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Notice To Daily Posters Reader 08/25/2017 (Fri) 23:15:03 Id: 9cb9d2 [Preview] No. 1489 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

Merging all threads here

Hi, I am here to inject new life into this board


Seeking active posters for daily current events and trending news stories from almost any source.
Let's begin by posting new topics daily and we will work from there. Considering writing custom CSS or if any CSS skilled individuals have suggestions I'm more than open to them. I'd like to be able to easily manage this board and simply post and assist the vols.

From other thread

"I am the Board Owner of /news/

Please respond here or email me rp@8chan.co and I will make you a board volunteer or give you ownership if you're posting daily. I've been neglecting the board due to intense pursuit of my Masters in class as well as work. Let's make you (whoever is posting) a volunteer with potential for Ownership. I love endchan.xyz and it deserves a full time operator for /news/."

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Reader Board owner 02/18/2018 (Sun) 03:39:52 Id: 1a6981 [Preview] No.6673 del
(105.27 KB 320x975 Current source.jpg)
You need to give a reason for a report. The source for this thread in question is Feb 16, 2018. It's current events. That's the description of this board. Doesn't matter if you don't like propane. Current source will be only be violated if someone links to a paywall site, or it's illegal imagery, or intentional slander bait thread.

Reader Board owner 02/18/2018 (Sun) 03:43:46 Id: 1a6981 [Preview] No.6674 del
+Indian poo in the loo or other chans linking are violations. Can't edit, it will destroy this thread.

Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 14:53:10 Id: 07c9fb [Preview] No.6677 del
Not the anon you responded to but be aware: At least the guy ain't flooding this board with propane crabs & indian poop (yet). He does tend to do it to other news boards over on 8chan. So if he goes bonkers with this stuff here I'm sure more people are bound to complain.

For those that don't like these threads just ignore them and post some comments on other threads.

Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 16:15:19 Id: 07c9fb [Preview] No.6686 del
Friendly reminder.

Here Are The Rules:


Reader Board owner 02/18/2018 (Sun) 20:05:02 Id: 1a6981 [Preview] No.6701 del
(33.57 KB 417x350 no.jpg)
Never post anything suggestive about children, you sick fuck.

Socialist Gestapo Now Arresting Americans Over Unpaid Debts (Even Though There Is No Law Outlawing Bankruptcy) Reader 02/22/2018 (Thu) 19:48:19 Id: ced0b4 [Preview] No. 6799 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Thousands of Americans have ended up in jail over debts as small as $28 according to a new report published by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The practice is in violation of many US state and federal laws, which prohibits the jailing of debtors.

(Socialists - unlike capitalists - do not believe in allowing bankruptcy or default. They either bailout institutions via taxpayer money or they jail individuals.)

Around 77 million people have debts that have been transferred to and chased up by private collection agencies.

RT reports: In one case cited in the report, a disabled woman who wears a prosthetic leg was shackled by her waist and feet by two armed US marshals before being put in jail overnight.

“They had a warrant for my arrest and I asked them for what, he didn’t say what it was for. He said, ‘He’ll tell you later,’” said Tracie Mozie of Dickinson, Texas.

Law enforcement officials had entered Mozie’s bedroom to arrest her over a $1,500 federal student loan she took out in 1986 to pay for truck-driving school. The loan had mushroomed to $13,000 with interest and fees. Monzie was unable to pay because she is unemployed and lives on disability benefits.

The ACLU examined more than 1,000 cases in which civil court judges issued arrest warrants for debtors. In some instances the amounts were as small as $28. Letters were sent over bounced checks as low as $2, the ACLU found.

The report is the first ever to analyze the cooperation between courts and the private debt collection industry across the US, according to the ACLU. Private debt collectors use the criminal justice system to try to compel repayments, even when the debts are disputed or when the debtor cannot repay. More than 6,000 debt collection firms operate in the United States, collecting billions of dollars each year.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Reader 02/23/2018 (Fri) 09:42:00 Id: bc32ae [Preview] No.6819 del
>The US is Socialist because I don't know how Socialism works and desire to blame Socialism on a Capitalist country

Reader 02/23/2018 (Fri) 16:19:26 Id: 25d80d [Preview] No.6822 del
This has already begun to happen. And its not only idiots with liberal arts degrees. Its anyone with college debts that they are unable to pay back.

Again, this is considered illegal because it is anti-capitalist to deny someone the right to declare bankruptcy and default. I'll explain this to the retard below:

In a capitalist nation creditors must be cautious who they give loans to, because those who take loans may not be able to pay them off. There is a thing called collateral. When you take a loan you must have collateral signed to the loan agreements, encase you file bankruptcy if you can't pay the debts or interests back off. The creditors can later legally seize your collateral (which is your car, or home, or whatever assets you hedged for that loan). If you refuse to give up your assets then yes you can get arrested. But the normal procedure is to declare bankruptcy and forfeit those assets. This DOES NOT include arresting an individual. This DOES NOT include criminal charges. Filing bankruptcy IS NOT against the law. The only thing that would be against the law is refusing to file bankruptcy and forfeit the collateral.

Now considering these people were given NO warnings and NO creditor cared to contact them about this issue then what they have done is anti-capitalist because they denied the debtor the ability to file bankruptcy! Which, again, is a perfectly legal procedure in all capitalist nations!

Reader 02/23/2018 (Fri) 16:30:55 Id: 25d80d [Preview] No.6823 del
To be clear, I don't think anyone should be arrested for not being able to pay back loans. However, they should be mandated to file bankruptcy, and they should be notified in advance. And they should be mandated to forfeit whatever collateral they placed for the loan.

This means they would simply go broke, they would not end up in jail or have their life physically threatened as tends to happen is socialist tyrannies.

I will however say this for those who shill socialism: you wanted socialism? Ha! Well be careful what you wish for because you just might get it! Better stay away from debts unless you absolutely know you can pay them back!

Reader 02/23/2018 (Fri) 17:50:37 Id: bc32ae [Preview] No.6826 del
When you automatically think anyone who disagrees with what you're talking about is a shill, chances are you're too fucking paranoid.

Reader 02/23/2018 (Fri) 18:04:39 Id: 25d80d [Preview] No.6827 del
Well I am paranoid. I'll admit that. I've seen a lot of innocent people screwed over in life, well intended people. I've seen con-artists. The mainstream media lies to us. Our government lies to us. Propaganda is everywhere. Politicians are corrupt. Disinfo PSYOPS do exist [research JTRIG]. Businesses screw consumers over all the time. Our own military screws those who serve when they sign up to the VA.

Who can you trust these days, as we decline? You should not trust me personally either. Just trust your survival instinct. Your gut feelings will usually tell you a truth in advance even if you have a negative feeling about something or someone.

Don't take any offense to what I say. I don't mean to insult you or anyone else. I am paranoid, but for a good reason.

Its Official: New Gernations of America Are BROKE, We Are Heading Into Third World Territory Reader 02/20/2018 (Tue) 00:43:46 Id: 955bb6 [Preview] No. 6730 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

How long can our debt levels keep growing much, much faster than the overall economy?

We haven’t had a year of 3 percent growth for the U.S. economy since the middle of the Bush administration, but we keep borrowing money as if there is no tomorrow. Much of the focus has been on the exploding debt of the federal government, and that is definitely something I plan to address once I get to Washington. But on an individual level, U.S. consumers have been extremely irresponsible as well. In fact, one new survey has found that more than 80 percent of all American adults are currently in debt…

It’s no secret that America is a nation that runs on debt, but it may surprise you to learn that the overwhelming majority of U.S. adults owe money in some way, shape, or form. According to new data from Comet, here’s how many Americans have debt at present:

80.9% of Baby Boomers
79.9% of Gen Xers
81.5% of Millennials

For most of us, it starts very early. We were told that going into debt to get a college education would not be a problem because we would be able to pay those loans off with the good jobs we would get after graduation.

Unfortunately, those good jobs never really materialized for many of us (thanks to the outsourcing of jobs), and now millions of former college students are absolutely drowning in debt…

A study released Friday by the Brookings Institution finds that most borrowers who left school owing at least $50,000 in student loans in 2010 had failed to pay down any of their debt four years later. Instead, their balances had on average risen by 5% as interest accrued on their debt.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

18 posts and 6 images omitted.

Reader 02/22/2018 (Thu) 02:38:38 Id: afdf45 [Preview] No.6785 del
(67.70 KB 890x461 US DEBT.jpg)
Few understand that debt creation can be used as economic warfare against a nation to bankrupt it from within. The socialists who have created this misery have done just that - starting with Nixon! (Modern Reps/Dems = undercover socialists/communists two party system controlled by Zionist Rothschild banking cabal). Rothschilds are socialists using already FAILURE-proven Keynesian economics. Its an art of war against all workers of the country.

Reader 02/22/2018 (Thu) 21:21:22 Id: 851507 [Preview] No.6804 del
This interview is amazing. The criminality is repulsive and the pieces of this large puzzle are being put together. Listen 15 minutes in.

Did you know the owners of all major American universities (essentially just corporation themselves) are the biggest investors of OFFSHORE industries? Wait a minute and think about that! American universities, which are supposed to help Americans get jobs here domestically, are NOT investing in domestic industry... but foreign industry such as in China?

Reality check, America! You have been conned into a racket for over 50 years! Astounding!


Reader 02/22/2018 (Thu) 22:19:07 Id: a7d6a8 [Preview] No.6807 del
True. And the MSM does not tell the truth. Much less Trump in how he presents it.

Reader 02/23/2018 (Fri) 16:50:00 Id: 81cb64 [Preview] No.6824 del
This is likely why the media has shilled colleges instead of trade schools over the years. See the major differences here: >>6761

If trade schools became popular as going to college then Americans would have saved huge amounts of money, had jobs at a younger age, learned productive DIY skills. Fiscal solvency and a productive culture is what made America great. And ever since the early 60s they've been trying to subvert that every way possible.

Instead of families, they promote abortions and divorce courts.
Instead of saving money, they promote debt.
Instead of critical thinking, they promote political correctness.
Instead of working hard, they promote gangsterism and EBT cards.
Instead of self-suffiency, they promote consolidated urban dependence.
Instead of buying local made-in-USA, they promote Amazon and Walmart made-in-China.
Instead of energy independence, they promote wars for oil.
Instead of personal privacy, they promote social media tycoons in-bed with govt spy agencies.

I could go on and on. Rotten failed system. I'm slowly but surely hedging and placing my bets against this system as the decline continues.

Reader 02/23/2018 (Fri) 17:45:23 Id: 9bed0f [Preview] No.6825 del
(49.67 KB 501x338 marsha.jpg)
>Socialists socialists socialists!
I know you can't separate your blind patriotic love for the degenerate pointless voting system of Democracy and the vapid greedy celebrity worship enabling system of Capitalistic greed, but it's really time to stop obsessing over Socialism.

ALERT! Be Careful What You Publish On Personalized Social Media, New State Laws May Target You For Gun Grabs Reader 02/23/2018 (Fri) 16:01:10 Id: b73255 [Preview] No. 6821 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
In the last two months, law enforcement authorities in Commiefornia took a gun away from a 38-year-old man who had threatened to kill himself, his wife and their young child if she left him. They removed three weapons from a 23-year-old ex-Marine who, the authorities said, had developed a paranoia that all males wanted to harm him. And they took a handgun from a 39-year-old man whose terrified neighbors reported that he was firing his weapon in the backyard; the man, who said he thought he was aiming for raccoons and rats, was found to be intoxicated, the police said.

Commiefornia is one of only five states with “red flag laws” or extreme risk protection orders allowing the police to temporarily take away guns from people deemed by a judge to be dangerous, often after a family member or acquaintance raises concerns. Similar measures are being weighed in more than a dozen additional state capitals from Pennsylvania to Hawaii, and are drawing new attention after the deadly shooting this month at a Florida high school in a case where the suspect, Nikolas Cruz, had numerous troubling run-ins with the authorities over many months. Florida has no red flag law.

It is difficult to measure the effectiveness of red flag laws, in part because it is impossible to count mass shootings, or other tragedies, that were avoided. That said, the authorities in states with the laws, including Connecticut, Indiana, Oregon and Washington, say they have seen patterns: upticks in the use of such laws after mass shootings in other places.

The measures were also used in situations far different from the mass shooting scenarios they were originally conceived to prevent. Most often, guns were removed from people not seen as threats to large groups or public gatherings, but as risks to themselves or to their families, or suffering from debilitating illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or alcoholism.


STRANGE: Mueller Indictments Based On A Russian Publication About A Russian Internet Research Agency? Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 20:31:38 Id: 06effd [Preview] No. 6705 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/news/6631 ; >>>/news/6636

A 37-page indictment issued by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s team on Friday brings fresh American attention to one of the strangest elements of alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election: The Internet Research Agency (IRA), an alledged state-sponsored “troll factory” in St. Petersburg.

But much of the information Mueller published on Friday about the agency’s efforts to influence the election had already been published last October — in an article by a Russian business magazine, RBC.

In a 4,500-word report titled “How the 'troll factory' worked the U.S. elections,” journalists Polina Rusyaeva and Andrey Zakharov offered the fullest picture yet of how the “American department” of the IRA used Facebook, Twitter and other tactics to inflame tensions ahead of the 2016 vote. The article also looked at the staffing structure of the organization and revealed details about its budget and salaries.


Zakharov agreed to answer some questions for WorldViews about his reaction to the details about the IRA in Mueller’s indictments (Rusyaeva left journalism after the story came out, although she stresses she did not do so because of a reaction to the story). Zakharov explained how it was a strange feeling seeing something he had so closely investigated become a major issue in the United States, when it had not been a “bombshell” when he published his report at home.

The transcript below has been edited for length and clarity.

WorldViews: You’ve read the Mueller document. What was your reaction to it?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 20:43:45 Id: 06effd [Preview] No.6706 del
So half of these guys didn't even work at the agency during the year of the recent election, only had past experience working in the agency? Yah, strange! Seems like Team Mueller is trying to pin the blame on any Russians they feasibly can. Thats an act of desperation, not an investigation.

Its pretty clear, the election was rigged for Hillary but Trump unexpectedly got elected instead, so they are trying to cover-up their failures, censor and demonize their political foes, set up scapegoats and censor social media organizations for the unexpected election outcome. And not only do they blame Trump for bogus "collusion", they are saying Bernie and his bros were in on the whole thing too. Nuts! Complete and utter nutjobs. No wonder our government fails at everything, they are run by politically bias clowns.

Reader 02/19/2018 (Mon) 08:13:03 Id: 86c0ff [Preview] No.6719 del
our comrade has a good point

Reader 02/22/2018 (Thu) 22:17:53 Id: 91c28c [Preview] No.6806 del
Mueller is a dirty cop. Covered-up 9-11, supports Jihadists, has terrorist truckers working delivering uranium, part of Hillary Uranium One deals and many other things he has been involved in.

Reader 02/22/2018 (Thu) 23:56:06 Id: 91c28c [Preview] No.6814 del
Robert Mueller Exposed.


Reader Board owner 02/23/2018 (Fri) 09:44:03 Id: 9d9868 [Preview] No.6820 del
You're allowed to link completely to endchan boards.
Rule 2 : No chan advertisements, linking to 4chan, 8chan etc. News relating to chans is in the gray area. Endchan board advertisements are okay.

Trump Breaks 2nd Amendment Promise After Recent False Flag, Will Ban Certain Firearm Devices Reader 02/21/2018 (Wed) 13:53:26 Id: f081c4 [Preview] No. 6756 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

BREAKING: President Trump says he’s directed AG Sessions to clarify if bump stocks are illegal and to propose regulations to “ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns.” pic.twitter.com/cnZ2mc08TF

— NBC News (@NBCNews) February 20, 2018

While speaking on Tuesday, President Trump announced that he signed a memo “directing the attorney general to propose regulations to ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns.”

Trump said, “[A]fter the deadly shooting in Las Vegas, I directed the attorney general to clarify whether certain bump stock devices, like the one used in Las Vegas, are illegal under current law. That process began in December. And just a few moments ago, I signed a memorandum directing the attorney general to propose regulations to ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns. I expect that these critical regulations will be finalized, Jeff, very soon.”

RELATED: >>>/news/6556 ; >>>/news/6683 ; >>>/news/6746

5 posts and 5 images omitted.

Common Sense Gun Control? Trump Open to Raising Minimum Age To Purchase Firearms, From 18 to 21 Reader 02/22/2018 (Thu) 03:06:34 Id: fb915f [Preview] No.6787 del
Common Sense Gun Control? Trump Open to Raising Minimum Age To Purchase Firearms, From 18 to 21

A “White House source” informed Fox News that President Trump is open to raising the “minimum age for owning certain firearms.”

The federal minimum age for purchasing a handgun is 21-years old while the minimum age for purchasing a long gun is 18. The ability to buy long guns at age 18 came under scrutiny after 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz carried an AR-15 into a gun-free zone in Florida and opened fire on students, killing 17.

Fox News reports that Trump is “open to…a rise in the minimum age for owning certain firearms” in the wake of the Florida attack.

This news emerged on the same day that Trump directed the DOJ to finalize plans to ban bump stocks amid the current gun control outcry. It also came on the day that NRP’s Mara Liasson asked White House Press Sarah Sanders if Trump would be willing to reinstate the 1994-2004 federal “assault weapons” ban. Sanders replied, “We haven’t close doors on any front.”

The Washington Post reports that the idea of raising minimum age for gun purchases came up while Trump was having dinner with Geraldo Rivera.

Riveria suggested “raising the minimum age at which a person could buy a semiautomatic weapon from 18 to 21.”


Reader 02/22/2018 (Thu) 07:25:54 [Preview] No.6791 del
So after Trump loses his reelection. figures/

Reader 02/22/2018 (Thu) 15:30:00 Id: 7fd26f [Preview] No.6795 del
No, he doesn't mean the date. He means changing the minimum age from 18 to age 21 in order to purchase firearms. Meaning if you are still 18, or 19, or even 20 years old you would not be able to purchase a firearm.

This, in my opinion, is logical. If we are going to have 18 year old psychos still in high school able to purchase a firearm (even with the current criminal background checks in place), maybe we should make sure that these young ones are definitely out of high school years before they purchase firearms. And lets say there was another false flag operation (as this recent shooting was), then they could not set up another autistic child patsy to blame for this. It would make their narrative much more difficult to spew in future false flag events.

Reader 02/22/2018 (Thu) 22:21:12 Id: 4e3a30 [Preview] No.6809 del
Trump is just a useful idiot of the mil industrial complex, the shadow gov and the bankers who control him.

Reader 02/23/2018 (Fri) 02:19:35 [Preview] No.6817 del
(32.18 KB 585x435 muttastic.jpg)
>be 18
>can't buy guns
>but if you join up for service today, you'll get them free!


Former CIA Chief: Its OK For America To Meddle In Foreign Elections... But No One Else Should Do That! Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 22:27:52 Id: 9b6463 [Preview] No. 6710 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/news/6631 ; >>>/news/6636 ; >>>/news/6705

Former CIA chief James Woolsey appeared on Fox News to push the Deep State narrative of how dastardly those 13 Russian Facebook users were in “disparaging” Hillary Clinton and “meddling” with America’s democracy.

Woolsey did his Deep-State duty and proclaimed the evils of so-called “expansionist Russia” and dropped dubious ‘facts’ like “Russia has a larger cyber-army than its standing army,” before he moved on to China and its existential threats.

But then, beginning at around the 4:30 mark in the video below, the real debacle of the conversation begins as Ingraham asks Woolsey, “Have we ever tried to meddle in other countries’ elections?“

He responds, surprisingly frankly, “Oh probably… but it was for the good of the system...”

To which Ingraham replies, “We don’t do that now though? We don’t mess around in other people’s elections?“

Prompting this extraordinary sentence from a former CIA chief…

“Well…hhhmmm, numm numm numm numm… only for a very good cause… in the interests of democracy.“


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 22:43:47 Id: 9b6463 [Preview] No.6711 del
To undermine Russia (or any foreign enemies) we need a strong solvent domestic economy and to have energy independence. We don't have that, we are Trillions into DEBT. To undermine Russia (or any foreign enemies) we need troops protecting our own borders and sea ports. We don't have border protection and our troops are mostly overseas right now. To undermine Russia (or any foreign enemies) we need to maintain an armed population! Currently these globalists are trying to disarm innocent Americans via gun control!

So no, we are not going to 'undermine' anyone with the current economic, social or foreign policies we are being pushed into!

Want to "undermine" the world financially? Nationalize the Federal Reserve and their assets! Stop selling off our gold reserves and back the US dollar with gold once again, and stop massive debt creation which is bankrupting all of us! And protect our constitution because I don't give a SHIT what anyone says thats the ONLY thing that made our country great in the first place!

Reader 02/22/2018 (Thu) 22:24:13 Id: a38257 [Preview] No.6811 del
Those 13 people are not even connected to the Russia government. The indictments are just bs.

Reader 02/23/2018 (Fri) 00:27:38 Id: 71ac82 [Preview] No.6816 del
They worked with a Russian internet research agency. The media can say all they want but they show no proof of any of their claims so its very hard to believe them.

DHS Finds Vast Evidence of Election Fraud by Illegals, Trump Calls For Immediate Investigations Reader 02/22/2018 (Thu) 20:07:13 Id: fcd5ad [Preview] No. 6802 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI are preparing to release a report that confirms several million illegals voted for Hillary during the 2016 election.

According to the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) together with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI, the Democratic Party were actively engaged in massive voter fraud in order to try and influence the outcome of the election and defraud the American public.

Infowars.com reports: On Jan. 3, 3018, President Trump signed an executive order disbanding the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, largely because states controlled by the Democrats refused to cooperate.

Many Democrats breathed a sigh of relief, thinking President Trump had given up his effort to uncover and correct the decades of Democratic Party voter fraud.

Little noticed was a provision in the executive order that tasked the Department of Homeland Security to review the presidential commission’s initial findings and to determine next courses of action.

Equally unnoticed by the mainstream media were news releases on Feb. 15 from the DNI and from DHS that briefings were being held with election officials in all 50 states on Feb. 16 and Feb. 18 to inform them of the initial conclusions of their on-going investigation into voting fraud during the 2016 election.

The outcomes of the DNI, DHS, and FBI investigations are expected to be disastrous for the Democratic Party, revealing precisely why Democratic-controlled states refused to cooperate with Trump’s presidential commission.

When Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicated last Friday some 13 Russians for trolling the Internet as the only evidence of “Russian Collusion” he could find after months of investigation that spent millions of dollars in taxpayer funds, the intelligence operative known as QAnon posted a preview of the DNI, DHS, and FBI conclusions.


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/22/2018 (Thu) 22:20:12 Id: ba9426 [Preview] No.6808 del
The DHS is an illegal unconstituional agency and is attempting to do election meddling. Actually is. It needs to go, be eliminated. Is fruit of 9-11 and the fake " Patriot Act".

Reader 02/23/2018 (Fri) 00:25:02 Id: 1e925e [Preview] No.6815 del
They actually did try to takeover the 2016 elections if you recall the media reports talking about them "securing" the systems. So yah, the feds have tried to interfere before.

This DHS report might give them an excuse to control all voting machines nation wide. We really should be going back to paper ballots and mandate IDs for voters.

Man has his life threatened for exposing crimes of Deep State. Reader 02/19/2018 (Mon) 20:44:34 Id: b3ee5b [Preview] No. 6722 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]


https://youtube.com/watch?v=S4MpF316xjw [Embed]

Man has his life threatened for exposing the crimes of The Deep State.

Please help spread this far and wide so the news will get to Trump
2 posts omitted.

Reader 02/19/2018 (Mon) 23:10:16 Id: 54d683 [Preview] No.6728 del
seems desperate

Reader 02/20/2018 (Tue) 04:50:10 Id: e07e31 [Preview] No.6731 del
Does OP know he can upload here?

Reader 02/22/2018 (Thu) 22:23:19 Id: 7d3d78 [Preview] No.6810 del
Excellent thread, well done. He is now under witness protection and his work denouncing pedophelia is being well used by the criminal justice system, to go after the pedos.

Reader 02/22/2018 (Thu) 23:03:50 Id: 5f7702 [Preview] No.6812 del
I am glad to hear that. On the bright side it adds legitimacy to his claims to have been harassed so much.It's incredible how much he exposed.

Reader 02/22/2018 (Thu) 23:52:31 Id: 7d3d78 [Preview] No.6813 del
For more bomb-shell threads not shown here on this board, please visit:


Fast & Furious - Jeff Sessions cover-up.


FISA CORRUPTION: Unredacted Grassley Memo Released!!

The Shadow Government - Banking Cartel Crime Spree.


(With all content unique and found in few rare places on the internet).

(51.80 KB 500x500 1xe29k.jpg)
Jeff Sessions Should Be Terminated ASAP. Reader 02/19/2018 (Mon) 01:18:35 Id: b3522c [Preview] No. 6713 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Jeff Sessions Should Be Terminated ASAP

https://youtube.com/watch?v=zX5fVKYl9jY [Embed]

Eric Holder was involved in a blatant obstruction of justice and Jeff Sessions has done NOTHING about this. Why is he not being charged with any crime?


The IRS scandal. They have done nothing on this.

ERIC HOLDER – FAST & FURIOUS - held Congress in contempt. The statute of limitations is running-out and they have done NOTHING.

The e-mail scandal. Hillary Clinton. Refuses to prosecute.

The Clinton Foundation. Refuses to prosecute.

Jeff Sessions is not allowing lady justice to administer justice.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

5 posts omitted.

Operation Fast & Furious = Jeff Sessions cover-up. Reader 02/19/2018 (Mon) 17:48:55 Id: da52f0 [Preview] No.6720 del
Eric Holder = crimes against Congress. Operation fast and furious. Time to prosecute - statute of limitations almost out.

Jeff Sessions refuses to prosecute.

Jeff Sessions exposed.


Reader 02/19/2018 (Mon) 18:58:51 [Preview] No.6721 del
>Mr. President, I'm waiting for you to put up or shut up.
>"Draining the Swamp" is completely LEGAL for any standing POTUS and is up to YOU
whats with you people? Trump does not come to endchan. if he did he'd SHUT IT DOWN because his kike ties are revealed. are you PRAYING or something? he cant hear your prayers and he wouldnt do anything if he could UNLESS YOU'RE A KIKE

Reader 02/19/2018 (Mon) 22:34:21 Id: 9f1eec [Preview] No.6726 del
Many people have been killed for exposing crimes, this is pretty obvious. How long is the 'Clinton body bag' tally so far? 55? 56? Something ridiculous like that.

How many holistic doctors killed by Big Pharma mercenaries so far? At least 80 if I recall.

Remember that documentary in the works that was going to expose Obama for expanding the police state 100-fold? "Grey State" or something? Yah, the film maker and his whole family ended up brutally murdered before the film was finished.

The bankers who were going to whistleblow about the big banks rigging the metals markets? Some of them shot in the back of the head twice, some of them shot dozens of times in the head with nail guns and some thrown out of multi-story windows! ... but I'm sure its all "suicides", nothing to see here! Move along goyim, move along!

Reader 02/19/2018 (Mon) 23:13:06 Id: 61d8a9 [Preview] No.6729 del
(43.98 KB 592x378 deleted.jpg)
Time to stop samefagging your thread.

Reader 02/22/2018 (Thu) 22:16:30 Id: 85f2cf [Preview] No.6805 del

Big talk of big prosecutions and nothing happens. Business as usual and the same crime families running the show.