Anonymous 03/10/2017 (Fri) 01:00:51 No. 843 del
I thought about 4chan and the starting of all of this and. Unfortunatley I do not post a lot of what I see as possible green language connections to historical chan things because we have at least one person who will use this to say that memes where always spurrious and memes are a cia asset to keep you stupid. And how all of the internet is bad. Well this is the prolapsed asshole of the internet who would have guessed a bunch of shit is being excreted? I am not trying to glorify or to take anything away from what was not always shit or now shit and cancer and on top of that these men who now post on the chans to try and boomer their agenda.
But I just thought that /b/ is for the busy bees. The birds and the bees. The child breeding cult that controls society. $chan was styled as a garden. The trolls where guardsmen as much playful. A troll also guards the tunnels under the bridges. The trolls deflect from the bust bees. Who are the busy bees? Everyone because the 4th wall was never breached. Only when politics came int o the picture did the contriversy really take shape. /pol/ Is not about politics. It is about pollination of ideas to be spread like seeds. This is neither good or bad. It is rather a tool. Memes are a tool. Lets start building the reality that is the lulziest and most enjoyable for everyone and not this gateful reality that we have to add in shclomo and we have to point out how Trunp is Jewish and all of these things that are not the most immediate psyop. Pepe the frog is a familiar to the garden. The trollface was green at first. I do not know if this is new meme lore or what but something to think about. The mask fagging was not because of chanology it was because of V for VENDETTA. Do not associate cult masks with people trying to stop cults. Clearly it all was pretty neutral until politics became where they had to guard and troll and protect the elite. /pol/ is pollination for the psyops. This is just a few themes I noticed. You think for a moment what was cosplay really? Why did moot cum on himself in a studio office of sorts and not know how that photo had been released? Seriously why did moot have a photo of him clearly with his jizz over his abdomen and his eyes closed in an office chair? Because he is mute to the elite and that is not a secret. Its just none of my buisness. Pizza and breeding pedobear is lucifer. there is so much with the memes the original memes like duck-roll and "we know". They are about as strange and as green as they come. Candleja- clearly is a hooded figure that is redacted for being fake news. Yankee candels are more sinister than this lovable-- they are very clever memes regardless of the green language that can be read from them. YOu can not really say x y and z are this or that but you can look at how /pol/ has made this into where you have to let the elite farm us for memes and banter while they gumour thewmselves into more and inequety to the masses. Also notice the meme "/b/ is not a sekrit club". Now on 8/pol/ kek is the fucking mascot for this absolute secret cult that is using the nameless to make a name for themselves. That literally is what the alt-right is a way to shoehorn what they say is /pol/'s philosophy and mend it to allow kiklings and to evebn venrate kikery.