to be there. Now these are not complete sigils. They are portions that represent magical energies. This is a way to amplify they magical energies that they want to use all over the world. Ok so If we have a bunch of magical elements in every home and we cast a rain spell. The magical components in the sigil may or may not act as a node to amplify said working. Demonic energies are not manifestations per se. Though it is essentially the same thing. This is a cultist lily-pad to have these tags and such. A sharpie would be good in this context. now imagine the kill room. There is none of these and the walls are covered in plastic. They may draw some of these in blood on the plastic covered walls to allow the murder to saturate into the community.

It is credentials if the intent is mass occultism. It is a symbolical relation to the region that the sigilized energies are purported to work onto.