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The following list is a breakdown of just some of the 400-odd people past and present we have been able to identify as office-holders in the Grand Lodge of England for the years 1982/83:

The Rt Hon. Sir John Arnold (President, Family Division); His Honour Judge Rodney Bax QC, the Rt Hon. Viscount Bledisloe QC, Mr Registrar John Bradburn (Registrar in Bankruptcy and of the Companies Court, High Court of Justice, Clerk of the Restrictive Practices Court and Lord Chancellors Legal Visitor), Sir Lionel Brett, the Hon. Mr Justice Mervyn Davies, Mr Registrar T.L. Dewhurst, the Hon. Mr Justice Drake, the Hon. Robert Kinley Eason, His Hon. Judge Brian Gibbens QC, His Hon. Judge J.E. Jones, the Hon. Mr Justice Leonard (Common Sergeant in the City of London, ex-Chairman, Criminal Bar Association, etc.), F. Ashe Lincoln QC, the Hon. Mr Justice Reeve, His Hon. Judge Michael Underhill QC, His Hon. Judge P.M. Slot, His Hon. Judge Sir William Stabb QC, Sir John Chalmer Stebbings, (partner, Payne Hicks Beach & Co. solicitors, president of the Law Society), Andrew Felix Waley QC (recorder of the Crown Court), the Rt Hon. Lord Justice Waller OBE.
The Hon. Edward Latham Baillieu, the Rt Hon. Lord Barnard, Viscount Chelsea, the Rt Hon. Lord Cornwallis, Most Hon. Marquess of Donegal, the Rt Hon. Earl of Eglinton and Winton, H.R.H. the Duke of Kent, H.R.H. Prince Michael of Kent, the Rt Hon. Lord Kenyon (Director, Lloyds Bank), the Rt Hon. Lord Rathcreedan, the Rt Hon. the Earl of Shannon, the Earl of Stradbroke, the Earl of Derby, Earl Cadogan, the Rt Hon. Lord Porritt, the Rt Hon. Lord Harris, Lt-Col the Rt Hon. Lord Burnham, the Rt Hon. Lord Swansea, the Most Hon. the Marquess of Zetland.
Arthur J. Davis (Chief General Manager, Lloyds Bank), Sir Knowles Edge (ex-Managing Director, Wm. Edge & Sons), Alex Stewart Frere (ex-President, William Heinemann Ltd, publishers), Sir Peter Gadsen (ex-lord mayor of London, Member of Lloyds), Sir Gilbert S. Inglefield (ex-Lord Mayor of London), Arthur Harris Ley, FRSA, FRIBA (former Partner, Ley Colbech & Partners, architects), Alan Lamboll (Member of Lloyds, ex-Sheriff of London and Secretary, Ross McWhirter Foundation), Sir Kenneth Newman (Chairman, Garnar Scotblair Ltd, General Commissioner for Income Tax), Sir Oliver Chesterton (Chairman, Woolwich Building Society and Crown Estates Commissioner), Sir Alexander Ross (Chairman, United Dominion Trust Ltd, Eagle Star), Sir James Stubbs, Lt-Col Neil Gordon Thorne, OBE, MP (ex-Partner, Hull & Co., chartered surveyors).
Civil Service
Sir Arthur Llewellyn Armitage (Professor Emeritus of Common Law, University of Manchester, Chairman, Social Security Advisory Committee and numerous other advisory committees including the Political Activities of Civil Servants and the National Advisory Council on the Training of Magistrates), William Derrick Pattinson (ex-Treasury, now Secretary-General of the General Synod of the Church of England), Anthony F.A. Sutherland (ex-Under-Secretary, Department of Employment), Sir Herbert Tetley KBE (ex-Government Actuary), Charles Freedman (Commissioner, Customs & Excise).
Armed Services
Major General Sir Allen Henry Adair GCVO, General Sir Rodney Moore GCVO (Chief Steward, Hampton Court Palace), Major General Sir Ralph Hone KCMG, Major General Sir Leonard Atkinson.
 There are also 1 brigadier, 10 colonels, 4 lieutenant-colonels, 1 major and 1 captain representing the Army; 1 captain, 3 commanders and 1 lieutenant-commander from the Navy and 1 wing-commander and 1 squadron-leaders from the Royal Air Force.

The list of officers of the Grand Lodge also contains 14 privy councillors and 21 deputy lieutenants of counties.