Reader 01/13/2018 (Sat) 23:53:20 Id: f7c1cc No.5459 del
The problem with Trump is his foreign policies. This is rooted with the fact he has granted the US military carte blanch authority to do whatever they please. If he really wants to "drain the swamp" that also means reigning in the our corrupt military industrial complex (which as you should be aware the Zionists have complete influence and control over).

Trump did the right thing backing off on Syria and allowing the Russians to defeat CIA-Mossad's backed 'moderate rebels' (aka ISIS/ISIL)... but shortly after that ordeal he granted the US military privilege to declare ANY WAR they desire, without his consent... AND THAT WAS FUCKING STUPID.

I like many of Trump's domestic policies while I absolutely despise his Neo-con/Zionist foreign policies.

He's a breath of fresh air if you are an American conservative (as far as his domestic policies)... but if you don't live in America there would be no reason to like him at all.