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>>5436 is really not a social network in the conventional sense because there's no way two users that don't know each other to ever talk to each other, no way of seeing any posts of others if you don't know of someone else already, no directory of any public groups to join, it's only good for communicating with people that you can convince to use the same protocol, not to reach out to those that you had never met. Emails for example, are not a social network. Do you even know what is a social network and one of the major purpose of a social network? If you did, you would know that is absolutely not a social network by design. It's an attempt at a secure networking protocol between two people through either peer to peer tech or through a commonly shared server. That doesn't make it a "social" network platform, it's just a means for a communication platform that could be used as a network, but it's not a social network. People should use something else that has an option to make "public" facing posts visible by any member within the website which would make it social because there's a way for people to access other people and what they share on the public facing posts and of course there being a private facing posts that people can choose to share to specific groups of people certain types of posts that isn't visible by everyone that has an account. gives no means to make it truly a social network. If anything, I would suggest people learn how to use something like tox, but of course if you can really convince someone to do that and use it properly, there's always better places and methods to implement that isn't at the clearnet level with an even better setup. There's more reasons to NOT use which is mentioned here:

Cooperation is needed by those that lack the skill to look for what they seek to share whatever speck of content to a group in hopes that it would help you in whatever area you lack in. That's a part of being in society, and there can't be any group culture formed through if you knew only one other person and that person only knowing you, that's just a one on one basis. Any society needs a public forum (see ) as well as private forums but there's no public social networking protocols in while any private networking isn't necessarily for social purposes as in for society but also anything else, whether it be for corporate or personal, etc.