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TASS reports further of the drone depot:

Russia’s Krasnopol precision artillery munition has wiped out terrorists’ drone assembly and storage depot in the Syrian province of Idlib, according to the Defense Ministry. "The Russian military reconnaissance has uncovered a terrorist fixed-wing drone assembly and storage place in the province of Idlib. The depot has been destroyed by the Krasnopol precision artillery munition," the Defense Ministry said.

The Russian military said the drones came from the village of Muwazarra in Idlib, around 50 miles away, which makes Ahrar Al Sham or Hay’at Tahrir Al Sham the immediate culprit. Both groups, though blacklisted as terror organizations by the Pentagon, have received direct and indirect assistance by the CIA and allied intelligence services at various points over the course of the war, especially during the 2015 campaign to wrest Idlib city from the control of the Syrian government.

"We know who they were and how much they paid for that provocation," Putin had warned previously, while also claiming to be in possession of evidence demonstrating the rebels had outside help, presumably from external intelligence agencies.