Bitcoin's Blockchain Alledgedly Compromised By Govt/Banksters Warns /pol/ Anon Reader 01/12/2018 (Fri) 12:53:31 Id: 18e5db No.5398 del
Hello, /pol/. I have lurked this board since the first exodus, and find that the information presented here is of great utility to the common man - which in turn is obviously why shills are rampant. It seems that while shareblue and other shill teams have lost the election, their attempts are nowhere near exhausted. While this may not be of grave concern to you, something very dark is happening on 4chan/biz that only the more adept users seem to be taking note of. I will try to keep my post as easy to digest as possible, but this is a lot of information that actually stems back to 8/pol/ and the help of a very based anon.

1. Pre-August 2017 - 8/pol anon makes post warning other anons about the implications of the User-Activated Soft Fork on Bitcoin's blockchain. This User-Activated Soft Fork activates software called Segregated Witness, a "scaling solution" funded by a company called Blockstream, who happens to be funded by the Bildeberg group and venture capital groups. This "network upgrade" initiates on August 8th 2017, and if all the miners do not follow the abundance of nodes on the network, a chain split results, which looks terrible for Bitcoin. Because of this, and previous arrangements that will benefit the miners later on, Segwit is activated. Right before activation, Roger Ver states that he does not agree with what SegWit claims to do for Bitcoin, and in turn hard forks the network in order to preserve Bitcoin's ecosystem before this radical upgrade took place.


Segregated Witness is a software upgrade that forces every-day users such as you and I off of the main blockchain. It does this using a fee-based "solution". Fees to broadcast to the main blockchain are raised x1000, going from less than $1 to $1000 EOY 2018. Instead, average users will go through Side-Chains - a patented software that allows banks to control their own centralized blockchains, this means that they choose the transactions that will and will not be allowed to be broadcasted to the main blockchain, while you as an inidividual must pay them a fee to even use the sidechains. This means that banks have control over who can and cannot send money, something that was previously not possible with Bitcoin.

2. Post-August 2017

Roger Ver splits the Bitcoin blockchain with his hardfork, resulting in a new Bitcoin offspring named "Bitcoin Cash (BCH)" - Bitcoin Cash follows the original roadmap laid out by Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, while Bitcoin (BTC) is now a science project of Bitcoin Core and Blockstream. Nothing is too bad on 4chan, a lot of people talking shit about Bitcoin Cash, but from my perspective it seems to be pure ignorance rather than any actual shilling.


Bitcoin Cash is the original idea of Bitcoin, laid out by the creator of Bitcoin, and using solutions that Satoshi Nakamoto explicitly states exist for the future of the currency. These solutions allow for Bitcoin to scale according to the amount of users on the network, without the high-fee-based scalability model. This means that regardless of whether you are rich or poor, if you have Bitcoin Cash (BCH) you can broadcast your transaction to the blockchain for close to nothing. Censorship-resistant money.

3. Bitcoin Cash Gains A Foothold

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