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I've made an account and I say from experience that it's really not a social network, especially if you don't know anyone to use it with, and if you only know one other person, well it's not going to go anywhere really. It's really more like skype or IRC. There's no way to see any public posts of any user that makes a public post since there's no such thing. Do you think private chat rooms are social networks? If so, your understanding of social network is flawed. It's asocial, there's no way for members to find other members through the system alone, two or more people have to know each other and add each other knowing that such a user exist. Guess what, the same people that owns BeforeItsNews owns Maybe you're confusing it with (also owned by those owned by BeforeItsNews, it's in here ) and I've been in there too, to see what kind of posts are made and it's really not that good. Imagine a bunch of blue pilled Christian conservative baby boomers that believes in Zionist propaganda...from Facebook. is mostly comprised of those kinds of people with some others tied to the BeforeItsNews and other controlled opposition alternative kike media outlets. has no option whatsoever to delete your account, so I've obfuscated my username, info, changed email to a temporary disposable email, deleted all the posts, and used a long random password. Even's better than and I hate 99.99% of all gab users for being ridiculously stupid and unapproachable.

I'm not on any corporate spying censorship platform, that's your false assumption. An alternative isn't necessarily good, like suggesting duckduckgo and bing. There's YaCy, multiple searx instances (not just and if you're going to add bing (NSA/PRISM), might as well add yahoo and yandex. Hooktube BTW uses cloudflare and so there's inevitably a guaranteed man in the middle attack, while censors people. If you're going to suggest, might as well suggest but I think I know why you won't, you're super paranoid of blockchain tech in general and group all of them with bitcoins. It goes against the narrative of bitcoins are bad thing that the alt media is pushing siding with banks that shill for gold yet those very same banks also using bitcoins for money laundering.

There's much more places to be, many alternatives are not going to use http/https and so one needs to let go of relying on clearnet web browsers and look into real alternatives, but that's not feasible for the more down to earth 50+ year olds who're better of going off the grid than staying in the grid. Maintaining real relationships in real life is better than maintaining relationships with people that you'll never meet.