Anonymous 02/23/2017 (Thu) 01:09:49 No. 764 del
I have been thinking about the deception and it occured to me that having to justify claiming a kike vetted fraternity is evil is stating the obvious. The fact that these people can even be compared as in league with the kikes means it is not a seperate issue. In fact it makes everything clearer. The kikes have an obligation to act as the manifestation of evil to intimidate the caucasian army they have hoodwinked into their control. So these people have become possessed by the kike. Completely in obediance to the agenda of these elite kikes. The kikes are the bloodlines or the most vocal form of satanic royalty. You can not disect the fraternity as an elite white man club because the secrecy means that is just a facade for a stew of slimey merchants. This entire cult is like a haggeling society they have the handshakes its all jewish. That is the only reason you would whisper in another mans ear the name of an old testament idol or biblical footnote because it is facitious kike market luring and predatory cultism.