Anonymous 02/28/2017 (Tue) 11:56:07 No. 800 del
I have been polite but honestly. Historically the term terrorism was coined during the Jacobin french revolution. They all where Freemasons that is what Jacobin clubs where a partition of masonic crime. George washington worried of french masonry getting riled up in america even MENTIONING JACOBISM AS AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT THE HELL TO LOOK OUT FOR! So instead of playing this game where our saftey is at risk because a luciferian cult refuses to stop plotting against the public. We can not pretend to give a shit about isis any of this trash if this cult can continue to false flag and then use the fake news to say that a tragedy happened that these people started. Order and chaos. We have a history of this stuff we have a motive with the 3 world wars and their literature that calls civilians stakes on the table by choice and consent. if this is not gas-lighted the kikes will use them as they always have as the go to goys to kike out.

If you allow or support freemasonry technically you are a terrorist supporter. If you are a mason the most accurate term for you is a sleeper cell terrorist. Because if you are told to throw out hospital records or whatever they tell you to do you will probably do it regardless of right or wrong. I can't say they are terrorists though I believe it they are sleeper cells.all it takes is something to let them know its time to put on the mask and cut peoples heads off. Because this is not a new thing. This head cutting shit is like a kike atavism. That is where Isis got it from. The muslim BROTHERHOOD IS LITERALLY A RESULT OF EGYPT DISTANCING ITSELF FROM THE NAPOLEON DOMINATION ERA AND THEY SENT IN THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD IN THE 1920s TO KEEP THE CRAFT IN THE MIDDLE EAST DAMMIT. ISIS IS PART OF THE EGYPTIAN TRINITY THAT MAKES UP THE ALLEGORICAL CHUNK OF THE ORIGINAL 3 DEGREES OF MASONRY.