CIA Officer: Hawaiian Alert Was A Real Threat, Thwarted Nuclear False Flag Attack Attempted by Deep State Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 23:04:57 Id: 9dd71d [Preview] No. 5694 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The Hawaiian Islands “incoming missile” alert, which was officially downgraded to a “mistake”, was supposedly made due to an inattentive worker that happened during a shift change. That explanation is total Bravo Sierra. As I previously reported on a broadcast on The Common Sense Show Youtube channel, the process to deliver a warning of this magnitude is a 5 step process, involving two humans, with keys, turning the mechanism to release the information at the same time. The key mounts are eight feet apart. An accident is impossible. Within hours of the event, and because I was able to quickly gather information to demonstrate that the Hawaiian event was no accident, and ex-CIA Robert David Steele was able to confirm the information.

Warnings In Both Hawaii and Japan

In the following video, Lisa Haven also reported on this issue and she clearly states that her sources confirmed that the process to warn the public of an incoming threat is a 5 step process. Not only that, Lisa reduces the odds that this was some big coincidence because the same thing happened in Japan on the following day. When one does the work that Lisa and myself do on an ongoing basis, one comes to realize that coincidences are few and far between. Here is Lisa Haven’s report on this matter:

I also have confirmed this 5 step process with multiple people including one who will go on the record, and that person is former CIA clandestine officer, Robert David Steele. In addition, The Common Sense Show has learned that AFPAC’s warning system also broadcast the same warning at the same time and that this system is independent of the Hawaiian warning system. The government and the Governor of Hawaii are both lying to the people!

Look Up In the Sky, It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No, It’s a Missile Being Blown up Less Than 100 Miles From Hawaii!

Multiple people, approximately 100 nautical miles from the Hawaiian Islands saw a flash of light following an explosion in the air. The time frame fits the Hawaiian warning of an incoming missile. The witnesses included a boating expedition of about 10 people. Further, there are multiple accounts in the Islands of seeing the flash of light (ie explosion).

Ex-CIA Robert David Steele Speaks Out On the False Flag Nature of Missile Alert

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Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 23:06:30 Id: 9dd71d [Preview] No.5695 del
The Motivation for the Attack

One should realize that the “attack” upon Hawaii and later Japan happened very shortly after is was announced that the two Korea’s would march under the same flag and form a joint hockey team. This development is being undertated in the mainstream media. This development is monumental in its implication because this represents two nations who are saying no to World War III.

It is not likely that the hockey coach and Olympic contingent from both nations called each other said let’s be friends. This development was generated at a much higher level. I have been told that the President’s’ of China and the US agreed to and encouraged this development. And as I have previously covered on The Common Sense Show, this means that in actuality, none of the principals in the ongoing events related to NK’s nuclear missiles want World War III. Given what we know about the situation, it seems very likely that rogue elements of the globalists launched a missile at both Japan and Hawaii, both were taken down, and the attempted false flag events designed to start World War III were averted for the time being. I covered these possibilities in the following interview:

It is going to be a wild ride because the globalists don’t passively accept defeat. There will undoubtedly be more provocations designed to start World War III as the globalists search for the right combination of events to have their (WW I) Archduke Francis Ferdinand moment.

Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 23:11:17 Id: 9dd71d [Preview] No.5696 del
IF this happens to be true, and I would not be a bit surprised if it is; (at this point I've heard everything relating to sedition and treason); then this "deep state" must be very very desperate. They must be losing power and need one heck of a distraction (in this case, WWIII?)

Who knows, just keep your eyes peeled and make sure your well prepared for any crisis down the road.

Parents Withdrawal Their Children From Catholic School Over Perverted Bathroom Monitoring Policy Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 22:16:50 Id: 6e513a [Preview] No. 5692 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Furious parents are keeping their daughters at home in protest against a Catholic school’s decision to remove the front wall of a girls’ toilet block, which they say is making pupils feel “scared and unsafe”.

The entire wall was removed, leaving the area ‘open plan’ and the toilet cubicles exposed. The decision has sparked outrage from parents who are demanding a U-turn.

According to parents the toilet cubicle doors are now exposed to an open corridor, and are in clear sight of at least one classroom and a CCTV camera.

RT reports: St. Mary’s College in Wallasey is believed to have taken the drastic step of smashing down a wall to stop smoking and truancy. The Merseyside school is being blasted by parents who told the Independent they are keeping their children at home.

Tara Hodgson Jones, who has a daughter in year 11, has demanded a reverse.

“My sister and neighbors are doing the same with their daughters,” Hodgson Jones told the Independent. “Apparently they are starting on the boys’ toilets next week, so I’ll be keeping my son off too if they do the same.

“My daughter told me about it on Thursday, but I thought she was making a big deal over nothing until I saw it for myself.”

The Catholic school, which is a voluntary aided academy, claims it is “inspired by the spirit of Jesus Christ.” As the privacy row unfolds, parents in Merseyside have said they are “shocked.”

Some raised the issue of puberty and periods, which teenage girls are battling, many for the first time.

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Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 22:19:06 Id: 6e513a [Preview] No.5693 del
I'd not only completely withdrawal my children but I'd also file a class action lawsuit WITH a police complaint about forced indecent underage exposure perpetrated by pedophiles at the school. And that's AFTER bringing it to the attention of the press!


Trump Lays Groundwork To Ban Mandatory Vaccinations, HHS Forced To Address Healthcare Freedom Issues Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 21:37:30 Id: b4e5af [Preview] No. 5690 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/news/5468 ; >>>/news/5551 ; >>>/news/5672 ; >>>/news/5674

President Trump has created a new division within the Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights, with the express purpose of banning mandatory vaccinations across the country, and ensuring citizens have a right to choose their own healthcare.

With the establishment of the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division division on Thursday, Trump has laid the groundwork to dismantle each and every vaccine mandate across the country. Big Pharma’s chokehold on the nation’s health has been released.

If you don’t think this new division at the Health and Human Services Office is a big deal, it’s time to think again.

The Conscience and Religious Freedom Division gives many different groups a big tent under which to fight for our constitutional rights. Christians and libertarians, as well as freethinkers and people of other religious faiths, have a common interest in fighting against Big Pharma’s corrupt health establishment.

Mainstream media are desperate to keep this news quiet. They don’t want you to know that the president is working to ensure American citizens have a right to choose their own healthcare.

Pharmaceutical companies provide mainstream media outlets with a huge percentage of their advertising revenue. Big pharmaceutical companies actually spend far more on advertising than research. We are talking hundreds of billions of dollars.

Here’s why this is such a BIG DEAL

Per BolenReport: The House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy (R – California) is one of the key figures who got this project over the line. Do you think he is unaware of the draconian mandatory vaccine law in California which took away religious and philosophical (conscience) exemptions?

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Anonymous 01/17/2018 (Wed) 22:51:57 [Preview] No. 12217 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
What's your excuse for not writing and using your own mini gpg clone using ?
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Anonymous 01/18/2018 (Thu) 23:10:55 [Preview] No.12237 del
Doesn't seem to have a peer review (security audit). Doing crypto on your own is bad. When they do a CRYPTOL proof I would use it:

Anonymous 01/20/2018 (Sat) 16:46:46 [Preview] No.12251 del
>The Cryptol specification language was designed by Galois for the NSA's Trusted Systems Research Group as a public standard for specifying cryptographic algorithms.

Anonymous 01/21/2018 (Sun) 15:23:07 [Preview] No.12255 del
Just because it's designed for NSA doesn't mean it's bad. Actually, many protocols we use today was designed by, or helped, NSA, such as IPsec and TLS.
What I meant was that, if you want to create a crypto library, you need a proof that it works as specified.

Anonymous 01/22/2018 (Mon) 19:17:40 [Preview] No.12263 del
>Just because it's designed for NSA doesn't mean it's bad. Actually, many protocols we use today was designed by, or helped, NSA, such as IPsec and TLS.
I know you probably weren't jewing me and that you're honest but it felt like it. It's made by the guy who made libsodium, and I rike it. I was posting it here so it gains some attention.

Anonymous 01/22/2018 (Mon) 19:54:33 [Preview] No.12264 del
Is it compatible with SystemD?

The Problem With Land Grabbing: The Super Rich Are Buying Up Mass Amounts of Govt-run Public Land And Blocking Off Access Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 19:15:55 Id: e66db7 [Preview] No. 5686 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The Diamond Bar X is a postcard-perfect slice of Montana solitude. A former cattle ranch that’s been parceled up into sprawling home sites, it sits not far outside Augusta, a cowboy town beneath Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front, where the Great Plains crash into majestic snow-peaked mountains to dramatic effect.

The area is prime habitat for elk and grizzlies, people are few, and its residents have easy access to countless miles of trails and streams on the adjacent public lands.

By all accounts, this was a little community positioned just right for fishing, hunting, hiking in some of Montana’s wilder mountain spaces.

And that’s how it functioned for decades, residents said in court, until Joseph Campbell bought 300 acres at the Diamond Bar X, moved in and started putting up locked gates that blocked access to well-trodden thoroughfares that people in the area had used for years.

Within five years, court records say, the police were called 25 times to deal with Campbell’s threats and erratic behavior, and his seeming obsession over keeping people off every inch of his property despite longstanding agreements among the neighbors for access to the neighboring publicly owned land. (In the west’s wide-open spaces, it’s common practice for landowners to negotiate deals – both informal and formal – to allow the public to cross their land to get to hunting spots, streams and trails.)

In 2013, after years of fights and threats, Campbell finally snapped.

He shot and killed his neighbor, Timothy Newman, a man who had repeatedly challenged Campbell over his access-blocking proclivities. Campbell first claimed it was self-defense because Newman threatened him, but last year he finally pleaded guilty to negligent homicide. He’s now on probation, under a 20 years suspended prison sentence.

The case offers a violent, extreme illustration of what many say is a creeping, pervasive and underreported threat to public lands in the west: a widening class battle between private landowners – oftentimes newcomers with little knowledge of the region’s history or law – and the general public expecting to use public lands.

While public lands advocates battle the Trump administration over its plans to scale back national monuments, some private landowners – whether by tying up land access cases in courts or by putting up physical gates – present a rising threat to the millions of acres set aside for public use.

Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 19:16:17 Id: e66db7 [Preview] No.5687 del
According to a study from the Center for Western Priorities, 4m acres of public lands in the Rocky Mountain West (Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico) are considered “landlocked”, blocked off by private landowners who control adjacent properties or roadways. Two million of those landlocked acres are in Montana.

The report notes that “land ownership in the Rocky Mountain West is a quilt of federal, state local, Native American and private lands. The patchwork of owners can make it difficult for the public to access lands without trespassing through private lands.”

New Montana property owners often arrive wanting their own slice of paradise without knowing the decades of legal battles over public lands and a history of allowing neighbors – sometimes after protracted negotiation through governments and courts – to move through roads and trails. A ranch once open to hunting is suddenly posted as private, hunters ignore the gates and signs, and conflict flares.

And in some pockets that have become havens for the uber-rich – like the Crazy Mountains near Livingston - and politically connected, private landowners have tied up huge tracts of prime recreational public lands.

Kate Kelly, public lands specialist with the Center for American Progress, said while natural resource development like oil and gas threatens access to public lands in the west, a major and less noticed peril in Montana – and to a lesser degree in other states – comes from private landowners blocking public access.

“Where Montana stands out is when it comes to how much public land is essentially inaccessible,” said Kelley. “For Montana, it appears that a very real problem is private landowners – including those coming in from out of state – and their unwillingness to grant access to public lands. It’s essentially locking Montanans out of their backyard.”

“I think this is one of the driving factors to loss of access to public lands – people coming in who don’t necessarily understand Montana values,” said Land Tawney of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, a national land conservation group based in Montana.

In a December op-ed in the Washington Post, Bullock criticized Trump’s decision to scale back national monuments, inviting him to Montana and calling public lands a great equalizer. The president’s son Donald Trump Jr appears to already spend significant time hunting in Montana.

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Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 19:16:41 Id: e66db7 [Preview] No.5688 del
NOTE: This all started with governmental agencies like the BLM kicking natives and other ranchers off their properties, and creating "public land" through a nationalization process aka "seizing the means of production."

Historically, most of the "public land" was leased to ranchers and farmers and others who could earn an income off this govt-run / govt-owned land. Seems perfectly reasonable at first, however...

Recently, 'environmentalists' and their bureaucratic govt jackboots have been regulating ranchers and farmers OFF "public lands" over alleged concerns of "exotic animals" and "native plants" populations. This was all part of UN Agenda 21, furthering the globalist agenda to kick people out of the rural areas and force migration into compact prison-like cities.

Today the government is no longer leasing but simply handing over that historical seized land... but for a much bigger price! Guess who benefits? It ain't the locals or the natives! Its millionaires and billionaires who have enough money to buy it all up.

This is why "seizing the means of production" (land grabbing, wealth re-distribution) was never good for the common folk. Let that be the lesson that communism is failing again!

Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 19:45:58 Id: e66db7 [Preview] No.5689 del
I think I might have finally figured out the typical pattern of kikery that both big financial interests and governments depend on to control, impoverish and enslave the masses over periodic cycles. The pattern would be something like:

free market capitalism (industry begins) ---> crony capitalism (industry gets outsourced) ---> incremental socialism (consumerist glut phase begins)---> hardcore socialism / fascism (consumerist glut phase ends) ---> incremental communism (re-distribution of wealth / wealth consolidates into the hands of a few) ---> hardcore communism (poverty spreads en mass) ---> financial collapse ---> REPEAT CYCLE ALL OVER AGAIN.

NSA Deletes All Bush-Era Surveillance Data It Was Ordered To Preserve Reader 01/21/2018 (Sun) 16:02:12 Id: 639fd8 [Preview] No. 5654 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
There is a growing consensus among many observers in Washington that the national security agencies have become completely politicized over the past seventeen years and are now pursuing selfish agendas that actually endanger what remains of American democracy.

As Philip Giraldi notes, up until recently it has been habitual to refer to such activity as the Deep State, which is perhaps equivalent to the Establishment in that it includes financial services, the media, major foundations and constituencies, as well as lobbying groups, but we are now witnessing an evolutionary process in which the national security regime is exercising power independently.

Nowhere is that "independence" of the 'state within a state' more evident than in the blatant and egregious news this week that The National Security Agency destroyed surveillance data it pledged to preserve in connection with pending lawsuits and apparently never took some of the steps it told a federal court it had taken to make sure the information wasn’t destroyed, according to recent court filings.

As Politico reports, the agency tells a federal judge that it is investigating and "sincerely regrets its failure."

Since 2007, the NSA has been under court orders to preserve data about certain of its surveillance efforts that came under legal attack following disclosures that President George W. Bush ordered warrantless wiretapping of international communications after the 2001 terrorist attacks on the U.S. In addition, the agency has made a series of representations in court over the years about how it is complying with its duties.

However, the NSA told U.S. District Court Judge Jeffrey White in a filing on Thursday night and another little-noticed submission last year that the agency did not preserve the content of internet communications intercepted between 2001 and 2007 under the program Bush ordered. To make matters worse, backup tapes that might have mitigated the failure were erased in 2009, 2011 and 2016, the NSA said.

“The NSA sincerely regrets its failure to prevent the deletion of this data,” NSA’s deputy director of capabilities, identified publicly as “Elizabeth B.,” wrote in a declaration filed in October.

“NSA senior management is fully aware of this failure, and the Agency is committed to taking swift action to respond to the loss of this data.”

Defiance of a court order should result in civil or criminal contempt charges, as well as sanctions against the party responsible. So far, no one involved appears to have asked White to impose any punishment or sanction on the NSA over the newly disclosed episodes, although the details of what happened are still emerging.

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Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 18:52:24 Id: 9a5897 [Preview] No.5685 del
We're sorry :^)

Israel Bans Flu Shots Due To Serious Health Concerns Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 00:20:00 Id: 246a5b [Preview] No. 5674 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/news/5468 ; >>>/news/5551 ; >>>/news/5672

Israel has banned mandatory flu shots, citing “serious health concerns” and the fact they violate a citizen’s constitutional right to choose their own healthcare.

Although many US hospitals require all medical personnel who are in direct contact with patients to receive flu shots every autumn, the Israel Medical Association is “absolutely opposed” to mandatory flu shots, and refuses to allow those who have been vaccinated to wear a tag or pin saying so.

IMA chairman Prof. Leonid Eidelman, who is chief of anesthesiology at the Rabin Medical Center-Beilinson Campus in Petah Tikva, told The Jerusalem Post that doctors should not be forced to get the vaccination.

“And even if they do voluntarily wear a pin showing they were vaccinated, it doesn’t give a good impression about those who don’t. There is a slippery slope; doctors could be forced to wear pins saying they have HIV or hepatitis C.

“It would never end.”

The Israel Medical Association’s sensible decision flies in the face of what is happening in the United States and other western countries right now. Big Pharma has lawmakers in a choke hold, dictating policy and using the corrupt media to silence dissenters.

A senior physician at Manhattan’s NYU Langone Medical Center told the Post that at his hospital, all employees – and not only doctors and nurses – must get vaccinated against the flu at the beginning of the season. This is a common practice there.

Regardless of what your position on vaccinations is, any rational person cannot deny that the ingredients in vaccines are toxic. In fact, almost every single ingredient in any immunization is toxic to the human body. Besides the vitamins and minerals, nobody in their right mind would drink a concoction with any one or combination of most of the vaccine ingredients. Most vaccinations are directly injected into our bodies, allowing the ingredients to directly enter the bloodstream, which rationally, seems like an even more dangerous approach.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 13:58:45 Id: 4b4e1e [Preview] No.5675 del
In other words, jews know it's bad for them while kike doctors push for these flew shots worldwide elsewhere. Can't have health risks for the chosen ones, but it's okay to damage the non-jews.

Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 15:15:25 Id: fe0c12 [Preview] No.5676 del
Not every single person with a decent paying profession is Jewish. Corruption in the US is rampant everywhere.

Regardless, no I do not take these toxic shots. And any doctor who won't respect my right to say "no" will be presented with a middle finger walking out the room never to come back into that office again.

My current doctor is not Jewish. He knows how I feel about vaccines and knows I won't take these shots so after a while he just stopped asking me about it. I don't seem him that often anymore anyway, unlike most Americans, I actually take care of myself.

Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 15:23:47 Id: fe0c12 [Preview] No.5677 del
BTW: forgot to mention one important note: there is no such thing as a mandatory vaccine for adults. Mandatory vaccines (at least in the US) is directed at children. But there are religious exemptions parents can apply for to exempt their children, which I recommend (even if you are not religious).

Unless you work at a hospital, you should not be questioned about being vaccinated. If you are questioned, either lie to them or be blunt about it and tell them no you won't. If these assholes are that stubborn its time to take action into our own hands.

Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 17:41:44 Id: ae30ca [Preview] No.5683 del
I don't really believe shots cause autism or anything, but this is the deal:
If big pharma is bullshitting the west exactly the same way they did with the tobacco industry, it would look exactly like this. There's something to be said about the basic princible of falsifiability.

Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 17:53:03 Id: fe0c12 [Preview] No.5684 del
It's exactly like that, back in the day advertisements would often say smoking cigarettes was "HEALTHY for you" and "calmed you nerves." 'Try a pack of cigarettes to calm your nerves!'

What ended up happening? Hundreds of millions of Americans have died from lung and throat cancer over the last 70 years! How much has Big Pharma made off of these types of cancer patients? TRILLIONS $$$ Chemo, pills, hospital equipment, etc. All that stuff costs money, and big companies profit.

Same thing with vaccines today. Same thing with cigarettes. Same thing with booze (or once known as that good 'ol snake oil too!)

They make a killing (figuratively and literally speaking).

The One Good Thing About The Trump Presidency: Stupid Is Still Better Than Evil Reader 01/20/2018 (Sat) 16:52:01 Id: 81a8f0 [Preview] No. 5625 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Just a few days shy of the one year since the inauguration of Donalt Trump as President of the United States I think that it would be reasonable to say that pretty much everybody, besides the Neocons and a few unconditional supporters, is now feeling quite appalled at what the past year brought to the USA and the planet. Those who hated Trump don’t hate him any less, while those who had hopes for Trump, such as myself, now have to accept that these hopes never materialized. I think that if we imagine a Hillary Presidency then the word “evil” would be a good way to describe what such a Presidency would most likely have been like. Likewise, if I had to chose a single word to describe the Trump Presidency, at least so far, I think that this word should be “stupid”. I won’t even bother, as I had initially planned, to list all the stupid things Trump has said and done since his inauguration (those who think otherwise might as well stop reading here). I will say that it gives me no pleasure writing this because I also had hopes that Trump would fulfill at least some of his campaign promises (even though most of my support for him was based on the fact that he was not Hillary who, I still believe, would have brought the USA and Russia to war against each other). Furthermore, each time I recall Trump’s inauguration speech I have this painful sense of a most important and totally missed opportunity: to finally restore the sovereignty of the USA to the the people of the USA and to return to a civilized and rational international policy. Alas, this did not happen and that is a reality we have to accept and deal with.

I also want to clarify that when I say that the Trump Presidency can be best summed up with the word “stupid” I don’t just mean The Donald himself. I mean the entire Administration (I don’t mention Congress, as Congress as been about stupid for as long as I can recall it). If you wonder how I can call an entire administration “stupid” even though it is composed of often brilliant civil servants, lawyers, academic, technical specialists, etc I will simply reply that I don’t judge an administration by the resumes of those working for it, but simply by its output, what it actually does. If what this administration produces is a lot of stupid, then this is a stupid administration.

Stupid can mean a lot of different things. For example, it can mean stupid threats against North Korea. That is a very frightening kind of stupid. But there is also a very good kind of stupid. For example, I think that the decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a wonderful kind of stupid which I warmly welcome.


Because it is the kind of stupid which tremendously weakens the AngloZionist Empire!

Think of the damage this truly stupid move did to not only the US international reputation (which indeed was already pretty close to zero even before this latest move) but also to the US capability to get anything done at all the the Middle-East. The military defeat of the USA in Iraq and Afghanistan and the political defeat of the USA in Syria just needed a little something to truly make the USA irrelevant in the Middle-East and now, thanks to Donald Trump, this has now happened! Furthermore, there was a dirty little secret which everybody new about which has now become a public fact:


Again this is all very good. Even better is the fact that the only ones disagreeing with this would be Honduras, Guatemala, Palau, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Togo, Nauru and southern Sudan and, of course, Israel.
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Reader 01/21/2018 (Sun) 21:33:13 Id: 2021f9 [Preview] No.5665 del
When was that second tweet posted? The reason I ask is because Trump met with the leader of China about this issue, and he might have changed his conclusion. That does not necessarily mean he's contradicting himself over and over.

My assumption was that Trump was stupid enough to respond to North Korea by threatening to NUKE them, in front of the whole UN I might add. Makes the US look like a pack of rabid war hungry loons.... OK, not all of us actually are.

Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 00:05:44 Id: ec7c6b [Preview] No.5671 del
(19.14 MB 854x480 contradictory.webm)
After the other Tweet, 13 April 2017. Though if you think he isn't contradictory, I have a webm for you. He's a war-hawk just like the rest of them. His cabinet promotes the same war goals as previous administrations. They're simply moving down a checklist for a certain foreign prime minister. Also fuck Ted Cruz. Don't think I support that beaner because he's in the video, or Obama, Hillary, etc. None of them are against each other. It's all a puppet show on an acting stage.

Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 15:44:10 Id: 17fde8 [Preview] No.5678 del
I agree he is a Zionist war hawk like many of the others. The only difference about Trump (which I tend to like) is he has a different domestic agenda for the US: he actually wants secure borders, job growth, re-industrialization, tax cuts, limited government, individual freedom. Thats what I do like about him.

But as far as foreign policy the only thing that made me smile was his hand in the Saudi purge. Other than that? Same as usual, typical Zionist shilling and war mongering.

Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 15:50:33 Id: 7cfb99 [Preview] No.5679 del
well he kept the Syria thing from boiling over more than it could have at least in terms of America's involvement.

Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 16:04:44 Id: 17fde8 [Preview] No.5682 del
Well somewhat true. Trump did end the CIA's "moderate rebel" funding, which allowed Russia to completely liberate Syria. It was NOT the US that liberated Syria, Trump helped by keeping the CIA on a leash (which was a good move).

However, look at this new Syrian policy "Mad Dog" Mattis has planned. He has recently adopted a very similar strategy that Obama had! And Trump is currently backing it! They are still trying to illegally remove Assad and surround Syria with US troops. The war against Syria is still on, and the neo-cons are running it, and I don't see Trump having much of a problem with all of this nonsense.

Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 15:52:44 Id: 5d6709 [Preview] No.5681 del
This glaring contradiction suggests someone is lying or perhaps simply incompetent.

Did Horowitz's office *think* they had received the texts in question without actually verifying? Did the DOJ screw up and fail to read Horowitz's letter before "losing" the text messages so that "leaky" Congressional investigators wouldn't see them? Either way, this question needs answering.

While you can draw your own conclusions, keep in mind that Inspector Horowitz has been described as your archetypical Boy Scout bureaucrat - who as we reported two weeks ago - fought the Obama administation to restore powers taken away from the OIG by then-Attorney General, Eric Holder.

After a multi-year battle, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) successfully introduced H.R.6450 - the Inspector General Empowerment Act of 2016 - signed by a defeated lame duck President Obama into law on December 16th, 2016, cementing an alliance between Horrowitz and both houses of Congress.

And Congress has been very engaged with Horowitz's investigation; spoon-feeding the OIG all the questions they need in order to nail the DOJ, FBI and the Obama Administration for egregious abuses of power.

Two More Children Murdered by Toxic Flu Shot Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 00:05:51 Id: 4ef8b5 [Preview] No. 5672 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/news/5468 ; >>>/news/5551

Two healthy, young boys have died of the flu in the United States in the last week, and they had one thing in common — they both received the flu shot days before their tragic deaths.

Their deaths follow the warning given by a CDC doctor, who said this year’s “disastrous” flu shot may be responsible for the deadly flu epidemic sweeping the country.

“Some of the patients I’ve administered the flu shot to this year have died,” the doctor said, adding “I don’t care who you are, this scares the crap out of me.”

Scientists were worried this year’s flu season was going to be rough and their fears have been proven well founded. The flu season is off to a record-breaking start, with the CDC reporting widespread flu activity from coast to coast. Many health officials believe that 2018 will ultimately be the worst flu outbreak that we have experienced since 1918.

Arkansas Matters reported that Tyler Dannaway, of Little Rock, died earlier this week, days after receiving the flu shot. He was a healthy and boisterous child, according to his father, Steve Dannaway.

“If you met Tyler for five minutes, you didn’t forget Tyler,” his father said. “He loved giving huge bear hugs.“

A mother from Michigan is also warning parents about the flu shot after her sixth-grader son — who also received the flu shot — suddenly began showing symptoms of the flu, and died within days.

After 12-year-old Michael Messenger vomited while eating dinner, his mother, Jessica Decent-Doll, took him to an urgent care center near their home. Physicians screened Michael for the flu, and a rapid test for the virus came up negative.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 01/22/2018 (Mon) 00:06:08 Id: 4ef8b5 [Preview] No.5673 del

After performing CPR and taking him to hospital, Michael was pronounced dead ninety minutes later.

Regardless of what your position on vaccinations is, any rational person cannot deny that the ingredients in vaccines are toxic. In fact, almost every single ingredient in any immunization is toxic to the human body. Besides the vitamins and minerals, nobody in their right mind would drink a concoction with any one or combination of most of the vaccine ingredients. Most vaccinations are directly injected into our bodies, allowing the ingredients to directly enter the bloodstream, which rationally, seems like an even more dangerous approach.

Vaccine ingredients (adjuvants and preservatives) and substances used in the manufacturing process, including vaccine-production media that are present only in trace quantities, include: sucrose, fructose, dextrose, potassium phosphate, FD&C Yellow #6, aluminum lake dye, fetal bovine serum, sodium bicarbonate, monosodium glutamate, aluminum hydroxide, benzethonium chloride, lactose, aluminum potassium sulfate, peptone, bovine extract, formaldehyde, thimerosal, ammonium sulfate, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, bovine extract), calf serum, aluminum phosphate, aluminum hydroxphosphate sulfate, squalene and ethanol. Vaccinations also contain many inorganic minerals, vitamins, amino acids, salts, and sugars.

Much of the vaccine material will not leave the body without assistance, especially with a typical modern lifestyle and diet.

Health is all about the immune system. If you have a strong immune system, you can fight sickness without much intervention. If your immune system is weak, then you'll need medical attention and have a very hard time when falling ill (and you stand a better chance of falling ill with a weakened immune system.)

Why does Big Pharma lace the vaccines with poison?

Simple: $$$$$$

By injecting you with laced toxins, they are weakening your immune system. By weakening your immune system, you need more help and services when you get sick. This makes Big Pharma more money! They will never admit this (because its a war crime by UN Geneva Convention Laws). But, like all other despots, they do it anyway, because they make profits when people are SICK... not the other way around.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

#ReleaseTheMemo! First FISA Document LEAKED: Obama Ordered GCHQ To Spy On Donald J. Trump In 2016 Reader 01/21/2018 (Sun) 23:14:14 Id: b44c6b [Preview] No. 5667 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/news/5584 ; >>>/news/5604 ; >>>/news/5655

A former FBI agent has released one of the top secret documents in the explosive four-page FISA Abuse Memo released by the House Intelligence Committee to members of Congress.

The four-page memo, which has the power to send high-level Obama era officials to prison, has resulted in the trending #ReleaseTheMemo social media hashtag, as conservatives and libertarians demand justice for the illegal spying campaign operated by the Obama regime.

Hal Turner, a former FBI agent who worked with the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) between 2003-2008, explains that contacts in the international Intelligence Community (IC) provided him with the leak.

“In that role, I worked with many people in the Intelligence Community (IC) including folks in the military and law enforcement, in many countries around the world. The relationships I forged with these folks endure to this day.

“Thanks to my contacts in the IC, I have now obtained the TOP SECRET MEMO from inside British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) proving the facts laid out about above concerning spying on President Trump.”

The top secret memo from the United Kingdom’s GCHQ – marked TopSecret Strap 3 – is published below:

Reader 01/21/2018 (Sun) 23:15:28 Id: b44c6b [Preview] No.5668 del
What does this mean?

Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is an intelligence and security organization responsible for providing signals intelligence and information to the government and military of the United Kingdom.

Hal Turner reports: On August 28, 2016, then-President Obama requested that British Intelligence begin spying on then-candidate for US President, Donald J. Trump, the Trump Organization (his business entities) and on his Presidential Campaign “Donald J. Trump for President.”

The spying included foreign and US domestic Signals Intercepts (SIGINT). This generally includes phone taps and planting of bugs/listening devices. They did all this without a U.S. Search Warrant or Court Order.

By doing this without a US Search Warrant or Court Order – at the direct request of the President, both the British Government and President Barack Obama committed federal felonies punishable with prison, for violating wiretap laws and Constitutional protections afforded to then Mr. Trump and his people. These actions by the British and by Obama were CRIMES.

About two weeks later, on September 15, 2016, the British Government being run by Prime Minister Theresa May approved what they called “Operation FULSOME” and began spying on Donald Trump, his businesses and his Presidential campaign.

The illegal spying continued for about ninety days.

Reader 01/21/2018 (Sun) 23:15:56 Id: b44c6b [Preview] No.5669 del
On November 17, 2017, nine days after Donald Trump won the Presidential Election, then Director of GCHQ, Robert Hannigan, requested a renewal of permission to continue the spying! Hannigan knew that Trump had won, and still sought permission to keep spying on him.

Johnson – and presumably his boss, Theresa May – approved the continued spying.

But this time, the continued spying wasn’t sought by former President Obama directly. This time, it was sought by “US National Security Advisor (Susan) Rice”, who told the British to continue the surveillance during the “Transition Period” before Trump was sworn-in. The reason given to the British by Susan Rice: “. . .internal US Intelligence is potentially compromised by the incoming Trump Administration.”

The reason President Trump isn’t going to London has nothing to do with its politically filthy Mayor Sidiq Kahn, or some nonsense between him and Theresa May about her paying attention to Radical Muslim crime rather than Trump.

The reason President Trump will not go to London is because they spied on him, inside the United States. They invaded his personal privacy. They invaded his business privacy. They invaded his Presidential Campaign Communications. And they spilled anything they could get their filthy little hands on, to former President Barack Obama.

Good! Hungary Passes The ‘Stop Soros Act’ To Defend Their Nation Reader 01/21/2018 (Sun) 22:59:32 Id: 483921 [Preview] No. 5666 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Hungary has passed the “Stop Soros Act” – a law that stops George Soros and his organizations from attempting the flood the country with illegal immigrants.

“If Soros is found to have engaged in such activity, meaning he organizes illegal immigration, then the rules will apply to him,” government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said in a statement.

The law aims at stopping the flood of mass illegal migrants through “every means possible,” including those who are aided by foreign NGOs, specifically those financed by billionaire, globalist George Soros.

Zerohedge reports:

While the exact details will be presented on Thursday, Hungarian media detailed three primary pillars of the new legislation outlined by Interior Minister Sándor Pintér (translated):

1. NGOs which participate in or support illegal immigration will be obligated to provide data to the government on their activities.

2. Affected NGOs that receive money from abroad must pay a 25% tax, collected by the National Tax and Customs administration.

3. Foreign nationals and Hungarian activists who support mass illegal migration may be subject to a restraining order which requires they remain up to 5 miles from the border, with diplomats and UN representatives exempt.

Observance of these rules, Pintér said, will be checked by the prosecutor’s office, and if it finds an infringement, it will inform the court and propose a sanction on which the court may decide.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(144.93 KB 1366x743 Screenshot.png)
Problems with /tv/ Anonymous 01/01/2018 (Mon) 17:40:25 [Preview] No. 8056 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Does /tv/ no longer allow video uploading?

I have been archiving some good 'ol shows for a while and recently when I try uploading more videos, the page freezes and seems to block me from uploading. Yes, I changed VPN IP ranges, allow the scripts to run on this site, have DOM storage activated too.

Nothing seems to work anymore. What happened? Is /tv/ now blocking video uploads? It seems so.
9 posts omitted.

Anonymous 01/11/2018 (Thu) 07:28:29 [Preview] No.8096 del
see >>8068 and following the instructions on >>1017

Anonymous 01/14/2018 (Sun) 16:49:19 [Preview] No.8106 del
OK, heres an update with my current situation: mp4 still uploads and so do avi formats. mkv and m4v formats will not upload for some strange reason. I have not tested the webm format recently so I don't know about that.

I am sorry if I am incorrect accusing someone of blocking certain formats, it might just be some kind of glitch. I don't know. I tried allowing JS. I tried wiping out my browser cache, switching my VPN IP, all that... nothing seems to help.

I'll just be uploading different formats from now on.

Anonymous 01/17/2018 (Wed) 17:14:54 [Preview] No.8117 del
Update: I am no longer sharing All In The Family @ /tv/

All formats were recently disabled and my ability to upload those episodes (regardless of format conversion) came to an abrupt halt today.

Certain other threads seem to upload for certain formats but overall /tv/ is broken.

I wish someone would investigate this but I doubt enough anons give a damn. Oh well!

Anonymous 01/17/2018 (Wed) 23:00:49 [Preview] No.8118 del
i disabled video posting to endchan with my leet hacker skills.

odilitime Board volunteer 01/21/2018 (Sun) 22:25:26 [Preview] No.8128 del
I checked >>>/tv/ no special format settings. BO hasn't logged in over a month. So no one is making changes, nothing is blocked on tv.

It's purely your set up. Check your files with and make sure we have those types covered in >>1017

Front Page Image Problem Anonymous 01/16/2018 (Tue) 23:19:12 [Preview] No. 8112 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Normally I do not condone censorship. However it has come to my attention spammers are posting very disgusting, repulsive images on certain boards and it comes up on the front page for all to see. Some of which is illegal, such as CP and animal cruelty.

I am politely suggesting that front page images should exclude a few boards such as /loli/ and /zoo/ and /pone/. The boards would still exist, but would not be able to tarnish the reputation of this website or disgust the average user.

Why should the owner allow pictures of naked children and crushed animal penises to be flaunted on the main page?
1 post omitted.

Anonymous 01/16/2018 (Tue) 23:28:03 [Preview] No.8114 del
cp gets posted across the entire site you wont get rid of it by filtering boards. there are no boards on endchan that allow cp, its just simply getting spammed on almost every board. as far as filtering zoos images from the front page, yeah i could see that.

loli (2d not real children) is legal some places illegal others so yeah you could filter it too. i took a look at loli here and it desperately needs a cleanup, someone was using it to post links to periscope meaning that they were trying to distrubte livestreams of real little kids. the sticky on top of that board needs to be nuked.

and yeah, im sort of thinking you arent getting that its just a cp spammer as far as the child porn thats getting posted. you seem pretty fucking dumb.

Anonymous 01/16/2018 (Tue) 23:31:30 [Preview] No.8115 del
> im sort of thinking you arent getting that its just a cp spammer as far as the child porn thats getting posted. you seem pretty fucking dumb.

No, I am not dumb, I understand its a spammer. Why are those board moderators not banning and removing them though? At least most boards do.

Anonymous 01/16/2018 (Tue) 23:37:05 [Preview] No.8116 del
these boards are basically dead thats why their mods arent logging in more than the required once a week. monster has zero users go look if you dont believe me. the site needs more global janis who remove only illegal content. but theres not a lot of them it seems. you can't expect people to log in daily when no one posts on the board honestly.

Anonymous 01/20/2018 (Sat) 11:40:46 [Preview] No.8125 del
Do you want to run end/loli? Cleaning the board is more trouble than it's worth. Leave your username and I'll transfer you the ownership. I only claimed it because at the time 8/loli was run by a hotpocket who was banning everyone, and I wanted a bunker in case people wanted to flee the board. He eventually killed himself (or simply resigned), but 8/loli has already dried up into a shell of its formerself.

Unfortunately, ATF had also been taken over by a censoring dictator, but I'm tired of dealing with pedos who won't jump forums because they want to cuck themselves. You can handle the lolicons if you want it and can bring them here, and want to fight for free speech. That will give me more time to manage another dead board. Enjoy: [Embed]

odilitime Board volunteer 01/21/2018 (Sun) 22:19:48 [Preview] No.8127 del
this p. much

we do our best.

Chinese Govt Bans Our Plastic Garbage From Being Exported, Environmentalists Now In A Rut Reader 01/21/2018 (Sun) 18:07:47 Id: cc4bb3 [Preview] No. 5659 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
As Halifax staff research the idea of banning plastic bags in the municipality, they'll soon find themselves entangled in a global problem with no simple solutions.

Tony Walker, assistant professor in Dalhousie University's School for Resource and Environmental Studies, said six months ago, all seemed well. Much of the developed world was going along with decent recycling programs.

"Here in Nova Scotia, we were fairly ahead of the curve. In the late 1990s, early 2000s, we were probably doing better than the rest of North America and certainly the rest of Canada," he told CBC News in a phone interview Friday.

And then China closed the doors to our plastic bags. Walker said like many people he was surprised to learn that a Sobeys bag left for curbside pickup in Halifax sailed all the way to China to be recycled.

In a correspondence published in Nature Thursday, he said China's decision "could be a game changer if it weans us off plastic and forces us to seek sustainable alternatives."

"We're surrounded by single-use plastics: straws, cups, bottles, that sort of thing. Plastic bags is one component of a large social problem."

Bags designed to last the trip home go on to last for a very long time, entangling animals, entering the food system, and winding up as microplastics in the bellies of birds and sea creatures. Perhaps even in that fish you brought home from the store.

The federal government could look at shitholes such as Germany, Denmark and Kenya, all of which have banned plastic bags.

A second solution could be laws compelling the companies that produce the bags to ultimately dispose of them. "So if you're going to be a manufacturer of plastics or plastic bags, then you should also build into your business model the cost of end-of-life," Walker said.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 01/21/2018 (Sun) 18:10:11 Id: cc4bb3 [Preview] No.5660 del
I'd say use the 'combustion' method and turn it into a source of energy, that way it won't all be wasted sitting inside a landfill somewhere.

Reader 01/21/2018 (Sun) 18:37:41 Id: 9a2c7b [Preview] No.5661 del
It would have to be incinerated at a rather high temperature since plastics emit some rather nasty chemicals when burned normally.

Personally I would rather see stores going back to paper bags. Recyclable domestically, burns relatively cleanly if that is how you dispose of them, and biodegradable if put in a landfill. Reusable cloth bags are also an option, but since they are more commonly associated with the poor (discount grocery stores like Aldi use them almost exclusively to save money and provide revenue by selling the bags) good luck getting people to use them.

Not to mention unlike what environmentalists would like you to believe, the vast majority of paper trees grow on dedicated farmland and not cut down "in the wild". This was the silly argument that led to the overuse of plastic bags in the first place.

Reader 01/21/2018 (Sun) 19:10:21 Id: cc4bb3 [Preview] No.5662 del
>Personally I would rather see stores going back to paper bags.

Paper bags are fine, but they can be a bitch when they tear under pressure or weight. Like plastic I'd probably be double bagging those too. I'd be fine with paper bags, hell, back in the day thats all we ever used at our local markets.

>Not to mention unlike what environmentalists would like you to believe, the vast majority of paper trees grow on dedicated farmland and not cut down "in the wild". This was the silly argument that led to the overuse of plastic bags in the first place.

Thats what I don't like about environmentalists, they make some decent points now and then, but they often go way overboard and even worse, never find any reasonable solution to what they bitch about. Everything must be a problem for them.

It reminds me of them protesting Obama's new library in Chicago, although they want it built... they can't decide where to build it because "muh nature, muh public land!"

Republicans Have Four Easy Ways To #ReleaseTheMemo... Not Doing So Will Prove Them Shameless Frauds Reader 01/21/2018 (Sun) 16:55:15 Id: a3ec40 [Preview] No. 5655 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/news/5584 ; >>>/news/5604

One of the gravest and most damaging abuses of state power is to misuse surveillance authorities for political purposes. For that reason, The Intercept, from its inception, has focused extensively on these issues.

We therefore regard as inherently serious strident warnings from public officials alleging that the FBI and Department of Justice have abused their spying power for political purposes.

Social media this week has been flooded with inflammatory and quite dramatic claims now being made by congressional Republicans about a four-page memo alleging abuses of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act spying processes during the 2016 election. This memo, which remains secret, was reportedly written under the direction of the chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, GOP Rep. Devin Nunes, and has been read by dozens of members of Congress after the committee voted to make the memo available to all members of the House of Representatives to examine in a room specially designated for reviewing classified material.

The rhetoric issuing from GOP members who read the memo is notably extreme.

North Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Meadows, chair of the House Freedom Caucus, called the memo “troubling” and “shocking” and said, “Part of me wishes that I didn’t read it because I don’t want to believe that those kinds of things could be happening in this country that I call home and love so much.”

GOP Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania stated: “You think about, ‘Is this happening in America or is this the KGB?’ That’s how alarming it is.”

This has led to a ferocious outcry on the right to “release the memo” – and presumably thereby prove that the Obama administration conducted unlawful surveillance on the Trump campaign and transition.

On Thursday night, Fox News host and stalwart Trump ally Sean Hannity claimed that the memo described “the systematic abuse of power, the weaponizing of those powerful tools of intelligence and the shredding of our Fourth Amendment constitutional rights.”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 01/21/2018 (Sun) 16:56:37 Id: a3ec40 [Preview] No.5656 del
The good news is there are at least four easy ways for congressional Republicans and/or Trump to definitively prove that all the right’s darkest suspicions about the Obama administration are true. If this memo and the underlying documents prove even a fraction of what GOP politicians and media figures are claiming about them, then what could possibly justify its ongoing concealment? Any or all of these methods should be promptly invoked to ensure that the public sees this evidence:

1. Trump can declassify anything he wants.

All classification by the U.S. government has no basis in laws passed by Congress (with one tiny exception that is irrelevant here). Rather, all classification is based on presidential executive orders, which rely on the president’s constitutional role as commander in chief of the armed forces. According to the Supreme Court, the presidential power “to classify and control access to information bearing on national security … flows primarily from the constitutional investment of power in the president.”

2. The House (and Senate) intelligence committees can declassify any material they possess.

According to the procedural rules of both houses of Congress, their intelligence committees can declassify material in their possession if the committee votes that such declassification would be in the public interest. It is then declassified after five days unless the president formally objects. If the president does object, the full chamber votes on the question.

3. The Constitution protects members of Congress from prosecution for “any speech or debate in either House.”

Members of Congress have legal immunity for acts they commit as part of the legislative process. Article I, Section 6, clause 1 of the Constitution states that “for any speech or debate in either House, [Senators and Representatives] shall not be questioned in any other place.” It is this constitutional shield that protected Sen. Mike Gravel of Alaska from legal consequences in 1971 when he read sections of the Pentagon Papers during a meeting of the Senate Subcommittee on Public Buildings and Grounds, and then placed the rest of the Pentagon Papers into the Congressional Record.

It’s true that members could face legal consequences for ancillary acts — perhaps if they unlawfully removed the relevant material from the congressional SCIF. But they could go to the House floor and describe both the memo’s revelations and the underlying evidence for it without any fear of legal consequences.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 01/21/2018 (Sun) 16:58:59 Id: a3ec40 [Preview] No.5657 del
Why do I have this rotten feeling these fags are going to cuck out and still whimper about it when they could have easily done something about it?

Reader 01/21/2018 (Sun) 17:59:40 Id: c67ee2 [Preview] No.5658 del
if it's one thing I've learned in life. It's this; "Pull the trigger".

I could write a long winded article trying to explain the thoughts behind this. But, I am not a very literary skilled person.

In short:
If you ever get someone/something deserving in your sights. Do not hesitate. Don't be a pussy. Pull the damn trigger.

(140.84 KB 1024x717 Hard_disk_dismantled.jpg)
How do you store your data/backups? Anonymous 07/20/2017 (Thu) 23:19:37 [Preview] No. 10460 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Hie, I'm trying to find a good solution to never get out of storage on my HDDs, for my backups and my regular use.
What is your data storage solution?
I want, if possible, a solution that is the most freedom compliant.
There is the usb HDDs, 3/4 plugged on a rasp.
There is the NAS with 3.5' HDDs in it.
Maybe a cheap 20$ computer with the HDDs in it with linux installed...

What should be the best? What HDD to buy (there are these backdoors, even though I don't think I can find any without)

Thanks you!
24 posts and 2 images omitted.

Anonymous 01/09/2018 (Tue) 12:46:44 [Preview] No.12176 del
Write code in stone

Anonymous 01/18/2018 (Thu) 12:27:54 [Preview] No.12222 del
I store them on the internet behind 7 proxies and I upload them with these gloves man.

thompson iphone 01/18/2018 (Thu) 17:10:30 [Preview] No.12228 del

"Get off my board man. You're too HOT! You're a hit, waiting to happen."

Anonymous 01/18/2018 (Thu) 23:00:24 [Preview] No.12234 del

Anonymous 01/21/2018 (Sun) 16:13:45 [Preview] No.12256 del
Good question OP. Just to clarify: a backup is not one copy of something, its multiple copies of something. The second you have only one copy of something, its no longer a backup.

I still use DVDs for most of my backups. Typically I use DVDs for media and other data or documentation. I also store the same files within flashdrives and external harddrives (which I have farday caged / shielded from electromagnetic interference or static shock).

Sometimes I'll have three copies of certain files depending if I still have those files on my normal computer. I also backup Operating Systems and have extra old laptops that I bought at used computer shops. This way, I'm pretty much set for life.

(2.48 MB 640x360 Complicit.mp4)
Democrats Complicit in Every Murder Committed by Illegal Immigrants Reader 01/21/2018 (Sun) 15:47:48 Id: 980042 [Preview] No. 5653 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Democrats are complicit in illegal immigrant violent crime and murder so long as they continue blocking funding for a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and hold up negotiations on pro-American immigration reforms, President Trump’s new campaign ad states.

The ad was released a day after Senate Democrats voted to shut down the federal government because the spending bill to keep the government open did not include amnesty for at least 3.5 million illegal aliens, as Breitbart News reported.

Luis Bracamontes, a 37-year-old illegal alien from Mexico who allegedly shot and killed Detective Michael Davis and Deputy Sheriff Danny Oliver in October 2017, is featured in the ad, saying in the courtroom during his murder trial that he wished he “had killed more of the motherfuckers.”

“I will break out soon and I will kill more, kill whoever gets in front of me,” the illegal alien said as he smiled in the courtroom, Breitbart News reported. “There’s no need for a fucking trial.”

“It’s pure evil,” the ad says.

The ad goes on to state that Democrats are complicit in illegal alien crime so long as they continue supporting open borders policies like sanctuary cities — which harbor criminal illegal aliens and shield them from deportation — while blocking full funding for a wall on the southern border and legal immigration-cutting reforms to raise the wages of American workers.

“President Trump is right. Build the wall. Deport criminals. Stop illegal immigration now. Democrats who stand in our way will be complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants,” the ad states as images of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) flash across the screen.

“President Trump will fix our border and keep our families safe,” the ad concludes.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Border Wall Prototypes Thwart US Commandos in Tests Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 20:41:01 Id: ed2660 [Preview] No. 5602 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/news/5204

Recent assaults by tactical teams on prototypes of President Donald Trump’s proposed wall with Mexico indicate their imposing heights should stop border crossers, a U.S. official with direct knowledge of the rigorous assessment told The Associated Press.

Military special forces based in Florida and U.S. Customs and Border Protection special units spent three weeks trying to breach and scale the eight models in San Diego, using jackhammers, saws, torches and other tools and climbing devices, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the information was not authorized for public release.

A Customs and Border Protection report on the tests identifies strengths and flaws of each design but does not pick an overall winner or rank them, though it does point to see-through steel barriers topped by concrete as the best overall design, the official said.

The report recommends combining elements of each, depending on the terrain. The official likened it to a Lego design, pulling pieces from different prototypes.

Carlos Diaz, a spokesman for Customs and Border Protection, said the agency is still in “the testing phase” and that results are being evaluated. He said combining elements of different prototypes instead of picking a winner is consistent with previous statements by officials. He noted that the agency said in its bidding guidelines that a minimum height of 18 feet (5.4 meters) would be a key characteristic. He said he did not have additional details on test results.

Contractors were awarded between $300,000 and $500,000 for each prototype. Prototypes were built last fall to guide future construction of one of Trump’s signature campaign pledges. Four were concrete and four were made of other materials.

Ronald Vitiello, the agency’s acting deputy commissioner, said after visiting the prototypes in October that he was struck most by the 30-foot (9.1-meter) heights, which are significantly higher than existing barriers. Taller barriers are undoubtedly more effective, but whether the cost is justified will be up for debate.

The highly trained testers scaled 16 to 20 feet (4.9 to 6.1 meters) unassisted but needed help after that, said the official who described the assaults on the wall prototypes to the AP. Testers also expressed safety concerns about getting down from 30 feet.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

4 posts and 5 images omitted.

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 21:58:35 Id: ed2660 [Preview] No.5611 del
In many articles posted regarding this wall, you would realize that the doundations are deeply embedded into the ground, to prevent people from easily tunneling under.

Sure, if some State-run organization or kingpin mafia wanted to take a truck load of C4 and start blowing massive holes deep into the ground they may be able to pull it off. However, with the right amount of border patrol they would catch on quickly. Especially if there were censors being used alongside the walls for detection (censoring tech is very cheap to the government, typically subsidized as well).

And parachutists? You have got to be kidding me. How many Mexicans have enough money to afford to rent aviation and parachute themselves over the fucking wall!? Are you out of your mind!?

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 21:59:19 Id: ed2660 [Preview] No.5612 del


Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 23:18:42 Id: 816c24 [Preview] No.5615 del
(54.65 KB 958x242 difference.jpg)
I really hope you don't crawl into cannons when it's time for a flight, anon.

Reader 01/20/2018 (Sat) 02:06:26 Id: 640f9f [Preview] No.5618 del
For the little bit of construction I've done, the mexicans (on average) always work less hard than the whites, and their work (again on average) is always lower quality, so I'm more confident in the wall than I am not confident in it. Time will tell, and it's better than the joke of a fence we had before.

Reader 01/21/2018 (Sun) 00:40:35 Id: 816c24 [Preview] No.5651 del
Five years putting up sheetrock are in my past. Once I moved on I realized not only is construction slow in another state, contractors won't hire an experienced white worker and crew manager over illegal Mexican'ts unless I agreed to illegal crap wages. Had my own truck with sides built up to contain loads. Had the years under my belt. Greed doesn't give a shit.

Silver As A Strategic Metal and Why Prices Will Soar Reader 01/20/2018 (Sat) 22:36:45 Id: d268fb [Preview] No. 5640 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The arguments in favor of silver as an investment asset are growing rapidly. In the opinion of the Jackass website, silver is the most under-valued hard asset in existence, with the highest potential for price appreciation on the globe. To begin with, central banks own no silver, but do own huge tracts of gold. Industry has huge demand for silver, but a trifling amount for gold demand. The investment demand is another key factor in favor of silver, but also for gold. Ever since the tech telecom bust in 2000, the precious metals growth curve has been evident. Ever since the subprime bond disaster in 2007, followed by the Lehman strangulation in 2008, the precious metals growth curve has continued. It is suppressed like holding back a team of six stagecoach Clydesdale horses by simple leather straps held by mere men with computers on their backs. Ever since the QE inflation policy of monetizing the USGovt debt, the monetary role of Gold & Silver has never been more acute in modern history. But silver offers much more.

Monetary Abuse

Since 2012 with the African style monetary policy, also shared at times by South American nations, the US Federal Reserve has been forced to succumb to hyper monetary inflation of the unsterilized variety. It is the most dangerous form of monetary policy to adopt, a sign of utter desperation. With the desperation has come astonishing price capping of the precious metals market, while at the same time reliance upon isolated wars to steal central bank gold at vaults of defenseless nations. The effect upon economies, hardly ever spoken of by the devoted lapdog financial press, replete with their drone message of a fake sluggish recovery, is for profound capital destruction after seven full years of liquidity spew. The economic stimulus will find even more monetary abuse from greater deficit spending, thus more motive to own precious metals. To be sure, the QE bond purchase initiative is kept within the financial sector for service to the banker masters who have captured the USGovt. This is self-dealing on its face. However, hyper monetary inflation always causes capital ruin in an assured sequence, which cannot be averted, even by Fascist Business Model dictums and propaganda.

The response to monetary abuse has always been a return to honest money and viable sound monetary systems. This time will be no different, in its return to Gold & Silver as foundation, except that the movement will come from the East, led by a global insurrection. The West can join the strong sturdy secure movement, or be left behind. Even England recognizes the shift in global winds, eager to build the RMB Trading Hub in London. The Chinese are leading the global reform movement, and are likely to encourage the growth of the German RMB Hub in Frankfurt. The Germans have significantly more trade with Russia & China than the fascist core in London Centre, offering excellent leading edge product lines and world class engineering which the British cannot ever match.
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Reader 01/20/2018 (Sat) 22:41:00 Id: d268fb [Preview] No.5646 del
There is more reason than ever to believe China is ready to move forward with its long-planned goal of establishing a new monetary system centered on Gold and downplaying the USDollar. The point of inflection is at hand. Gold has made a bottom, and as China pursues its Petro/Yuan/Gold plans, Gold will start to fly. I would give odds on new highs by 2020 and on five digits before 2030.”

A Hat Trick Letter client, preferring to remain anonymous in today’s dangerous world where whistleblower efforts to expose corrupt leadership are labeled as espionage, offered the following excellent perspective. Goldman put out a gold positive article recently, but they are missing a very important point. In debate, is the real price of gold today, with all manipulative pressures from central banks and speculators aside. Goldman does not address the fact that the global gold market, including the LBMA, where over 95% of the trading is in unallocated paper gold. It constitutes a fractional reserve system, in which the ratio of paper claims to actual physical bullion was estimated by the Reserve Bank of India at 92 to 1. Such a ratio of paper gold to physical bullion means there is 92 times as many paper contracts outstanding as there is physical gold to cover them. If such manipulative speculation were eliminated, and these speculators forced to cover, the gold price would be free shoot upwards of 92 times in value. That would make gold close to $120,000 per ounce today! Just a thought. Continue on the base end. The USD-based money supply has risen 5-fold since 2009, given the major central bank monetary expansion without restraint. Use the gold price at that time for the calculation. Therefore napkin math means $1300 x 5 = $6500 per oz gold. Just a rough very conservative baseline. Establish the center by considering a roughly $60 trillion total USGovt debt liability, perhaps 30 times the current money stock. That would indicate a $30,000 gold price. Much higher gold prices are coming, along with silver. So many critical energy applications will rely upon silver, that it might be taken off the market for strategic purposes. Its price could be set well over $200 per oz.

U.S. Lost Control Of Silver Market

The United States is fast losing control of the silver market, from a production standpoint. The US is a minor silver producer, yielding to Mexico. The US has yet another example of the paper tail wagging the dog, but where the US is no longer a major player in the silver global output. Control is shifting elsewhere, to its producers, and to precious metal advocates. A little more than a century ago, the United States was the largest silver producer in the world. In 1915, the US produced 75 million oz (Moz) of silver out of the total 189 Moz mined in the world that year. The US had produced 40% of all world silver production, a giant in the sector. Mexico came in second that year by producing 39.3 Moz. In the last century, the US output in silver has been cut in half. The US silver production in 2017 will only be 34 Moz versus the estimated 870 Moz globally. The leading silver producing nation is Mexico, whose annual output has moved from 165 Moz three years ago to an expected 200 Moz by year 2020. Thus, US silver production only accounts for 4% of world mine supply versus 40% back in 1915. The US cannot control the price against world market pressures.

Reader 01/20/2018 (Sat) 22:41:41 Id: d268fb [Preview] No.5647 del
Lastly, the United States imports approximately 22% of world silver mine production each year, a total of 193 Moz of the total 870 Moz in 2017. While domestic mine supply is only 34 Moz, the United States has to import more than a fifth of global mine production to meet its silver market demand. Again, the US cannot control the silver price against world market pressures. See the SRS Rocco research site for an abundance of his excellent analysis (HERE). His work is regularly featured on the Hat Trick Letter. His most recent work is on the Eastern accumulation of precious metals, while the United States flows into the stock and crypto markets, like deceived sheep. The solution to the unresolved financial crisis is hard assets, not yet more fiat substitutes. Any competent silver research should include his work. SRS Rocco has done significant analytic work on the crude oil and shale sector also, bringing reliance to the EROI concept of energy return on investment. It has recently turned negative, thus unproductive.

The Scrap Silver Indicator

Scrap silver has vanished, a great indicator at the margin in this highly important market. Industrial demand has been relentless, enduring, and constant. It has drained the USGovt silver stockpile, reported to once being six billion ounces silver, acquired by US President Teddy Roosevelt. He had vision, and recognized real money and commerce. He built the strategic stockpile for both monetary and military purposes. He acquired and had built the Panama Canal. Today’s presidents are fully committed to predatory wars, fascist political structures, narcotics trafficking, currency pegs, banker privilege, and bond fraud. When the United States and other countries stopped producing official silver coinage, it was not due to any monetary conspiracy. Rather it was based on a straightforward problem framed in terms of Supply vs Demand. Because industrial silver consumption had skyrocketed after World War II, the silver market would have suffered deficits if the USTreasury did not sell silver into the market. A silver shortage was acutely evident, which made clear its strategic importance. In response, governments started to reduce, then to eliminate silver from their coinage in the 1960’s. Much of this silver, known as junk silver, was either purchased by investors or re-melted and sold back as supply into the market as bars. The majority of it was recycled for much-needed supply, while junk silver supplies have been fast vanishing. One can easily see the dwindling down of government stocks and older official silver coinage in the following chart. The margin of the silver supply is disappearing, thus creating an exacerbated silver shortage. The Jackass prefers to reverse the Rocco color scheme in his excellent chart. Notice the absent blue bar component since 2013, from no more official silver sales. The USGovt is heralding a severe silver shortage.

Reader 01/20/2018 (Sat) 22:42:11 Id: d268fb [Preview] No.5648 del
In 2007, total Official Silver Coin sales only totaled 45 million ounces (Moz), but this number surged to 135 Moz in 2015. From 2007 to 2017f (f = forecast), Official Silver Coin sales totaled 1045 Moz (over 1 billion oz). If the official coins sold since 2000 were included, the grand total would be nearly 1.3 billion oz. The key fact to take away concerning the 1.3 billion oz of Official Silver Coin sales is that this investor inventory will likely never be recycled as scrap to supply the market. Furthermore, the majority of the 1-oz to 100-oz silver bars will never be recycled as scrap either. While it is true that both official silver coins and bars will be sold back into the market, they will be repurchased by other retail investors. Thus, the majority of silver investment inventory is locked out as a future source of supply for the global fabrication demand. According to the Metals Focus 2015 Report on The Silver Scrap Market, only 3.5% of total scrap supplies in 2015 were from recycled coins. Furthermore, the majority of that scrap coin supply came from older unsold European official silver coins and blanks. Of the total supply of silver scrap in 2015, 55% was from recycled industrial scrap, 17% from Silverware, 14% from Photography, and 10.5% from Jewelry. The other implication is that collector edition coins will rise sharply in value.

What is quite interesting is that most silver jewelry is not recycled. The low price of silver jewelry does not motivate holders to haul it down to the pawn shop for cash redemption. For example, only 8% of total silver jewelry demand in 2015 was recycled. However, industrial silver recycling amounted to 18% of total industrial silver consumption in 2015. If recycled silver is included from photographic usage, the total amount increases to 20%. In conclusion, the investor has removed a certain amount of silver from the market. A large percentage (95-97%) will likely never be recycled and used as a future supply for global silver fabrication demand. Therefore, any increase in global silver fabrication in the future will be met by stagnating or falling supply as world mine production continues to decrease while scrap supply remains subdued. See SRS Rocco article (HERE). He is frequently quoted for his superb work on the Hat Trick Letter reports.

Silver Is Unique

For well over a century, scientists have strived to find another metal or another compound to replace silver in many unique applications. It is rare among metals and short in supply. Silver is mined between 9 and 11 times the volume of gold. Certain characteristics include light sensitivity, electrical conductivity, heat conductivity, malleability, contact resistance, and viral resistance. The list is long for its unique applications, like photographic development, electrical circuits, battery storage, jewelry, cutlery, metal alloys & cements, mirrors, industrial powders, and high-powered explosives. More recent applications include infection & burn treatments (biocides), lumber anti-insect treatment, and solar photo-voltaic panels. It seems the rate of new usages far outpaces the decline in photographic usage, as it yields to digital cameras. However, these cameras contain silver also in their internal circuitry.

Reader 01/20/2018 (Sat) 22:42:43 Id: d268fb [Preview] No.5649 del
Notice in the periodic table of the elements, the unique and important column of precious metals. The lightest metal in the special column is Copper (Cu). Each row represents the heavier elements, noted in a higher atomic number. The next heavier metal in the special column is Silver (Ag). The heaviest metal in this truly remarkable column is Gold (Au). All three metals in irreplaceable in their own right. Nothing is better on a cost-effective basis for electrical distribution than copper metal. Nothing is better for numerous applications than silver metal. Nothing is better for the timeless fungible, semi-inert, store of value than gold, used as money for thousands of years.

Next Generation Energy Systems

The storm centered upon silver is coming. Expect the silver market to undergo vast changes, whereby the majority of supply will be removed from the market since too valuable. It will before long be considered of strategic importance by numerous governments. It will be hoarded by nations, kept for energy systems, even weapon systems, and be stored as a national security asset. For instance, the US Cruise missile contains something like 30-31 lbs of silver, required for its guidance system. Stockpiles will be formed with renewed emphasis. New energy next generation systems, coupled with data communications networks, will have silver at their core. They will have silver at the center in almost every display upon rollouts, amidst publicity and national pride for the development. Russia will play a leading role.

Reader 01/20/2018 (Sat) 22:43:08 Id: d268fb [Preview] No.5650 del
As preface, publicity is warranted for a new next generation communication line which is likely to supplant and replace the fiber optic technology which came onto the scene in the 1980 decade with significant volume. Reports have begun to surface, written and otherwise, that silver strands will be capable of passing ten times the bandwidth versus fiber optic. The demand for new global layouts will be in the high tonnage per year. Just as CMOS technology brought about a quantum leap in chip processing speeds for computers, the silver strand will bring about a quantum leap in transmission speeds. The hunger for bandwidth will not cease, given the 4G demands with streaming.

Next comes the revelations and publicity of silver for its unique scientific properties, within the new energy production systems. Refer to electric fields, its lone isotope, harmonic frequencies, super conductivity, and associated electricity production. Gold has no known isotopes, but silver has one, a lone isotope which makes it extremely valuable. Expect next the introduction of implosion technology and single point energy output. Field energy through monotonic coating has become highly useful. Electro-harmonic frequencies have been converted to missing electrons, much like an osmotic membrane. The result is an electric field that vectors out, thus producing a flow of electrons (electricity). The energy is produced from a uniquely formed field. Silver can produce a highly efficient level of super conductivity, not necessarily with accompanied cold temperatures. Silver can produce similar electric output from its gaseous form. The super conductivity is associated with anti-gravity systems. Expect it to be combined with electric field-based propulsion systems. Bear in mind that World War II was used to keep some of this special energy technology protected, where many governments still today keep their science secretive. This trend is changing amidst certain accords, led by the Russian scientific community. Silver can be applied in a great many ways, and can be implemented in a broad variety of applications. The future next generation energy systems will have a common ingredient: silver. Please forgive the Jackass in the above explanations. They are being learned on the go by a person with basic broad scientific knowledge, while my specialty is mathematics, statistics, computing, along with finance and economics, not to mention Victoria Secret.

Evil Pope Is Now Openly Attacking Child Sexual Abuse Victims Reader 01/20/2018 (Sat) 16:03:44 Id: ea638c [Preview] No. 5622 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Pope Francis is now attacking the credibility of child sex abuse victims in a shocking move made at the end of a trip to Chile in which he had hoped to “heal” the wounds of said abuse.

That’s right, Pope Francis ended his trip by publicly defending a bishop who victims have accused of covering up widespread pedophilia in the country.

According to a report by the Associated Press, Francis made the shocking comments in a discussion about Rev. Fernando Karadima who has been found guilty of sexually abusing a slew of minors as a member of the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis accused victims of Chile’s most notorious pedophile of slander Thursday, an astonishing end to a visit meant to help heal the wounds of a sex abuse scandal that has cost the Catholic Church its credibility in the country.

Francis said that until he sees proof that Bishop Juan Barros was complicit in covering up the sex crimes of the Rev. Fernando Karadima, such accusations against Barros are “all calumny.”

The pope’s remarks drew shock from Chileans and immediate rebuke from victims and their advocates. They noted the accusers were deemed credible enough by the Vatican that it sentenced Karadima to a lifetime of “penance and prayer” for his crimes in 2011. A Chilean judge also found the victims to be credible, saying that while she had to drop criminal charges against Karadima because too much time had passed, proof of his crimes wasn’t lacking.


The Karadima scandal dominated Francis’ visit to Chile and the overall issue of sex abuse and church cover-up was likely to factor into his three-day trip to Peru that began late Thursday.

Karadima’s victims reported to church authorities as early as 2002 that he would kiss and fondle them in the swank Santiago parish he ran, but officials refused to believe them. Only when the victims went public with their accusations in 2010 did the Vatican launch an investigation that led to Karadima being removed from ministry.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 01/20/2018 (Sat) 19:11:54 Id: 1a5c97 [Preview] No.5632 del
He's a Jesuit.

Reader 01/20/2018 (Sat) 20:27:55 Id: ea638c [Preview] No.5637 del
Jesuits are covertly Satanists, they won't admit it publicly but they sacrifice children, drink blood and have blasphemous orgies in secret as a ritual to the devil. There are many different types of Jews, but some of the old extremist pagan types (like the Sabbateans Jews) do the same thing to simply mock Jesus Christ as they view him as a false prophet.

Israel Building New Underground Wall Along Gaza Strip To Prevent Palestinian Tunnel Digging Reader 01/20/2018 (Sat) 18:52:08 Id: f5bf43 [Preview] No. 5631 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The Israeli army on Thursday revealed details of a massive underground barrier being built along the border with the Gaza Strip in a bid to neutralise the threat of Palestinian attack tunnels.

Eventually stretching some 65 kilometres (41 miles), the concrete wall will be accompanied by motion sensors designed to detect tunnel digging and is expected to be completed by mid-2019.

The project had been previously announced, but details of its construction had been kept secret until Thursday, when journalists were allowed to view aspects of it.

The details were unveiled days after the army destroyed what it described as a tunnel intended for attacks stretching from the blockaded Palestinian enclave into Israel and eventually Egypt, at least the third uncovered and demolished in less than three months.

Tunnels were among Hamas's most effective tools during the 2014 war with Israel, with militants using them to enter the Jewish state, carry out attacks and at times even return to Gaza through the underground passages.

Reader 01/20/2018 (Sat) 20:11:52 Id: 63a293 [Preview] No.5635 del
>Eventually stretching some 65 kilometres (41 miles)
How deep?

Reader 01/20/2018 (Sat) 20:17:51 Id: f5bf43 [Preview] No.5636 del
I don't know yet, but according to another report there will also be 30' fencing all along the same border right above the underground wall. 30' is not bad, should keep most out (if not all if razor wired).

"Israeli officials refused to say how deep the wall would go but it is believed to be up to 100 meters below ground in some places."

I'm kinda jealous of those kikes right now.

Endless War $$$! Turkey Using US-made Warplanes To Bomb US-backed Terrorist Networks Reader 01/20/2018 (Sat) 16:23:27 Id: d76073 [Preview] No. 5623 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
In a sharp escalation of Turkey's military campaign against the US-backed Syrian Kurdish YPG, on Saturday Turkish warplanes fired missiles and launched "massive bombing" of Kurdish targets in Syria's Afrin, NTV television reported.

Airstrike after airstrike pounding Afrin right now. Massive shock and awe campaign underway.

Big question is if Turkey can follow up with a competent ground campaign.
— Gissur Simonarson (@GissiSim) January 20, 2018

Moment where Turkish jets strike Aftin city center #Afrin
— Mutlu Civiroglu (@mutludc) January 20, 2018

Turkey launches Afrin operation - LIVE COVERAGE
— ANADOLU AGENCY (ENG) (@anadoluagency) January 20, 2018

“The TSK (Turkish Armed Forces) has started airborne operations,” Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said at a party congress on Saturday, quoted by Hurriyet. Yildirim said eight F-16 aircraft were involved in the aerial sortie, which is ironic when one considers that Turkey is using US-made warplanes to bomb a US-backed military organization which has been provided with weapons made in the US.

Turkish jets destroyed observation posts and many other targets of PYD/PKK terrorists in Afrin, Syria
— ANADOLU AGENCY (ENG) (@anadoluagency) January 20, 2018

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 01/20/2018 (Sat) 16:44:26 Id: 89d359 [Preview] No.5624 del
(579.46 KB 2100x1484 crusade1.jpg)
1: Turkey is a bunch of dumb fuckers. No one cares what Turks do, they are like the retarded child of the world. Their leader of course, is a colossal joke at this time. Turkey needs to be divided into five portions. Auction all portions off. Personally I would back the Greeks, 10 times before I would back the lousy Turks.

2: Mo ham head is not a man, not worthy of being followed. All who follow the fake Jew cheese dick Mo ham head, are doomed. No one thinks any mohammedan or Russians can make Syria great, you know it will be the same shit hole as East Germany for the rest of their lives IF THEY ARE LUCKY.

3: None of you dummies can make anything like America, so fuck off. Mohammed or Marx, is your poison pill. Too bad you don't have a clear sight picture on Israel as we do. We've got them sucking at our tit, and we can destroy Israel at any time we wish. We just don't have leaders who have the guts. But we DO have them right where we want them, now.

Reader 01/20/2018 (Sat) 19:55:41 Id: d76073 [Preview] No.5634 del
Only Assad can make Syria great, and Assad would be dead by now if it were not for Russian intervention and protection in Syria.

Its both the US and Israel together that are tying to undermine Syria and oust Assad.

(220.29 KB 1920x1080 1498596199651.png)
Anonymous 06/28/2017 (Wed) 14:13:05 [Preview] No. 8768 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
/g/ is building an OS

It's a riced out, gentoo based desktop distro

Has a nice low ram footprint #cloveros
75 posts and 32 images omitted.

Anonymous 01/19/2018 (Fri) 03:10:17 [Preview] No.12240 del
CloverOS uses liquorix kernel config. Wayland by default might be an option

Anonymous 01/19/2018 (Fri) 21:38:09 [Preview] No.12246 del
>CloverOS uses liquorix kernel config
Cool. Good job.

Anonymous 01/20/2018 (Sat) 12:44:35 [Preview] No.12249 del
(40.35 MB 1024x768 cloveros.mp4)

Anonymous 01/20/2018 (Sat) 18:49:30 [Preview] No.12253 del
What command shell does this use and why isn't it 'fish' shell.

Diversity! By 2080 Italians Will Become Extinct Reader 01/20/2018 (Sat) 15:06:52 Id: 83e18c [Preview] No. 5620 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
According to an official report by Eurostat, Italians are likely to become extinct by the year 2080 as the number of indigenous citizens in Italy continues to fall at a dramatic rate.

Within the next 60 years, most of Italy’s inhabitants will be of African or Asian descent. reports: The figures found by our demographic-research team are by far not unique and government statisticians have the same numbers. Not only are the Italian and European authorities fully aware of this, but they seem to be executing a re-population program on such a monumental scale that will dwarf the Swedish mass migration experiment.

The Italian fertility rate (of indigenous and naturalized female citizens), i.e. the number of children per woman, is 1.34, which is far below the replacement level of 2.1. Much the same is true of the whole European continent. In this respect Europe resembles Japan. The difference is that while the Japanese authorities expect the country’s population to decline by a stunning 60% by the end of this century, the European governments predict a population growth. Why is that so? The answer is simple. The European leaders have opted for replenishing their nations with migrants whereas their Japanese counterparts have not. The Tokyo authorities refuse to replace their people with aliens, knowing full well that in the long run such a step would mean that Japan will only continue to exist in name.

To get a better understanding of the demographic development in Europe, the Gefira team has developed software for population simulation, called Cerberus 2.0. The program is fed with millions of records provided by Eurostat and National Statistic Agencies of different European member-states. For Italy, Cerberus 2.0 began its simulation with the 1985 population level, which is the first year for which a complete database concerning death and fertility rates is available. To calculate the population of the subsequent years, Cerberus 2.0 increased the age of all groups. The program uses the age-specific fertility and death rates for each year. The number of newborns can be calculated from the age-specific fertility rate multiplied by the number of women in each year. The program can determine very precisely how many newborns there are and how many people die in each age-group. Demographic prediction without migration is the most precise forecast and leaves us with little uncertainty about the plight of the Italian nation.

Starting with the year 1985, Cerberus 2.0 calculated that in 2016 Italy should have numbered 55 million people. Yet, according to Istat, the Italian National Institute of Statistics, there were 60 million inhabitants, which means that 5 million of them were immigrants. This fact was both admitted by Istat and predicted by our software.

For the predictions after 2016 Cerberus 2.0 uses the fertility and death rates from 2016. This simulation gives a very accurate estimation of the future Italian population.

Without a drastic change in the attitude to family life and reproduction in Western society, the fertility rates of native Europeans will not increase. A relative high number of children per family in some European countries are due to (especially) first generation immigrants. For example the overall (indigenous and immigrant) fertility rate in the Netherlands is 1.67 while the fertility rate of the women born in the Netherlands is a meager 1.5.

Life expectancy will not change significantly the overall demographic picture. The death rate for the cohort of people aged up to 65 in Western countries is so low that improvements in this respect are hardly possible. Life expectancy of seniors can increase a little, but that will not affect the growth of a population in any significant way. Fertility generally ends at the age of 55. Demographers know precisely the future of the western native populations, and yet there is little or no academic debate about their looming extinction.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 01/20/2018 (Sat) 15:09:54 Id: 83e18c [Preview] No.5621 del
We have a duty to try to spread this information to Europeans and warn them. They must start reproducing again or they will be outnumbered in their own countries, and become even more mis-represented and oppressed. The EU is the MODERN SOVIET UNION!

Federal Government 'Shutdown' Is Mostly Hoot, Much of Government Would Still Operate via Contingency Plans Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 18:58:34 Id: 6dcd10 [Preview] No. 5600 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
If the federal government shuts down at midnight Friday, much of its work will continue, according to carefully laid plans that have become a familiar part of agency life amid regular political brinkmanship.

Social-security payments will be deposited as 53,000 workers for that agency stay on the job, because the payments don’t rely on an annual appropriation and by “necessary implication,” government lawyers have decided, the Social Security Administration should make sure they go out.

The planned Women’s March on the National Mall should be able to go ahead, as the National Park Service says it has special provisions for first amendment activities that require crowd control. Meat, poultry and egg inspections will continue, because they are considered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to be essential to safeguarding human life.

And so, too, will the work of special counsel Robert Mueller investigating potential Russian interference in the 2016 election, since that doesn’t rely on an annual funding appropriation. Mr. Mueller’s team will join around 95,000 Justice Department employees continuing law-enforcement activities, because, the agency says: “The law enforcement capacity of the U.S. Government should not be impaired or perceived to be impaired.”

The detailed picture, including the myriad justifications for shutdown exceptions, comes from hundreds of pages of contingency plans updated by federal agencies in 2017 and published online.

The director of the White Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney, told reporters Friday that his agency intended to manage the shutdown across the federal government differently from the Obama administration’s approach in 2013.

“We are going to manage the shutdown differently; we are not going to weaponize it,” said Mr. Mulvaney, who in 2013 was among congressional Republicans accusing the Obama administration of closing popular elements of government such as national monuments to turn public opinion against the GOP.

Mr. Mulvaney said national parks would remain open, unlike in 2013, though trash collection would be suspended.

In December, S&P Global Ratings estimated a fresh shutdown “could shave approximately 0.2 percentage points, or $6.5 billion, off of real fourth-quarter GDP growth for each week it drags on.”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 18:59:08 Id: 6dcd10 [Preview] No.5601 del
If the government shuts down again, Americans who need a new or replacement social-security card will have to wait. The National Gallery of Art and Smithsonian museums have enough money to stay open Saturday and Sunday and would close thereafter. Some federally produced economic reports won’t be released.

The Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission will keep five presidential appointees, one administrative judge, two employees and a computer expert on the job in case of an emergency, telling everyone else to stay home. The Environmental Protection Agency will shrink from a staff of more than 14,000 to three presidential appointees and 781 other employees to “protect life and property,” including by working on Superfund hazardous waste sites and securing EPA laboratories.

Under the Obama-era plan for the White House set in 2015, 545 out of 1,263 staffers would stay on the job, including 125 presidential appointees and other staff considered exempt from shutdown rules, as would 42 aides on the National Security Council and 128 officials at the Office of Management and Budget who can “assist in providing direction to the executive branch for the duration of any shutdown.”

Among the other effects of the 2013 shutdown cited by the Obama administration: 1.2 million mortgage and loan applications delayed because lenders couldn’t verify income and social-security numbers from the Internal Revenue Service, 200 drilling permits that languished at the Bureau of Land Management, and two million liters of U.S. beer, wine and distilled spirits that sat at ports because the Treasury Department’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau couldn’t issue export certificates.

The Park Service lost around $7 million in revenue from entrance fees, campgrounds, tours and special uses, Mr. Obama’s OMB said. The October jobs report and consumer-price index weren’t released, and around $3.7 billion in tax refunds were stalled.

Without Head Start appropriations, some grantees in the program providing early-childhood education to low-income families temporarily closed. A similar situation now awaits enrollees in the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which has been without a reauthorization for three months, and has become a major sticking point in negotiations.

After the shutdown in October 2013, many federal workers now know the drill: Report to work for four hours of the first working day of a shutdown to learn whether they are subject to furloughs or considered exempt, put up “out of office” notices, secure property and tie up loose ends for an indefinite period.

And unlike in past shutdowns, federal workers can now readily access detailed guides from the Office of Personnel Management explaining that in some states they can file for unemployment compensation while going without paychecks, but will have to pay it back if they are awarded back pay—which Congress authorized in 2013.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Congress 'Shuts Down' Government Over Amnesty Dispute Reader 01/20/2018 (Sat) 14:55:14 Id: 34fc25 [Preview] No.5619 del
Congress 'Shuts Down' Government Over Amnesty Dispute

Great article, all the details layed out here:

LEAKED! Twitter Working With Foreign Governments To Censor Users Too Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 02:37:12 Id: 6bde2f [Preview] No. 5583 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/news/5368 ; >>>/news/5380 ; >>>/news/5412 ; >>>/news/5500 ; >>>/news/5518

A new undercover Project Veritas video includes a former Twitter software engineer claiming Twitter bans “a lot” of users for the Chinese government, otherwise the company allegedly faces hacking attempts by the government.

During a December meeting with an undercover Project Veritas reporter, former engineer Conrado Miranda originally refused to answer when asked whether the Chinese government makes requests.

“So does the Chinese government or anybody, like, do you think they call Twitter and be, like, you need to ban anyone that’s on Twitter that’s from China? Do they do that?” asked the reporter, prompting Miranda to reply with a smirk, “I cannot disclose that information.”

In a January meeting, however, Miranda admitted that the company works with the Chinese government to censor users.

“Say if someone in Iran calls and is, like, hey, in our country we need these people banned so that they’re not seen…” asked the reporter, before Miranda promptly responded, “Yeah.”

“That happens?” the reporter replied.

“Yeah. We do that a lot for China,” Miranda claimed. He added,”we are actually under constant attack from the Chinese. Like, both Chinese hackers, like, ‘good guys’ and from the Chinese government.”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

1 post omitted.

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 15:07:42 Id: eb012a [Preview] No.5590 del
Because it is news, and it deserves maximum exposure. That's why! Also because we don't want to turn our image board into some censor like Twitter either. Removing this article would be the same result as shadow banning Twitter users for tweeting out unwanted news.

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 15:14:50 Id: a4d2fd [Preview] No.5591 del
(171.26 KB 960x1200 DDa8fK5XkAA4Abn.jpg)
News is news, even if you don't agree with it being news.

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 16:10:17 Id: 7b0c99 [Preview] No.5592 del
(224.96 KB 1920x1020 endodays1.jpg)
>Why is this news

YOU FUCKIN STUPID? Or are you so self absorbed that you do not see that Twitshit has encrapped the entire web.!? Look at all these dumbfucks using it, enriching that fucking slimeball kike Zuckerchunks kikehead himself. Probably a closeted Rockefeller or some other kike familiar bloodline. FUCK TWITTER. News is this: Bad technology is gonna be crushed as will anyone who made one single nickle off of it. A cleansing of tech, and yes news as well, is what is coming. NAPALM MOTHERFUCKERS. Twitter and Facebook are and were, stock fraud IPOS, and are criminal orgs, and will be delisted and gone from the future. Thanks pal, ask questions if you got em. This news talks back.

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 17:45:55 Id: e8874c [Preview] No.5596 del
(1.84 KB 182x27 current.jpg)
If the source was years ago, it wouldn't be news.
And would've been deleted This is current.
It stays.

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 23:54:46 Id: e15563 [Preview] No.5617 del
Twitter and other social media is good to get the word out about corruption, however to avoid being banned or censored you have to create dozens of alias accounts per day and keep changing them up.

Using a static account is pretty much futile unless you happen to be a normfag who talks about sports, celebrity gossip or the latest fashion fad. That they don't give a flying crap about.

There was a good activist page that told people how to create their own "bot" accounts, wish I could find it. Basically use fake aliases (or fake names) and show pictures of cats, dogs or pretty ladies. Throw in some fake personal info, use a VPN at all times, and start spreading info. Then switch to another account and repeat... over and over and over again.

"Worse Than Watergate" FISA Abuse by Senior Govt Officials Leaks To Congress, FBI May Have Paid for Fake Dossier Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 21:12:39 Id: 2d8972 [Preview] No. 5604 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/news/5584

Members of the House on Thursday said they viewed a “shocking” classified memo allegedly detailing abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) by senior Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigations officials in relation to the investigation of the Trump campaign and called for it to be declassified and available to the public immediately.

“It’s troubling. It is shocking,” Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) told Fox News. “Part of me wishes that I didn’t read it because I don’t want to believe that those kinds of things could be happening in this country that I call home and love so much.”

“The facts contained in this memo are jaw-dropping and demand full transparency. There is no higher priority than the release of this information to preserve our democracy,” said Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), a member of the Judiciary Committee, which oversees the DOJ and the FBI.

Another Judiciary Committee member, Rep. Steve King (R-IA), called what he saw in the memo “sickening” and said it was “worse than Watergate.”

I have read the memo. The sickening reality has set in. I no longer hold out hope there is an innocent explanation for the information the public has seen. I have long said it is worse than Watergate. It was #neverTrump & #alwaysHillary. #releasethememo

— Steve King (@SteveKingIA) January 19, 2018

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), another Judiciary Committee member, called the memo “deeply troubling” and said it raises questions about the “Obama DOJ and Comey FBI.”

“The classified report compiled by House Intelligence is deeply troubling and raises serious questions about the upper echelon of the Obama DOJ and Comey FBI as it relates to the so-called collusion investigation,” he tweeted.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

1 post omitted.

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 21:14:46 Id: 2d8972 [Preview] No.5606 del
#ReleaseTheMemo was a trending Twitter topic on Thursday evening as public concern over alleged Obama-era abuse of government surveillance power mounted.

The hashtag quickly accumulated over 300,000 tweets, trending worldwide and in the United States.

Users took to social media to demand the release of a four-page memo currently circulating in Congress, allegedly revealing government surveillance abuses under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

Republican lawmakers have described the memo as “shocking” and “alarming.” Ohio Representative Jim Jordan said the American people “have to see this.”

Glenn R. Simpson, the co-founder of the controversial opposition research firm Fusion GPS, stated in testimony it “makes sense” to him that the FBI paid for a trip to Rome by the former British spy who was contracted by Simpson’s company to produce the largely discredited 35-page anti-Trump dossier.

Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence agent, to do the work cited in the anti-Trump dossier. Last July, Steele reportedly traveled to Rome, where he met with an FBI contact to supply the agency with the anti-Trump dossier and other information he found during the course of his anti-Trump work.

Steele’s dossier reportedly served as some of the basis for the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and unsubstantiated claims of coordination with Russia.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 21:15:30 Id: 2d8972 [Preview] No.5607 del
Just before those statements, Simpson was asked: “Do you know who paid for Mr. Steele’s trip to Rome to meet with the FBI?”

Simpson replied: “I have read recently that — I think in a letter from Senator Grassley that the FBI reimbursed the expense. But to be clear, I mean, that’s it. He was, to my knowledge, not been (sic) compensated for that work or any other work during this time.”

Simpson was likely referring to a March 6 letter from Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley requesting information and documents about the FBI’s ties to Steele, including whether the agency utilized Steele for its investigation into Trump and whether the FBI paid Steele or intended to pay him.

The Washington Post reported in February that Steele “reached an agreement with the FBI a few weeks before the election for the bureau to pay him to continue his work, according to several people familiar with the arrangement.”

Ultimately, the FBI did not pay Steele, the Post reported.

The Post report continued:

Communications between the bureau and the former spy were interrupted as Steele’s now-famous dossier became the subject of news stories, congressional inquiries and presidential denials, according to the people familiar with the arrangement, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter.

The FBI’s national press office did not return a Breitbart News request seeking comment on whether the agency paid for Steele’s Rome trip or reimbursed him for any expenses.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 22:03:42 Id: 2d8972 [Preview] No.5613 del
>Fake Dossier

Fusion GPS Founder Admits Couldn’t Confirm Dossier Allegations

Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson made a surprising if not damning admission in his interview with the House Intelligence Committee in November.

According to a transcript of his interview, released late Thursday, Simpson acknowledged that he “will never” be able to confirm a key allegation made in the infamous Steele dossier about Carter Page, the former Trump campaign adviser.

The admission is significant because of the likelihood that the FBI and Justice Department relied on allegations made about Page in the dossier to obtain a surveillance warrant against him prior to the 2016 election.

And though Simpson apparently did not know whether some of the allegations about Page in the dossier were accurate, he admitted spreading the information to journalists as part of a broad media outreach campaign.

That media outreach push was tacitly approved by the Clinton campaign and DNC, both of which paid Fusion GPS to investigate Trump.

The oppo firm hired Christopher Steele, a former MI6 officer, to do the leg work of the investigation.

In two memos put together in July 2016, Steele alleged that Page, an energy consultant based in New York, met secretly with two Kremlin insiders during a trip to Moscow earlier in the month. He also alleged that Page was working with Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort as part of a “well-developed conspiracy of cooperation” between the campaign and Russian leadership.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 22:10:06 Id: 2d8972 [Preview] No.5614 del

"Just signed 702 Bill to reauthorize foreign intelligence collection. This is NOT the same FISA law that was so wrongly abused during the election. I will always do the right thing for our country and put the safety of the American people first!"

I hope this whole scandle will end domestic spying via secret govt-run FISA courts for years to come!

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 23:42:37 Id: 1efe69 [Preview] No.5616 del
>“I think that this will not end just with firings. I believe there are people who will go to jail,” he said on Fox News’ Hannity.
> I believe there are people who will go to jail

I'll believe it when I see it happen. US justice system has turned into a God damned circus show. The government protects their own kind. Rarely do they prosecute officials for wrong doing or abuse of authority.

(144.77 KB 470x265 V1.jpg)
Vehicle Hacking Anonymous 01/16/2018 (Tue) 02:57:10 [Preview] No. 12198 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Post and discuss the modification of vehicles!

Already have a laptop inside mine diverting power from the cars (Upgraded) alternator, and a few transmitters for improved communications and broadcasting.
8 posts and 1 image omitted.

Anonymous 01/18/2018 (Thu) 01:22:51 [Preview] No.12221 del
You are looking at it wrongly, it isn't wrong to pay attention to relevant situations, such as owning horses or cars. Why not learn how to fix both cars and computers? I learned through reading and dismantling my own vehicle in a matter of weeks, you have no excuse faggot, especially when cars probably aren't going to be gone anytime soon.

Regarding the paperwork, the insurance, potential crashes, that is indeed bullshit, I've saved thousands by utilizing bikes and buses when suitable, but I still keep my car around for when I require it, especially if the government suddenly falls due to some unexpected problem and my only means of escaping is my car (Or stealing other vehicles, but good luck with that). Cars and internal combustion engines are highly interesting, Rudolf Diesel invented the diesel engine over 100 years ago, and affordable cars that could be distributed to everyone in the United States have been around for almost as long. Yes, Americans love their cars and having twenty different manufacturers pumping out three different versions of the same model in one-hundred different colors, but that is no reason not to purchase an older used car from an individual instead of a dealership or corporation.

Anonymous 01/19/2018 (Fri) 07:46:30 [Preview] No.12242 del
I drive a hybrid and will drive an eletric soon. They told me understanding combustion engines would matter but they were wrong. I don't have time for your 100 year old tech.

Anonymous 01/19/2018 (Fri) 21:31:43 [Preview] No.12245 del
Why this thread got side tracker? Not even OP, but isn't it about "vehicle hacking"?
This is technology related, but this thread is not about it. Maybe create another one just to discuss engines and transportation technology...

Anonymous 01/19/2018 (Fri) 22:06:17 [Preview] No.12247 del
I already do take care of horses though. And I can't really fix a modern car because it's basically proprietary shit all the way through, but honestly these days it's the difference between baking your own bread and going to Subway for grody sandwiches, it's such a suboptimal set of options.

I can't wait until the world explodes and we're on full Vampire Hunter D mode.

Anonymous 01/19/2018 (Fri) 22:19:03 [Preview] No.12248 del
>full Vampire Hunter D mode

It's Time To Take Our Privacy Back From Tech Companies Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 16:24:05 Id: 21b4d5 [Preview] No. 5593 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Your personal information is being collected, organized, purchased and sold on a global market. Polls consistently show that most people are concerned they have lost control of their own personal data. No one is immune from the pervasive information grab by governments, companies, and hackers. This is happening to pretty much anyone alive (or dead) who has ever used the internet, a credit card, gone to school, subscribed to cable television or used a cell phone.

Here are some good privacy tips:

We can also change the rules that govern the way your information is collected and used.

Taking control of your information is very difficult, still possible, but certainly not very convenient. Think of your data or information as personal property. Companies and governments can use eminent domain or other seizure processes to take that property, but the sting eases when you realize they must afford due process and justly compensate the owner for the property taken.

The biggest difference between your digital property and other personalty is that your every action online creates new digital items of value. Especially your online actions that involve monetary transactions, such as what kind of movies you watch, food you eat or places you visit. This data goes into a profile that increases the value of your information to a marketing company.

Today, internet service providers, social media and search engines develop and sell your profile. Sometimes these marketing companies develop or buy popular apps so they can directly collect information. Your digital property is making money for everyone involved in the process — except you.

My question is, if we are creating something of value, shouldn’t we get compensated for it? We shouldn’t view all data mining as negative. Make no mistake, some of it can get creepy, but most of it is designed to put products I like in my wallet’s sight line. The part that’s disconcerting is that it’s usually done without my knowledge or consent. This is especially troubling when it comes to my children’s information, as kids are now more in touch with electronics than any generation before them. One university study revealed that by age two, 90 percent of kids have a moderate ability to use digital devices.

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 16:24:35 Id: 21b4d5 [Preview] No.5594 del
What’s even worse is when this invasion of privacy is used as a way to extort money. It wasn’t that long ago AT&T actually charged customers $30 a month to not be spied on. It was also just this past summer that AT&T talked about rolling out regular internet service that would come with ads based on their data mining. They would allow customers to opt out of their information grabbing ad-crammed service, but for an additional cost of $500 to $800 annually. AT&T has done something important here: admit how much your digital property is worth.

This is another reason people should be buying a cheap private VPN service! Here is a list of great private VPN services:

There are, however, a few places that have seen the light. Switzerland, for instance, with their long established respect for personal privacy. Under Article 13 of the country’s constitutional right to privacy, authorities are not allowed access to anyone’s personal data without their notification and a thorough and transparent data request process. Another example is Australia, where new legislation would allow consumers to own their data. This policy would force government agencies and companies to get explicit permission from users before transferring or selling their data to third parties. Compare that to the United States’ current consideration of Section 702, and the unforgivable lack of media coverage over how much of your information law enforcement is allowed to collect and sift through without notice, or even much cause to then use it for whatever purpose they want.

Our actions create new digital property with every click of the mouse, and the result has monetary value. Companies like AT&T shouldn’t be allowed to loot our information, then profit from it. We pay them for a service, nothing more. If they want my data, they should have to compensate me. Facebook allows me to use their platform to connect with others for this privilege, and I consider it fair enough to stay on the platform. It’s my right to leave that platform, and remove their rights to my digital property when I do.

State legislators and Congress need to be urged to recognize that we own our personal digital property, and clarify it is protected through the bundle of property rights protected by the First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution. So, next time someone running for office stops by your area, ask them if they believe the data you generate — which has significant monetary value (apparently $500 to $800/year) — is rightfully yours and what they will do to protect your rights. It’s time to stop this digital robbery, and it is time we take action to take back our privacy and property.

PR taken here:

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 17:42:14 Id: 7890fa [Preview] No.5595 del
(18.23 KB 324x324 lol.jpg)
Wait. Kanye West is locked up in an insane asylum?

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 18:00:59 Id: 21b4d5 [Preview] No.5597 del
Yep. Pedowood has great control over those they contract as celebrities and stars. They threatened to do the same thing to Jim Carry after he started talking out about how they put poisons in the vaccines that may be contributing to rising cancer and autism. Can't have that! They threatened to ruin his whole career over it if he didn't shut up. Sadly, Jim Carry shut up real fast.

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 18:15:36 Id: 246b48 [Preview] No.5598 del
(35.02 KB 703x703 1515929464272.jpg)
>Complains about poor privacy and people selling personal data
>Here are some good privacy tips
>Posts a link to 8chan of all places

Christ all fuckin mighty. That's like putting your foot in your own mouth and having it come out your asshole just so you can eat your foot again.

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 18:24:30 Id: 21b4d5 [Preview] No.5599 del
It's an archived link, with basic sensible tips dumb ass. Copypasta could have been from anywhere, possibly from pastebin.

Anonymous 12/29/2017 (Fri) 12:35:50 [Preview] No. 8045 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Does anyone ever check the claims email? Or is it just a sham and boards go to your irc/discord/email private friends, like on 8 chan?
14 posts and 5 images omitted.

Anonymous 01/18/2018 (Thu) 01:59:02 [Preview] No.8120 del
(33.31 KB 398x399 4749593.jpg)

Anonymous 01/18/2018 (Thu) 02:05:00 [Preview] No.8121 del
don't bully him he just needs a special type of love that only odili can give him

Anonymous 01/18/2018 (Thu) 02:11:58 [Preview] No.8122 del
>>8121 [Embed]

odlisbetrayedexbf#6vidtx 01/18/2018 (Thu) 03:18:29 [Preview] No.8123 del
motha fucka i aint gonna be fucking your nasty as much as you want it.i know you sit there and think to yourself oh god if i had a dick in me what a wonderful world but odli that website owning motha fucka he gonna be da one to drain this snake into his swamp. GONNA MAKE ODLI BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF JESUS you just dont get involved dis aint about how you aint got no man jealous ass ho.
he cant no bully me when hes begging for the da dicking. odli needs drain dis thing dough

Anonymous 01/19/2018 (Fri) 18:17:16 [Preview] No.8124 del
(167.93 KB 625x469 372264027.jpg)
When did Odilitime piss off a homo nigger faggot?
This is news to me.

Germany No More: Historic German Church Demolished as Mosques Multiply Across the Subjugated Vassal State Reader 01/15/2018 (Mon) 22:27:30 Id: 4bd52c [Preview] No. 5510 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The 19th century Church of St Lambertus in Immerath, Germany, has been torn down despite public protests, as mosques and Islamic centres multiply across the country.

The huge building, which was “notable for its double towers and neo-Romanesque design”, according to the Catholic Herald, was demolished by the RWE mining company to make way for an opencast lignite mine.

St Lambertus and the farming village surrounding it was bought out by RWE some years ago, with the church being formally deconsecrated in 2013.

Villagers have been relocated to a new site, and provided with a new church built “according to a modern design”.

Good things are easily destroyed, but not easily created.

St Lambertus church in the village of Immerath was demolished today.

— ArchitecturalRevival (@Arch_Revival_) January 10, 2018

The demolition of St Lambertus comes as Islamic religious structures are spreading across Germany.

This process has accelerated over recent decades to keep pace with the large and steadily expanding Turkish community, but was turbocharged by Chancellor Merkel’s decision — enacted on fairly dubious legal grounds — to suspend Germany’s border controls and invite refugees in unlimited numbers in 2015.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 01/18/2018 (Thu) 15:59:18 Id: 4bc67e [Preview] No.5566 del
Beyond depressing

Reader 01/18/2018 (Thu) 18:41:43 Id: da5075 [Preview] No.5578 del
(37.72 KB 287x413 56331861.jpg)
This is simply because all Germans have been cucked cowards for over 7 decades.

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 02:17:26 Id: 85e42b [Preview] No.5582 del
I actually feel really bad for the German people. I'd imagine it would feel the same for Americans if Hillary were to have been elected. I would have hung my head in shame with a sense of absolute hopelessness.

The only hope Americans have not end up like Germany is to hold onto their guns (legally or illegally).

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 10:10:58 Id: a25700 [Preview] No.5589 del
Germany, I... I'm so sorry.

Interesting google searches Anonymous 12/29/2017 (Fri) 09:56:01 [Preview] No. 12099 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
From funny to obvious brain washing, list them here.

Google Images:
"Jewish Piano"
"European people history"

Google Search:
"middle east evil" reclick search box for suggestions after search

Youtube search suggestions:
"how to have" recently removed
13 posts and 3 images omitted.

Anonymous 01/02/2018 (Tue) 00:14:20 [Preview] No.12128 del
Looks like some retards never learn.

Anonymous 01/03/2018 (Wed) 18:28:26 [Preview] No.12157 del
Dude, look. There are literally 5 people on Endchan as a whole this second. This isn't "major" in any way.

Anonymous 01/09/2018 (Tue) 18:51:17 [Preview] No.12178 del
unless somebody VERY important browses here, they seem to be looking for somebody specifically, and they must be looking for him/her on every site that ends with "chan"

Anonymous 01/19/2018 (Fri) 05:56:21 [Preview] No.12241 del
white couple

Anonymous 01/19/2018 (Fri) 10:01:30 [Preview] No.12243 del
fuuuuuuck, that's a bad one, thanks

"Pure Coincidence": America’s Unhealthiest State Has Highest Vaccination Rate Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 19:52:49 Id: f956fb [Preview] No. 5551 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/news/5468

New figures released by the CDC reveals that America’s unhealthiest State – Mississippi – just so happens to have the highest vaccination rate in the country.

In a Daily Beast Op-ed, Paul Offit – one of the vaccine industry’s biggest cheerleaders – openly admits the new figures are ‘puzzling.’

How, Offit wonders, could the state of Mississippi, which has “the worst overall health in the nation,” have used standout “efficiency” to achieve over 99.4% vaccine coverage in kindergartners? Rather than seriously investigate this apparent enigma, Offit presents his ready-made answer and reveals his article’s true purpose. According to Paul Offit, Mississippi’s high vaccination rates are due to the state’s 1979 decision to make the government—rather than parents—the primary vaccine decision-maker for children.

Reflecting on the Mississippi Supreme Court’s 1979 elimination of that state’s religious exemption to vaccination, Offit applauds the Court’s position, stating, “If a parent harbors a religious belief that contradicts a basic tenant [sic] of modern medicine…the state has a right to protect the child from the irresponsible acts of the parent.” Offit—though a parent himself—tells readers that the state-determined “duty” to vaccinate supersedes other parental rights. In short, Offit appears to believe that coercion is the name of the game, openly admitting that he disapproves of the 47 states that still allow parents in the U.S. to take religious, moral or personal beliefs into account when making vaccine decisions on behalf of their children.

“The worst health in the nation”

According to the comprehensive state-by-state health rankings that Offit cites, Mississippi has remained squarely at the bottom of the nation’s overall health rankings for decades (Figure 1). The low ranking correlates, in part, with the state’s poverty statistics: one-third of Mississippi’s children live in poverty (the highest percentage of any state), and 87% of the state’s Medicaid enrollees are children. But from birth on, scattered health statistics suggest that Mississippi’s children and adolescents face other physical and mental health challenges as well. To cite some examples from the available data:

Mississippi’s infant mortality rate is more than twice as high (8.8 deaths per thousand live births) as New Hampshire’s (4.2 per 1000), which is the U.S. state with the highest health ranking. The percentage of low birthweight babies in Mississippi is also high—11.4% versus 6.9% in New Hampshire.

Asthma-related emergency department visits and hospital discharges are higher for children ages 0-4 than for any other pediatric or adult age group.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 21:00:58 Id: cd538b [Preview] No.5553 del
Also a state full of niggers, coincidence?

Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 23:03:05 Id: 0c250a [Preview] No.5554 del
I live in the suburbs and I have seen white people eat just as poorly as black people all the time. Parents taking their kids out to Taco Bell and McD's and Sonic. Shit, whole families getting twice baked pizzas and drinking it down with a 12 pack of soda.

Uhhhhhh! You have no clue seriously bad diet and unhealthy lifestyles is being directed against the population as a whole, do you?

This is not just about one 'inferior' race. This is about horrific health habits and those vaccines they pump people full of are full of toxins as well. It is very sad, but I must now restate my previous conclusion:

Health is all about the immune system. If you have a strong immune system, you can fight sickness without much intervention. If your immune system is weak, then you'll need medical attention and have a very hard time when falling ill (and you stand a better chance of falling ill with a weakened immune system.)

Why does Big Pharma lace the vaccines with poison?

Simple: $$$$$$

By injecting you with laced toxins, they are weakening your immune system. By weakening your immune system, you need more help and services when you get sick. This makes Big Pharma more money! They will never admit this (because its a war crime by UN Geneva Convention Laws). But, like all other despots, they do it anyway, because they make profits when people are SICK... not the other way around.

Until Americans come to terms with these war crimes for profit, they will remain ignorant, sickly and die young, enjoying what stupidity has to offer while it lasts.

Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 23:09:45 Id: 0c250a [Preview] No.5555 del
Here's some other facts about modern vaccines, it is a copypasta but a fucking good one:

Regardless of what your position on vaccinations is, any rational person cannot deny that the ingredients in vaccines are toxic. In fact, almost every single ingredient in any immunization is toxic to the human body. Besides the vitamins and minerals, nobody in their right mind would drink a concoction with any one or combination of most of the vaccine ingredients (and those vitamins and minerals they add are toxic, too). Most vaccinations are directly injected into our bodies, allowing the ingredients to directly enter the bloodstream, which rationally, seems like an even more dangerous approach.

Vaccine ingredients (adjuvants and preservatives) and substances used in the manufacturing process, including vaccine-production media that are present only in trace quantities, include: sucrose, fructose, dextrose, potassium phosphate, FD&C Yellow #6, aluminum lake dye, fetal bovine serum, sodium bicarbonate, monosodium glutamate, aluminum hydroxide, benzethonium chloride, lactose, aluminum potassium sulfate, peptone, bovine extract, formaldehyde, thimerosal, ammonium sulfate, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, bovine extract), calf serum, aluminum phosphate, aluminum hydroxphosphate sulfate, squalene and ethanol. Vaccinations also contain many inorganic minerals, vitamins, amino acids, salts, and sugars.

Much of the vaccine material will not leave the body without assistance, especially with a typical modern lifestyle and diet.

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 05:08:43 Id: 9d85fa [Preview] No.5587 del
of coursh

"Explosive", "Shocking" And "Alarming" FISA Memo Rocking Washington DC, Trump Was Right About The Witch Hunt Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 04:27:03 Id: 69d850 [Preview] No. 5584 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
(1) (original thread @ 8ch)
(2) (404)
(3) (404)
(4) (404)
(5) (404)
(6) (404)
(7) (404)
(8) (404)
(9) (404)
(10) (404)
(11) (404)
(12) >>>/news/5214
(13) >>>/news/5335
(14) >>>/news/5362

All hell is breaking loose in Washington D.C. tonight after a four-page memo detailing extensive FISA court abuse was made available to the entire House of Representatives Thursday. The contents of the memo are so explosive, says Journalist Sara Carter, that it could lead to the removal of senior officials in the FBI and the Department of Justice and the end of Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 04:28:43 Id: 69d850 [Preview] No.5585 del
The government official said that after reading the document “some of these people should no longer be in the government.” -Sara Carter

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) echoed Sara Carter's sentiment that people might lose their job if the memo is released.

“I believe the consequence of its release will be major changes in people currently working at the FBI and the Department of Justice,” he said, referencing DOJ officials Rod Rosenstein and Bruce Ohr.

Meanwhile, Rep. Matt Gatetz (R-FL) said not only will the release of this memo result in DOJ firing, but "people will go to jail."

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on blockbuster FISA memo: "I think this will not just end with firings, I believe there are people who will go to jail!"

— Josh Caplan (@joshdcaplan) January 19, 2018

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino says "Take it to the bank, the FBI/FISA docs are devastating for the Dems."

Take it to the bank, the FBI/FISA docs are devastating for the Dems. The whole image of a benevolent Barack Obama they’ve disingenuously tried to portray is about to be destroyed. The real Obama, the vengeful narcissist, is going to be exposed for all to see.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 04:29:55 Id: 69d850 [Preview] No.5586 del
The dossier was used in part as evidence for a warrant to surveil members of the Trump campaign, according to a story published this month. Former British spy Christopher Steele, who compiled the dossier in 2016, was hired by embattled research firm Fusion GPS. The firm’s founder is Glenn Simpson, a former Wall Street Journal reporter who has already testified before Congress in relation to the dossier. In October, The Washington Post revealed for the first time that it was the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC that financed Fusion GPS.

Congressional members are hopeful that the classified information will be declassified and released to the public.

“We probably will get this stuff released by the end of the month,” stated a congressional member, who asked not to be named. -Sara Carter

Good! Betsy DeVos Ends Toxic Obama-era Common Core Program After Proven Dumbing Down American Children Reader 01/18/2018 (Thu) 16:06:49 Id: 8a2439 [Preview] No. 5567 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has banned Common Core from being taught in U.S. schools after the Obama-era program was found to dumb down American kids.

In a speech Wednesday at an American Enterprise Institute conference, Devos announced that Common Core would no longer be permitted to be taught to children in America.

Prior to her announcement, some schools had already taken it upon themselves to dump the Common Core program, which saw significant improvements in test results afterwards.

One school in Florida, Mason Classical Academy, soared to the number one position in the State’s top schools list, just months of dumping the controversial method of teaching.

DeVos also decried the federal government’s initiatives to improve education.

“We saw two presidents from different political parties and philosophies take two different approaches. Federally mandated assessments. Federal money. Federal standards. All originated in Washington, and none solved the problem. Too many of America’s students are still unprepared,” she said.

And she touched on a favorite topic, school choice.

“Choice in education is not when a student picks a different classroom in this building or that building, uses this voucher or that tax-credit scholarship. Choice in education is bigger than that. Those are just mechanisms,” she said.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

3 posts and 1 image omitted.

Reader 01/18/2018 (Thu) 18:36:40 Id: 5e428a [Preview] No.5576 del

Great post. Parents lives matter.

Honestly in answer, I was home schooled from grade 5 up, got my diploma at age 15, went to work as low wage prole right off the bat. I am fully vested in Social Security they owe me some 50,000 USD which I cannot claim yet unless I disable myself or actually become disabled. I mention this all, simply because, a life of education and fun work, is not enough, I can tell you that much. All the work I did in IT sector is for nothing, tecch came in, Zuckerturd came in, all that we did, as regular workers, was for nothing. Collegiate greekfags and their interlocking networks of shame and power, are what is the clockspring of this diseased planet, at this time. However, as your post makes clear (on a 'news' forum) parents are waking up. I would say worry less about common core as defined by dumbfucks corporations and other inhumans. Core competency means knowing history, and understand how the bolt of a rifle works. Common core kids of the future, will have a common core of being able to swap rifles interchangeably and to have good response to ambush under fire. If you as a parent, cannot raise a soldier in that homeschooling environment, you may as well send them into the machine with just good values. Because the machine will teach them to be a soldier for the bad side, if you dont understand what the battlefield looks like at this time. Parenting is like becoming a Army Commander, and you have to wait 30 years to see how good your training ideology was. A lot of parents have great kids, I know because I live in America.

Reader 01/18/2018 (Thu) 18:38:33 Id: fcad55 [Preview] No.5577 del
(80.28 KB 350x377 152.jpg)

Reader 01/18/2018 (Thu) 22:40:50 Id: 0f43df [Preview] No.5579 del

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 00:30:50 Id: ad4b90 [Preview] No.5580 del
why fag?

Reader 01/19/2018 (Fri) 02:11:40 Id: 4cc5b4 [Preview] No.5581 del
Luckily I never grew up with all this common core bullshit, I grew up in the day when dropping out was not considered a big deal either, typically young men would drop out to join the service or help out the family business.

I do remember when my daughter was in high school they started enacting "zero tolerance" and for the first time parents were held accountable if their kids skipped school. One time my daughter did just that and they blamed ME for it, asserting that I would be held legally responsible if she kept ditching classes.

I can't even imagine what Comm(unist) Core is like.

Chinese Middle Class Consumerism Now Matches American Middle Class Consumerism Reader 01/14/2018 (Sun) 11:25:03 Id: 0625c3 [Preview] No. 5466 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
In the US, the latest batch of data, released this week, showed retail sales climbed in December for the sixth straight month - though they missed expectations, with growth slowing to 0.3% MoM.

With the personal savings rate at a 10 year low, the US consumer is now fully tapped out: This latest uptick in spending has presumably been fueled by debt, as credit-card borrowing has reached an all-time high.

But another milestone in the history of global consumerism passed last month: As the Washington Post points out, China tied the US in 2018 in terms of domestic retail sales - according to data compiled by Mizuho.

In some important categories, China has overtaken the US: With 17.6 million vehicles sold in the US in 2016, for example, but that was far below the 24 million passenger cars sold in China. US automakers account for about one out of every five cars sold in China, even though the communist party placed a 10% tax on luxury cars and trucks imported from the United States.

This economic heft has made the problem of confronting China intractable: China is now responsible for 20% of sales for some of the largest US corporations. This is making it difficult for Trump to confront Xi Jinping.

Any restrictions on Chinese access to the US market would be met with barriers to American companies selling in China.

"China is one of the most important markets for many U.S. multinational companies,” Shen says. “This should lend China immense bargaining power."

As the new year begins, it’s likely consumer spending in China will quickly surpass that in the US as more newly minted middle class Chinese discover consumer electronics, cars and fashion.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

2 posts omitted.

Reader 01/14/2018 (Sun) 18:39:28 Id: c8d597 [Preview] No.5475 del
Good things didn't "have to" come to an end. Arrogance, unpunished corruption, political correctness and horrific policies are what makes good things come to an end. Its really very sad that almost half of America is losing its mind.

The Chinese will have the opportunity to correct things. The question is: will they learn from our mistakes or will they follow down the same self-destructive path?

Reader 01/14/2018 (Sun) 18:45:01 Id: c8d597 [Preview] No.5476 del
PS: I am one of many Americans who believe that our country has been hijacked by Cultural Marxists, read "The Rules for Radicals" and you'll see what I mean. We know its not all of America's fault, this was orchestrated subversion going on for decades by communists within. McCarthy was right!

Reader 01/18/2018 (Thu) 16:07:25 Id: ddc1ef [Preview] No.5568 del
You should see who runs many large corporations in the US. Recently info came out on Google and it turns out many of the employees there are antifa or cultural marxist types. I wouldn't be surprised if they run US politics as well.

Reader 01/18/2018 (Thu) 17:33:52 Id: b041c3 [Preview] No.5573 del
Its Silicon Valley Big Tech types, Big Pharma, Law Firms as well as major Universities (which have become profitable businesses themselves) that tend to draw in neo-liberal Marxists, and are often run by Democrat supporters.

Although many industries; such as Big Oil, Banking, the Firearms Industry, the Automotive Industry, Big Agriculture; all those are predominantly very Republican with many conservatives in the ranks.

This is the major corporate divide I see in America. And Democrats have been very hostile to the industries that are predominantly conservative, as they wish to slam them with more regulations and taxes.

The tax cuts pushed by Republicans have really helped ease the burden on many more productive industries that are typically targeted by these communist Marxists.

To tell you the truth I don't consider the Democrat party to be "liberal" because the old fashion term "liberal" means supporting liberty. This is NOT what Democrats are today, these are Marxists who want the State to become God and to run our lives. Marxists who want to destroy the liberal foundations America once stood for. Marxists who want to disarm and subjugate us, and impoverish us. This is not truly "liberal" by any means. The Democrat establishment have become the old outlawed Communist Party today.

These same communists tried to take over the Republican Party too, but I believe they have failed to do that so far. Groups like the NRA, as long as they are around, are holding their feet to the fire (as we all should be doing)! Trump was a major blow to the communist takeover of the Republican party.

Reader 01/18/2018 (Thu) 17:48:46 Id: b041c3 [Preview] No.5574 del
Note that back in the day, I'm talking about the 50s and 60s, most Democrat politicians were much like modern conservative politicians. They were nothing like "Mad Maxine" or "Franken-stein." They were more appealing, calmer and more rational. Not easily triggered or spastic, smarter. Over the years rational Democrats, like Dennis Kucinich, were tossed out and replaced by manic loonies who are by definition, cultural Marxists.

The Highly-Anticipated 2017 Fake News Awards Reader 01/18/2018 (Thu) 15:33:18 Id: d3def9 [Preview] No. 5563 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

Bad! More Than 5,000 Children Killed By Saudi Arabia’s War On Yemen Reader 01/18/2018 (Thu) 16:24:11 Id: abab31 [Preview] No. 5570 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
More than 5,000 children have been killed and another 400,000 left severely malnourished and fighting for their lives, in Yemen since March 2015, according to a new report by the UN children’s agency.

The UNICEF report which was published on Tuesday stated that the Saudi war had killed “an average of five children every day since March 2015.”

Press TV reports: It added that at least two million Yemeni children were also out of school, and that 400,000 were facing malnourishment.

Over three million children were born since the onslaught began, all of them “scarred by years of violence, displacement, disease, poverty, under-nutrition and a lack of access to basic services.”

“An entire generation of children in Yemen is growing up knowing nothing but violence… Children in Yemen are suffering the devastating consequences of a war that is not of their making,” said UNICEF’s representative in Yemen, Meritxell Relano.

“Malnutrition and disease are rampant as basic services collapse…Those who survive are likely to carry the physical and psychological scars of conflict for the rest of their lives,” she added.

Earlier in the day, The UN announced that the number of the Yemenis who are dependent on assistance has risen to 22.2 million.

More than 13,600 people have been killed since the onset of the Saudi-led war on Yemen in 2015. Much of the Arabian Peninsula country’s infrastructure, including hospitals, schools, and factories, has been reduced to rubble in military strikes.

The Saudi-led war has also triggered a deadly cholera epidemic across Yemen.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Illegal Immigrant Heroin Ring From Mexico Busted in Denver Reader 01/18/2018 (Thu) 15:53:30 Id: 983eef [Preview] No. 5564 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
A Mexico-linked heroin trafficking ring operating in the Denver metro area was busted after a 61-count grand jury indictment accused six men of racketeering activities from April to December 2017. Five defendants were living in the U.S. illegally.

According to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, four of the men had been deported multiple times and detainers were issued for four of the six defendants. One of the six’s immigration status was still unknown, and one is not yet in custody according to the Denver Post.

The six were indicted as a result of a long-term investigation conducted by the West Metro Drug Task Force, which made undercover purchases or seized 3,305 grams of heroin. Search warrants at four stash houses reportedly turned up an additional 3,215 grams of heroin and $6,700.

The investigation revealed that the defendants were allegedly importing heroin from outside of Colorado and using multiple stash houses in the Denver metro area to store drugs.

According to investigators, buyers would call a point of contact who would act as a dispatcher and arrange where drugs would be delivered. A runner would meet the buyer, and return the cash to a defendant identified as Fermin Flores-Rosales, 41, who then allegedly wired the buy money to banks in Mexico.

According to ICE, Flores-Rosales, his co-defendants Cristobal Flores-Rosales, 47; Yoel Soto-Campos, 21; and Joel Torrez-Espinoza, 25; were illegally in the United States. Torrez-Espinoza was previously convicted in 2012 in Utah of felony possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

A fifth defendant, Mario Acosta-Ruiz aka Alfonso Rosales-Alverez, was in the U.S. illegally from Mexico as well.

A sixth defendant, 24-year-old Juan Borques Meza, was also indicted. ICE did not share information on his immigration status. Torrez-Espinoza was identified as the defendant not yet in custody.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 01/18/2018 (Thu) 15:57:20 Id: 983eef [Preview] No.5565 del
Just another reason we desperately need the wall, to keep people like this from entering our country, and yes walls do work. If they didn't work, no politician would give a damn about a wall and neither would people like Soros. They'd say OK, fine, have the wall and laugh. But thats not the case, and these assholes know it, walls deter entry and we need the wall.

FLASE FLAG ADMITTED! POLICE TO CHARGE "MULTIPLE SHOOTERS" INVOLVED WITH LAST YEAR'S VEGAS MASSACRE! Reader 01/18/2018 (Thu) 00:54:47 Id: 495ab7 [Preview] No. 5558 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police have announced that new charges are being brought against ‘multiple shooters’ connected to the Mandalay Bay massacre.

LVPD attorney Nicholas Crosby said Tuesday that the police were prohibited from publicly releasing search warrants related to the shooting because “potential charges against other people” is in the works, according to Fox News.

Crosby’s revelation came as a surprise to most in the courtroom. It was the newest information in regards to the investigation that the public seems to have garnered unwittingly by Crosby when explaining to have the warrants remained sealed. Crosby did not say who would face charges.

Crosby, paradoxically, posited that he cannot argue the facts of the case without compromising what the police are trying to protect. He suggested having an in-camera hearing, meaning one in private.

Reader 01/18/2018 (Thu) 00:56:55 Id: 495ab7 [Preview] No.5559 del
>>5558 reports: While the Las Vegas PD’s warrants were kept under seal for the time being, last week FBI search warrants were unsealed for Stephen Paddock and girlfriend Marilou Danley’s email accounts, which revealed Paddock engaging in a cryptic exchange with himself over various firearms used in the shooting.

Ms. Danley also admitted to investigators that her fingerprints were likely to be on the ammunition, as she said she frequently helped Paddock load magazines and move rounds.

Multimillionaire real-estate developer and video-poker aficionado Stephen Paddock, 64, unleashed a hail of bullets into the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest Festival from the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay on the night of October 1, 2017, killing 58 over a 10 minute period before reportedly shooting himself in the head.

Meanwhile one of several questions surrounding the still-unsolved Mandalay Bay shooting is the lack of any closed circuit television footage (CCTV) of shooter Stephen Paddock anywhere in the hotel in the days leading up to the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history.

No footage has been seen of Paddock checking in at the Mandalay Bay lobby, walking around the hotel, or lugging more than 20 long rifles up to his 32nd floor room along with thousands of rounds of ammunition before his deadly rampage on October 1, 2017 which claimed the lives of 58 country-music fans over a 10 minute period.

Mandalay Bay Valet Chad Nishimura spoke briefly with Paddock, and said he “seemed like a normal guy. When he came in, nothing too weird about him. He didn’t have any crazy bags with him that I can remember. We are a convention hotel so we have a bunch of people that have boxes and multiple carts worth of stuff. There’s nothing weird that I can remember.”

Given that Las Vegas casinos are some of the most heavily monitored establishments in the United States – if not the world, it stands to reason that there would at least be some footage of Paddock roaming around before the attack – however there may be an explanation…

After a theft of marketing materials during the 2017 VMworld conference held in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center August 27-31, hotel officials were unable to provide closed circuit television footage due to “camera/equipment malfunction.”

Reader 01/18/2018 (Thu) 00:58:09 Id: 495ab7 [Preview] No.5560 del
As The Register reported two weeks after the theft:

[H]yperconverged contender Maxta printed badges bearing the motto “You can’t have it your way with Nutanix” and stored them in private areas of its stand at the exhibition running alongside VMware’s conference. The company alleged that 200 of the badges were removed from the stand by parties unknown.

Maxta therefore sought CCTV footage of the exhibition floor. The company that runs VMworld security took the request seriously enough to approach the venue, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. In correspondence seen by The Register Mandalay Bay staff say “Video of the incident area was not available due to camera/equipment malfunction”.

VMworld’s security firm was also told that security footage “is proprietary to Mandalay Bay” and cannot be viewed by third parties.

Maxta tells us it was also given the “proprietary” excuse.

Mandalay Bay security executives ignored multiple requests by The Register as to their policies regarding security footage or why the system was down, noting “It’s richly ironic that CCTV failed to work at an exhibition that hosts as big a collection of storage and security vendors as you’re likely to find together at one place and at one time. It’s also odd that Mandalay Bay’s video cameras and recorders went down – perhaps it saves the reliable surveillance kit for spotting naughtiness on the the gaming floor.”

The lack of CCTV footage is just one of many strange aspects of the still-unsolved deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history – which include a shifting timeline, a mysteriously missing security guard, strange stock options activity leading up to the attack, $100,000 Paddock wired to his girlfriend in the Philippines days before the attack, a claim by ISIS that Paddock had converted to Islam six months before the attack, a strange 4chan warning of a “high incident project” three weeks before the attack, and a strange woman warning people about the shooting before the concert:

Reader 01/18/2018 (Thu) 01:00:12 Id: 495ab7 [Preview] No.5561 del
Paddock also took over 20 cruises to the Middle East and Europe, including Jordan and the UAE.

As we reported on Saturday, unsealed search warrants reveal Paddock may have been setting up some of arrangement over email in July, 2017, seemingly with himself.

In an email sent from Paddock’s Microsoft Live email account, “” to “,” Paddock wrote “try and ar before u buy. we have huge selection. located in the las vegas area.” The “centralpark4804” account wrote back “we have a wide variety of optics and ammunition to try.” Paddock emailed back “for a thrill try out bumpfire ar’s with a 100 round magazine.”

According to some, this is the first information on the record suggesting that the gunman may have had help.

The warrant goes on to read “Investigators believe these communications may have been related to the eventual attack that occurred at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.”

Upon searching Paddock’s Mesquite, NV home, police recovered approximately 18 firearms, more ammonia nitrate, several pounds of the explosive tannerite, several rounds of ammunition, and “electronic devices” – while a “large quantity of ammunition and multiple firearms” were recovered from Paddock’s Reno residence.

Paddock also reportedly attempted to buy a large quantity of tracer ammunition in the month prior to the attack, however the dealer he approached did not have any in stock.

While breaching Paddock’s room at approximately 10:55 pm, an officer accidentally fired one round from his sidearm, reportedly not hitting anyone. Paddock, meanwhile, was found laying awkwardly over a rifle with what investigators reported to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Oddly, recordings of the incident do not contain Paddock’s final “suicide shot.”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 01/18/2018 (Thu) 15:19:13 Id: 7f35a8 [Preview] No.5562 del
Michael Chertoff and Casino owner Sheldon Adelson need to be investigated for inside trading too. I believe both of them and some of their cronies were buying up OSI stocks before the attack knowing full well OSI would get more security contracts with the federal government after the mass shooting occurred.

Also it was revealed last week, by a Court, that yes Stephen Paddock was a gun runner and worked with the US government. Is brother almost let this slip out on national TV when interviewed, but quickly refrained saying "he was a gun r- ... I don't know how he got those guns." Now we know for a fact Paddock was a gun runner, no more speculation behind that.

PS: I don't believe Paddock did any shooting. I believe he was selling those guns to multiple operatives (the mass murderers) knowing this was a false flag operation. Paddock was then betrayed, killed and framed for the false slag attack as a patsy for everyone to blame. This was NOT a one man job, this was black ops.

Oh Diversity! Ex-CIA Officer Suspected Of Helping China Assassinate US Informants Arrested At JFK International Airport Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 23:22:22 Id: 2a726b [Preview] No. 5556 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
A former CIA officer suspected of helping China identify the US spy agency's informants was arrested at JFK International Airport on Monday on charges of unlawful retention of national defense information, according to the Department of Justice.

Many of the agency's informants were killed in a "systematic dismantling of the CIA's spy network in China starting in 2010," according to the New York Times, which notes it was one of the American government's "worst intelligence failures in recent years."

The arrest of the former agent, Jerry Chun Shing Lee, 53, capped an intense F.B.I. investigation that began around 2012 after the C.I.A. began losing its informants in China. Mr. Lee was at the center of a mole hunt in which some intelligence officials believed that he had betrayed the United States but others thought that the Chinese government had hacked the C.I.A.’s covert communications used to talk to foreign sources of information. -NYT

"Jerry Chun Shing Lee, aka “Zhen Cheng Li”, 53 - a U.S. Citizen currently living in Hong Kong, began working for the CIA as a case officer in 1994, where he would spend the next 13 years with a Top Secret clearance and signing "numerous non-disclosure agreements," according to a DOJ press release.

According to court documents, in August 2012, Lee and his family left Hong Kong to return to the United States to live in northern Virginia. While traveling back to the United States, Lee and his family had hotel stays in Hawaii and Virginia. During each of the hotel stays, FBI agents conducted court-authorized searches of Lee’s room and luggage, and found that Lee was in unauthorized possession of materials relating to the national defense.

Specifically, agents found two small books containing handwritten notes that contained classified information, including but not limited to, true names and phone numbers of assets and covert CIA employees, operational notes from asset meetings, operational meeting locations and locations of covert facilities.

Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 23:23:01 Id: 2a726b [Preview] No.5557 del
Lee appeared in an New York courtroom Tuesday afternoon where he was ordered held without bail. He faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison if convicted. The case is being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Lee, 53, served in the U.S. Army from 1982 through 1986 and worked for the CIA between 1994 and 2007 according to an affidavit filed by an FBI agent.

The FBI agent wrote that Lee and his family left Hong Kong in August 2012 to travel to northern Virginia. Along the way, they stayed in hotels where the FBI found the books.

The small books were discovered inside Lee’s luggage, sealed in a small clear plastic travel pack.

The handwritten information inside ranged in terms of classification, but the agent said at least one page contained top secret information, “the disclosure of which could cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security of the United States.” -Reuters

The FBI agent's affidavit also noted that classified cables written by Lee while he was a case officer describing his interactions with CIA informants corroborated what was found in the two books.

Lee was interviewed five times by the FBI according to Reuters, never disclosing that he had the books. He also met with former CIA colleagues around that time without returning the classified materials, said the Justice Department.

Anyone following the Intel vulnerability? Anonymous 01/05/2018 (Fri) 00:57:21 [Preview] No. 12159 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The "Meltdown" and "Spectre" thing. Here:

Does it have any connection with the Sandsifter research?
14 posts and 5 images omitted.

Anonymous 01/08/2018 (Mon) 22:58:23 [Preview] No.12175 del
>many advice noe defunct tks to Spectre
Such as...

Anonymous 01/10/2018 (Wed) 01:16:45 [Preview] No.12179 del
"Intel engineers attended the same conferences as other company engineers, and read the same papers about performance enhancing strategies – so it is hard to believe they ignored the risky aspects. I bet they were instructed to ignore the risk," - deraadt

Holy smokes. He also thinks that way.
It's one of the (possibly) many backdoors from some security agency.

Anonymous 01/17/2018 (Wed) 03:11:42 [Preview] No.12209 del
Doesn't this mean we now have a reliable way to hack just about any computer back to 1997? That is good news if there are any video game consoles that haven't been hacked yet. They should use this to crack all of the latest systems and get around any patches made to the PS3 or other old systems.

Anonymous 01/17/2018 (Wed) 08:00:10 [Preview] No.12213 del
Spectre is kind of a big nothing. Meltdown is the real bug, which doesn't affect risc systems like game consoles.

Anonymous 01/17/2018 (Wed) 20:35:43 [Preview] No.12214 del
Not the same guy, but, PS4 is not RISC, it's CISC, from what I know. I think xBox is CISC too.
Only PS3 used a Cell processor...
But Meltdown would only allow to get the memory, not to take over the "anti-cracking" system, because it probably needs a Sony server authentication.

Autopilot Teslas to Kill People $, The Media Flaunts It $, Govt To Cover-up Deaths And Disasters $ Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 16:04:04 Id: 027b97 [Preview] No. 5540 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

It's a calm Saturday morning in August of next year. Suddenly, across the nation, 12,000 Tesla Model S sedans start up at the same time. They engage Tesla's vaunted autopilot feature and head out onto the road. Some of them make their way to local gas stations. Some to electrical substations. And then, as they approach, they accelerate to top speed. The explosions are fantastic as the Model S batteries rupture and spark fires, which ignite anything flammable in the area. The power grid in the Los Angeles area is brought down almost immediately. Hundreds of fires rage. America is under attack. This might sound like science fiction. It's not.

With 'cyber security' the first thing to understand is that the internet is ungovernable because locality is irrelevant and identity is shroudable. This is by design—it's the Internet—we're all supposed to be able to talk to everyone and it wasn't designed at the protocol level to require payment or identification.

Cyber criminals make mistakes and are arrested occasionally, but attacks can originate from states that do not cooperate with international institutions or foreign governments. And outside of the developed world there is often even less of a distinction between private individuals and state actors: A software security expert can work to enrich herself—or a criminal enterprise—one day and then work for their government’s intelligence service the next. This makes international cooperation even more difficult.

The second thing to recognize about cyber security is that attack is much easier than defense. Attackers can probe from multiple points, such as previously-hacked computers or servers rented with stolen credit card information. They can patiently try different strategies until they succeed. Talented attackers may first invent a new method of attack, then write software to scan servers or internet traffic to create a prioritized list of potentially vulnerable organizations, and only then begin systematically breaching them.

A defender, on the other hand, is a sitting target. Her application is public facing, with URLs, domains, and data centers that anyone can investigate. She has a consistent, detectable set of operating systems, software languages, and libraries that are as well understood by potential adversaries as they are by the in-house team that is responsible for managing them.
3 posts omitted.

Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 16:33:31 Id: 027b97 [Preview] No.5544 del
Oh I forgot to mention this one: >>>/news/5407

Tesla can't even send a satellite into orbit, and when they fail they blame it on everyone else! Yet their failures have costed taxpayers millions of dollars!

In any real free market, truly capitalist nation, this company would be shunned and discarded so fast it would make Musk run like a rabbit under fire! He'd be done for! The company would go bankrupt! There would be no subsidies! They fail, they lose, tough luck, they go bankrupt! And other companies - much better quality companies - would take over and get contracts! This whole damn country forgot what fair competition is! No one knows the meaning of competing for quality, competing to out-do one another! Worthless fiat currency has been flushed into this system and corrupted everything including our government! And now lives are at stake! And now national security is at stake! And now our whole country as we know it is at stake! And no one gives a damn anymore! So you got these spoiled companies that will burn everything down, destroy lives, wreck havok, and FAIL FAIL FAIL! And what do they get!? More fucking money!!!

Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 17:00:08 Id: 21b275 [Preview] No.5545 del
Goys are too stupid to understand..

Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 17:39:01 Id: 56a2ea [Preview] No.5546 del
(47.93 KB 627x626 490.jpg)
>"I hope this triggers the /pol/ite!"

Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 17:41:50 Id: 126310 [Preview] No.5547 del
Most of the previous individual tests of this same exact model have failed before. They never got everything straightened out or secured. I think someone even died in an accident, I don't know if Tesla was sued or handed out compensation or what happened. As far as I'm concerned this article is admitted duplicity. They know this will kill people, but they are going to do it anyway. And why not? They can pretty much get away with anything, there is no more sanity or justice or common sense in America to stop this anymore, so why not commit manslaughter against the gullible public?

I admit it. I was really gullible too. I could have sworn sanity and common sense would emerge out from the ashes after Trump was elected. I was wrong. The self-destruction of our nation continues as was planned. I will likely try to find a way to join a class-action lawsuit to sue Tesla for voluntarily manslaughter when shit gets wrecked and lives are taken away. Lets sue the fuckers out of existence.

Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 20:17:24 [Preview] No.5552 del
(2.38 MB 854x480 suck-a-dick.webm)

Wall Street Tycoon, Larry Fink, Now Shilling Feudal Communism Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 19:29:44 Id: 9d4af6 [Preview] No. 5549 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Laurence D. Fink is the founder and chief executive of the enormous investment firm BlackRock, which manages in the neighborhood of $6 trillion of assets. That enormous hoard of financial assets–which it invests on behalf of individuals with 401(k) plans institutions such as pension funds, state and local governments, Fortune 500 companies, sovereign wealth funds, and college endowments–makes BlackRock the largest investor in the world. It gives BlackRock–and Fink himself–enormous sway in corporate boardrooms and the stock market.

Now Fink is deploying his financial clout by demanding business leaders adhere to a communist agenda. In his annual letter released Tuesday, Fink announced that BlackRock will require that companies make a “positive contribution to society” and “serve a social purpose.”

That doesn’t sound too bad when stated broadly. Although likely to irk capitalists who agree with the late economist Milton Friedman that the best social purpose a business can pursue is to maximize profits by selling products its customers want to buy, many Americans probably agree with the notion that corporations should consider how to contribute to society beyond creating jobs, making sales, and earning profits.

Unfortunately, Fink goes beyond calling for increased corporate responsibility. His letter makes it clear that he defines the act of making a contribution very narrowly. He wants companies to adopt left-wing policy goals in the name of corporate responsibility.

Companies must ask themselves: What role do we play in the community? How are we managing our impact on the environment? Are we working to create a diverse workforce? Are we adapting to technological change? Are we providing the retraining and opportunities that our employees and our business will need to adjust to an increasingly automated world? Are we using behaviorial financial and other tools to prepare workers for retirement, so that they invest in a way that will help them achieve their goals.

This reads like a checklist from the priorities of the left wing of the Democratic party? Environmentalism? Check. Diversity virtue signaling? Check. Retraining? Check. Jobs threatened by automation (but not immigration or trade)? Check.

The last point, about using behavioral financial tools to “prepare workers for retirement” is both a liberal talking point (the left loves the idea of using the lessons of ‘behavioral economics’ to nudge people into behaving in ways liberals think they should) and incredibly self-serving (since pushing workers to save more through 401(k)s is likely to push even more money into BlackRock’s coffers).

What’s missing from the list? Anything even vaguely conservative, #MAGA, or hinting of economic nationalism. There’s nothing about immigration and the legal duty not to hire illegal immigrants. Nothing about the displacement of workers from unfair trade practices. Nothing about opioid addiction that is devastating so many American families. Nothing about protecting free speech and the traditional of tolerating dissenting political views. No protection for religious freedom. There’s not even talk of working to rebuild America’s failing infrastructure.

In other words, Fink is not urging corporate America to evolve toward being more socially responsible. This isn’t about companies needing a “sense of purpose” that will benefit society. It’s about loading the dice in favor of the communist agenda that has ruined America and the middle class.

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Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 19:35:38 Id: 9d4af6 [Preview] No.5550 del
I am very glad and very lucky I am now retired and have withdrawn from my 401K. I intend to diversify even more of my savings OUTSIDE the dollar, my bet is Russia and China will be the next superpowers and America will decline to third world status and civil unrest, possibly civil war, becomes inevitable.

It was good while it lasted.

Good! DHS Preparing To Arrest Leaders of Sanctuary Cities For Violating National Security Reader 01/16/2018 (Tue) 20:41:54 Id: 02617f [Preview] No. 5530 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen confirmed Tuesday that her department has asked federal prosecutors to see if they can lodge criminal charges against sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal deportation efforts.

“The Department of Justice is reviewing what avenues may be available,” Ms. Nielsen told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Her confirmation came after California’s new sanctuary law went into effect Jan. 1, severely restricting cooperation the state or any of its localities could offer.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan says those policies put his officers and local communities at more risk because they have to arrest illegal immigrants out in the community.

Mr. Homan told The Washington Times last July that he wanted to see local officials charged as complicit in human smuggling if they shielded illegal immigrants through sanctuary policies.

Reader 01/16/2018 (Tue) 22:58:52 Id: fdfd7a [Preview] No.5532 del
They want Americans dead. Thats the whole goal of deliberate destabilization is to purge Western culture and civilization and bring in captive third world races who know nothing about - nor care about - freedom of sovereignty.

The US govt elites want you dead. Never forget that.

Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 05:55:44 Id: 1077c6 [Preview] No.5536 del
>but who really wants me dead?
>corporate media? Hollywood? television? music? radio?
>advertising? the economy? wall street? Goldman Sachs?
>JPMorgan Chase? the Treasury Department?
>the white house? Senate? Congress? the Supreme Court?
>State, Justice, Defense and Treasury Departments?
>the Group of Thirty? the Bilderberg Group?
>the Trilateral Commission?
>the Council on Foreign Relations?
>who started the Federal Reserve?
>the Defense Policy Board? Think Tanks? the Ivy League?
>who are they exactly?
>what majority?
>why don't I look them all up?

Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 08:44:57 Id: 8c3a12 [Preview] No.5537 del

Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 15:43:44 Id: 4c71c0 [Preview] No.5538 del
Correct anons, all of those above you mentioned. And the corruption is bigger than most can even imagine. This entire system is rigged against us and the collusion runs deep. Slowly withdrawing yourself from the system, all the major institutions, and becoming self-sufficient and independent may be your only saving grace at this point.

I'm not saying you need to be a full blown basement dwelling NEET or anything. A man has to make a living, I understand. And you have to have money to properly prepare anyway. But if you want to survive you need to stop trusting the system and prepare accordingly and make sure you can survive when the access to modern luxuries we have today are cut off.

Also, stay away from fast food and big pharma. Two major industries used to cull the masses; profiting from sickness, addictions, dependency and later on unwanted intervention.

Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 17:42:55 Id: 1077c6 [Preview] No.5548 del
(260.81 KB 1733x1079 unpleasant.jpg)
Of course they are by majority. If you followed my instructions on this post >>5536 you'd realize that was the point.

They Are Afraid! Twitter’s Censorship Algorithm Targets Breitbart Audience Reader 01/16/2018 (Tue) 16:44:18 Id: 2496e5 [Preview] No. 5518 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/news/5368 ; >>>/news/5380 ; >>>/news/5412 ; >>>/news/5500


Twitter’s algorithms for political censorship target language and images — such as “America” and the American flag — associated with Breitbart News’s audience, said Project Veritas President James O’Keefe on Monday.

O’Keefe’s remarks on Twitter came during a SiriusXM Breitbart News Tonight interview with Breitbart News’s Senior Editors-at-Large Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.

Censorial algorithms at Twitter, said O’Keefe, associate certain terms and sentiments with automated behaviors in an ostensible effort to silence bots across the platform: “[Twitter has] an algorithm that finds correlative words associated with people like the Breitbart audience. So if you post about guns, if you like the American flag, if you use the word ‘America,’ if you are a self-described ‘redneck,’ they actually target these people. These are not racists, or white supremacists, or Nazis — these are just moderate conservative ideas.”

Following 2016’s presidential election, Twitter deployed a political censorship campaign ostensibly dedicated to combating “fake news” it implied was responsible for the election of Donald Trump to the presidency.

Twitter surveils and monetizes — through automated probing and employee monitoring — information within direct messages sent by its users across its platform, said O’Keefe: “They’re sharing your girlfriends’ [and] wives’ private pictures you give, you know, people send direct messages on Twitter thinking they’re private, it’s actually not. They can store it in a database, and these engineers are bragging about selling it to advertisers, looking at them, sharing them with your exes and [others].”

O’Keefe commented on Twitter’s use of shadow banning and assorted measures to minimize targeted users’ engagement across its platform:

They have hundreds of engineers that mine through your private part pictures … That shadow banning video we released Thursday was probably one of the greatest censorship stories we’ve ever seen. This is the digital town square, and if they’re able to prevent you from sharing your information with your followers and friends, then how are you going to communicate your ideas? They’re trying to “ban a way of talking,” they say.

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Reader 01/16/2018 (Tue) 16:47:38 Id: 2496e5 [Preview] No.5519 del

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Reader 01/16/2018 (Tue) 21:35:46 Id: 7645c7 [Preview] No.5531 del
The biggest media story of the year broke last week. Yet, millions of Americans never heard the story because the mainstream media “shadow banned” it.
The story was Project Veritas’ expose’ of Twitter.

Undercover operatives filmed Twitter employees admitting bias against conservatives and revealing what conservatives have known for a long time. Twitter shadow bans conservatives.

Shadow banning means that a person can still post on Twitter, but no one sees it. The mainstream media did not cover this story. They were too busy repeating the unsubstantiated allegations that President Trump had referred to certain nations as, shall we say, “sewer holes.”

Project Veritas’ videos prove what conservatives have claimed for a very long time. Big tech is more than just biased against conservatives. Big tech takes direct action to stop conservative points of view.

Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 15:56:16 Id: 6bb9d8 [Preview] No.5539 del
It not only makes me sad, but downright angry that something this BIG, this BAD, is being completely and utterly swept under the rug like nothing ever happened.

And the US govt and the US media have the NERVE, the audacity, to bitch about other countries censoring unwanted media!? FUCK YOU ASSHOLE HYPOCRITES! Look in the fucking mirror you hypocritical sacks of shit!

TYRANNICAL Israeli Govt Introduces Death Penalty For So-called 'Fake News' Publishers Reader 01/16/2018 (Tue) 17:45:48 Id: 8c64c2 [Preview] No. 5522 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Do you hold any dissent or opposition against the Israeli establishment? If so, they want to KILL YOU for it!

Israel are introducing new legislation that will make publishing so-called ‘fake news’ a criminal offence – punishable by the death penalty.

The harsh new law, proposed by Communications Minister Minister Ayoub Kara, could see reporters and journalists who criticize the Israeli government over their treatment of Palestinians face prison or execution. reports: An Israeli minister called African migrants a “sanitary nuisance.” Communications Minister Ayoub Kara made the comments Friday during an event for the Likud party in Eilat. He said that asylum seekers who worked in the southern resort town were an issue for the tourism hot spot.

His words come against the backdrop of a controversial plan by the Israeli government to forcefully deport African asylum seekers from the country.

In the beginning of the month, the Population, Immigration and Border Authority announced that it was launching a campaign to rid Israel of its asylum seekers, saying that among the 35,000 of them currently living in the country most of the Eritrean and Sudanese nationals will have to leave immediately or face incarceration.

“In my previous role, I was in charge of regional cooperation to save tourism in Eilat. We brought here 1,500 from Akaba and thus we deported, without making any effort, the illegal workers who infiltrated here and were a sanitary nuisance.”

Kara went on to make another harsh statement in the speech he made, calling for media outlets that broadcast “fake news” to be given the death verdict. His words were received with a round of applause. The communications minister said: “Everyone who brings [sic] fake news, will bring upon themselves the death verdict and there won’t be fucking fake news anymore.”

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Reader 01/16/2018 (Tue) 18:30:14 Id: d4a3cb [Preview] No.5524 del
(39.40 KB 618x412 Trump_CNN_2.jpg)
So... when do we start?

Reader 01/16/2018 (Tue) 18:44:05 Id: 8c64c2 [Preview] No.5525 del
That's the thing that bothers me about this: such a law and its victims of enforcement all depend on who is in charge of the country at that time, and what model of government that is in power considers to be "fake news."

Could you imagine the US govt having that power under Bush or Obama? Even if Trump considers CNN fake news, I'm sure many many other bureaucrats do not, and would consider anything conservative-minded to be fake news. Thus they could start rounding up people en mass like a bunch of mass murdering despots.

So this law is a double edged sword that will be stabbing people from both sides in Israel for years. Funny, the Jews officially turned the gas chambers on themselves!

Fuck that law coming to America. 1st Amendment! Freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Even if it is fake news, its worth protecting our fundamental rights.

Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 00:09:47 Id: cb24fe [Preview] No.5533 del
The more bothersome part about this is that people think that you can eliminate fake news in general. Considering that we all have different view points and interpretation of what actually happened, the truth in this case is more or less subjective in a sense that it could be true to one person but false to another depending on the pretenses. That and like you said, if the government decides what's real and fake news, that probably won't end well.

Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 02:12:19 Id: 168c6f [Preview] No.5534 del
This will all be for what they consider fake news, not actual fake news. After all, they're the ones best at lying and controlling the media.

Reader 01/17/2018 (Wed) 05:19:21 Id: bc8ecc [Preview] No.5535 del
I love to see those kikes crawling around in their own shit.

Acoustic Denial of Service Attacks on HDDs Anonymous 01/16/2018 (Tue) 09:50:15 [Preview] No. 12202 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
TL;DR: researchers can crash devices with magnetic drives from just under a meter away using sound waves.

Might be relevant to your interests, /tech/

Anonymous 01/16/2018 (Tue) 10:55:23 [Preview] No.12203 del
It's just finding the resonance frequency to vibrate the plates so the needle doesn't read or write properly? I like the idea of using it to disrupt CCTV recording.

Anonymous 01/16/2018 (Tue) 20:58:01 [Preview] No.12207 del
Thanks. It's already on the list (added some months ago): http://hjvx7xg3n4ejezmh.onion/

Good! US Oil Industry Set To Break Record, Upend Global Trade Reader 01/16/2018 (Tue) 20:40:56 Id: bdb3ca [Preview] No. 5529 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Surging shale production is poised to push U.S. oil output to more than 10 million barrels per day - toppling a record set in 1970 and crossing a threshold few could have imagined even a decade ago.

And this new record, expected within days, likely won’t last long. The U.S. government forecasts that the nation’s production will climb to 11 million barrels a day by late 2019, a level that would rival Russia, the world’s top producer.

The economic and political impacts of soaring U.S. output are breathtaking, cutting the nation’s oil imports by a fifth over a decade, providing high-paying jobs in rural communities and lowering consumer prices for domestic gasoline by 37 percent from a 2008 peak.

Fears of dire energy shortages that gripped the country in the 1970s have been replaced by a presidential policy of global “energy dominance.”

“It has had incredibly positive impacts for the U.S. economy, for the workforce and even our reduced carbon footprint” as shale natural gas has displaced coal at power plants, said John England, head of consultancy Deloitte’s U.S. energy and resources practice.

U.S. energy exports now compete with Middle East oil for buyers in Asia. Daily trading volumes of U.S. oil futures contracts have more doubled in the past decade, averaging more than 1.2 billion barrels per day in 2017, according to exchange operator CME Group.

The U.S. oil price benchmark, West Texas Intermediate crude, is now watched closely worldwide by foreign customers of U.S. gasoline, diesel and crude.