Anonymous 02/13/2017 (Mon) 06:21:47 No. 600 del
jews jews jews jews jews jews jews jewish conspiracy
jews didn't do theosophy, it's a resurgence of mystery schools to which quite a few jews do belong but aren't the primary actors of
look at the double headed eagle from hodorov synagogue, for you it'll be a evidence that jews did freemasonry but it's ignorance to stop at that - look at the other pic
kabalism is not jewish in origin, it's babilonian (possibly goes even further back in time)
additionaly by saying jews you obfuscate phoenicians and that is far more relevant than whatever traces of jewish involvement you can produce because this is where jewish involvement stems from
going after jews will lend you minimal effects, especially jews in general as ethicity as they've been one of the easiest groups to use as convenient scapegoats because they're ideologically pricks to non-jews (esp. christians)