Anonymous 02/21/2017 (Tue) 04:22:52 No. 663 del
>I once heard a story about a man named mr bigley.
>This was like 10 years ago that was his name.Not even the weird part about this guy.
>Its not Trump this mans name was Ellen Bigley.
>He looked jewish certainly he was fat as all hell.
>He was a buisnessman very connected. Always rubbing hands.
>I think he was even a bankster for the federal reserve no less.
>Mr bigley was a man of privelage. He was given children as gifts by the illuminati.
>He called them "My little ruffs"
>he would dress these mostly boys in little doll outfits and then dominate them
>"my little ruffs they like to fumble."
>he would sit on their face and bite the thighs.
>no one knows if he killed the children or what became of the ruffs.
>apparently mr bigley intimidates other men by making baby faces and acting like a child.
>He has bloody tantrums and still people feel obligated to work with him because he is so rich.
>he will even dry hump his peers loved ones publicly as a little humiliation routine.
>Everytime someone trys to call out this freak someone in a position of authority becomes corrupt to defend mr bigley.
>its a tragedy. He supposebly is in bed with soros.This elitist scumbag asshole.

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