Anonymous 02/11/2017 (Sat) 08:19:51 No. 589 del
Marina Abramovich is known as "The grandmother".The mothers of darkness is a pretentious witch secret society. This is a kike vetted secret society mind you. There is a Castle in Europe associated with both the royal huntsmen and the mothers of darkness. They brood in the castle there. But what lies benith is a more sinister sanctuary of death. The "Womb" as it where is a dungeon complete with medical reccesitation stations and on call professionals to revive the mutilated. This sub masonic cult has a rite of prickling ones. This is a little gross. These "Dames and mothers of darknes" will put on a pvc mask with makup on the mask. They will put a bakers dozen cradels on little tables. Then after the preliminary censing another ladling woman barges in stiff legged like a witch with a pendulum and an athame.She goes down the rows and stabs the babies in the middle of their beanie torso. (stabbing is masonic sex) All the while keeping a rythem with the pendulum. They will criss-cross side to side to keep it rythmic. This is the nucleus of feminism and the opposite of the public and private fertility rituals.