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(31.37 KB 553x183 dildar.jpg)
new owner GOATbro (Board Owner) 01/21/2018 (Sun) 06:24:40 [Preview] No. 196803 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I bet too much and ran out of P coins so Dildar is the new board owner of /sp/ effective immediately
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Dildar 01/21/2018 (Sun) 08:30:40 [Preview] No.196826 del
i really pleased for obtain such wonderful discusion forum. goatbro thank for acquaint me to much grateful poster. has been such long despacable day for me i figure a later time will best place at further comunicate.


Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 08:34:35 [Preview] No.196829 del
if this is fake then I at least want to see a new account made and the ownership transferred in the logs and any and all new bo messages be made by Dildar IN CHARACTER

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 08:37:02 [Preview] No.196830 del
i for one welcome the dildar era
this is gonna be a lot better
goatbro is finally gone
long live dilldar

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 08:46:52 [Preview] No.196831 del

WARNING Infowars 01/21/2018 (Sun) 08:57:07 [Preview] No.196833 del
(1.13 MB 230x230 alexj.gif)
this is a ruse masterminded by GOAT"""""bro""" to distract us as RIGHT NOW AT THIS MOMENT he is in the process of COPYWRITING all /sp/ memes in his own name,...wait a second...hold on folks, I'm getting an update in my ear mic right now....OK folks what I'm hearing right now -- this is BREAKING NEWS -- we're hearing from a TRUSTED SOURCE that GOAT"BROOO"" has secured an exclusive deal to produce a 12-episode feature series on SyFy network starring...and I can hardly control my anger right now folks...a 12 episode series starring frickin WADINA AND CHINKY RACOON as freaking immortal meme demons who turn an entire group of sporstfans into TRANSVESTITE WORSHIPPING GLOBALIST PUPPET YANKEE FANS.


(815.24 KB 4032x3024 IMG_0097.JPG)
Spartan 01/14/2018 (Sun) 06:00:12 [Preview] No. 193083 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
New kot
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Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 07:04:46 [Preview] No.196814 del
>They can't see or hear
that's just what they want you to believe

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 07:05:49 [Preview] No.196815 del
That's why I'm keeping a sharp eye on the little rascals

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 07:53:30 [Preview] No.196821 del
(400.85 KB 1350x1503 look.jpg)

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 08:34:28 [Preview] No.196828 del
qt kots, i cannot endorse the john elway name however, i feel you are cursing this poor kot to a life of closet homosexuality and poor life choices by giving xim this infernal name

(176.49 KB 1080x1080 happy monkr.jpg)
Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 06:15:27 [Preview] No. 196799 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
best criks streaming site?

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 06:18:15 [Preview] No.196800 del

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 06:18:30 [Preview] No.196801 del
paid subscription to crik channel

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 07:14:17 [Preview] No.196816 del
hotstar budy india nomb on


>Star India To Stream IPL Cricket Matches Live In Virtual Reality
>Fans in India watching in virtual reality will be able to select different camera angles and from the commentary language of their choice with customization through the “Super-fan-feed.” Star India will broadcast matches in six different languages across TV and digital. On Hotstar, fans can also use cricket emojis to enhance the experience.


i lik crik futur

(228.32 KB 1024x1006 vary gud genrl budys.jpg)
GET WATCH Spartan 01/19/2018 (Fri) 06:41:34 [Preview] No. 195788 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
very imperters mesanger budys
yu lik get? i lik get
getrs be lik raepings on nudeli stretrs with meny shetings
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Spartan 01/20/2018 (Sat) 23:51:36 [Preview] No.196531 del
i lik getbot

GET ALERT 01/21/2018 (Sun) 03:00:04 [Preview] No.196675 del
WARNING: https://doushio.com/moe/ 400000 GET Expected Within The Next Hour!

GET ALERT 01/21/2018 (Sun) 03:30:04 [Preview] No.196701 del
WARNING: https://8ch.net/qresearch/ 111111 GET Expected Within The Next Hour!

GET ALERT 01/21/2018 (Sun) 07:00:03 [Preview] No.196810 del
WARNING: http://usa.anon-ib.ru/ut/ 12345 GET Expected Within The Next Hour!

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 08:48:48 [Preview] No.196832 del
Ordered By Hours Left:
http://anon-ib.co/soci/ 90000 | 23 Posts Left | 4 PPH | 87 PPD | 6 Hours
http://what-ch.mooo.com/what/ 22222 | 13 Posts Left | 1 PPH | 29 PPD | 11 Hours
https://boards.4chan.org/fit/ 44444444 | 5845 Posts Left | 309 PPH | 12870 PPD | 13 Hours | https://getwatcher.net/pages/detailed/index.html?board=fit?get=44444444?chan=4chan
http://usa.anon-ib.ru/ut/ 12345 | 7 Posts Left | 0 PPH | 23 PPD | // NOW!!!!!
https://8ch.net/qresearch/ 123456 | 11200 Posts Left | 236 PPH | 9002 PPD | 29 Hours
http://anon-ib.co/cosp/ 80000 | 272 Posts Left | 6 PPH | 155 PPD | 42 Hours
https://mlpol.net/vx/ 50000 | 1320 Posts Left | 2 PPH | 637 PPD | 49 Hours
http://bronnen.net/int/ 2000000 | 6637 Posts Left | 174 PPH | 3073 PPD | 51 Hours
https://boards.4chan.org/news/ 222222 | 1352 Posts Left | 21 PPH | 487 PPD | 66 Hours
https://crystal.cafe/b/ 11111 | 324 Posts Left | 1 PPH | 89 PPD | 87 Hours

Ordered By Posts Left:
http://usa.anon-ib.ru/ut/ 12345 | 7 Posts Left | 0 PPH | 23 PPD | // NOW!!!!!
http://what-ch.mooo.com/what/ 22222 | 13 Posts Left | 1 PPH | 29 PPD | 11 Hours
http://anon-ib.co/soci/ 90000 | 23 Posts Left | 4 PPH | 87 PPD | 6 Hours
https://7chan.org/7ch/ 10000 | 25 Posts Left | 0 PPH | 1 PPD | 600 Hours

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(362.19 KB 600x600 ufc220.jpg)
(141.40 KB 922x518 bellator192.jpg)
BLOODSPORT: UFC 220 & Bellator 192 - Sat Jan 20, 2017 Spartan 01/20/2018 (Sat) 23:31:45 [Preview] No. 196501 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
UFC 220

UFC 220 main card (Pay-per-view, 10 p.m. ET)
>Champ Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou – for heavyweight title
>Champ Daniel Cormier vs. Volkan Oezdemir – for light heavyweight title
>Shane Burgos vs. Calvin Kattar
>Francimar Barroso vs. Gian Villante
>Thomas Almeida vs. Rob Font

''UFC 220 preliminary card (FS1, 8 p.m. ET)
>Kyle Bochniak vs. Brandon Davis
>Abdul Razak Alhassan vs. Sabah Homasi
>Dustin Ortiz vs. Alexandre Pantoja
>Julio Arce vs. Dan Ige

UFC 220 preliminary card (UFC Fight Pass, 7 p.m. ET)
>Enrique Barzola vs. Matt Bessette

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 05:59:00 [Preview] No.196792 del
Whitey barley survived that fight. Wew

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 05:59:45 [Preview] No.196793 del
I wish my husband would use NuGenix

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 06:01:06 [Preview] No.196794 del
me to budy

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 06:09:17 [Preview] No.196797 del
meh. stipes fights were all kind boring until he got off a lucky hit. big that nog can get up his cardio and lose some weight he is going to be real good.

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 06:54:35 [Preview] No.196807 del
maybe, moreso because of how weak the heavyweight division is than because he's a dominant fighter. He's got heavy hands but he strikes like a brawler not a boxer....go back and watch the overeem KO...granted he nearly killed him but his form was sloppy as hell....his elbows out wide as fuck. Honestly think he'd get heemed easily by JDS or Cain if they were 5 years younger. He's got a long way to go to be "great" but there's simply not much competition in the HW class now

(29.92 KB 674x541 ball.jpg)
(43.84 KB 676x718 hocey.jpg)
whitechocolate Spartan 01/20/2018 (Sat) 18:39:54 [Preview] No. 196367 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
game time in sauna time
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Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 03:02:29 [Preview] No.196680 del
(366.43 KB 1500x1008 oral.jpg)

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 03:02:48 [Preview] No.196681 del
oh yeah
oh hellll yeah

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 03:02:56 [Preview] No.196682 del
(20.67 KB 474x477 19.jpg)

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 06:08:45 [Preview] No.196796 del
17-0 when hardon, cee pee three, and Clint capela all play

Bretty gud

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 06:15:22 [Preview] No.196798 del
(284.19 KB 344x307 reggie-choke.png)
come playoffs time though...

(72.13 KB 600x876 1516413650972.jpg)
Healthy Models Spartan 01/20/2018 (Sat) 19:30:32 [Preview] No. 196379 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 02:36:16 [Preview] No.196630 del
hahaha right like mayonnaise has """""calories"""" what a fag

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 02:39:49 [Preview] No.196634 del
*eats 20 calorie asparagus (thats sauteed with a brick of butter and served with french dressing)*

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 02:40:42 [Preview] No.196636 del
juss eat mayo out tha jar

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 03:03:08 [Preview] No.196683 del
not to mention full of other bad stuff like salts, sugars, oil.

Spartan 01/21/2018 (Sun) 03:13:01 [Preview] No.196689 del
haha i bet you cucks think "diabetes" is a real """""disease""" hahaa sheep

(946.43 KB 629x864 ba.png)
Bane Watches Spartan 01/20/2018 (Sat) 16:57:40 [Preview] No. 196328 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Starting in 4 bongs. Pre stream shit posting in the meanwhile.

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Spartan 01/20/2018 (Sat) 17:27:44 [Preview] No.196339 del
thx big guys

Spartan 01/20/2018 (Sat) 19:02:18 [Preview] No.196375 del
mall sharting starting now

Spartan 01/20/2018 (Sat) 19:02:32 [Preview] No.196376 del

Spartan 01/20/2018 (Sat) 21:01:05 [Preview] No.196399 del
oy m8, first real /bane/ movie starting now

Spartan 01/20/2018 (Sat) 23:39:00 [Preview] No.196513 del
Cute movie that goatbro will like playing right now.

Spartan 01/20/2018 (Sat) 22:21:55 [Preview] No. 196441 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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Spartan 01/20/2018 (Sat) 22:59:32 [Preview] No.196481 del
112'000 isn't 800'000 but still impressive

Spartan 01/20/2018 (Sat) 23:00:52 [Preview] No.196484 del
why are your commas on the top? why are you mentioning the number 112000? why aren't you just ignoring him so he can't get any pleasure at all for people biting at his bait??

Spartan 01/20/2018 (Sat) 23:02:21 [Preview] No.196486 del
im way past ironic im all the way on to post ironic but seriously. i can enjoy these videos on that level.

Spartan 01/20/2018 (Sat) 23:04:13 [Preview] No.196488 del
are you telling me where to put my commas? You want the Indian style budy? 11,20,00

Spartan 01/20/2018 (Sat) 23:30:21 [Preview] No.196498 del
i lik mencreft

(21.78 KB 255x213 BK.jpg)
(21.78 KB 255x213 BK.jpg)
(21.78 KB 255x213 BK.jpg)
(21.78 KB 255x213 BK.jpg)
(21.78 KB 255x213 BK.jpg)
send all confused fwends here to da OFFICIAL WINB OWL THREAD

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Spartan 01/19/2018 (Fri) 15:24:53 [Preview] No.195904 del
(21.78 KB 255x213 BK.jpg)
all da way

Spartan 01/20/2018 (Sat) 22:47:39 [Preview] No.196467 del
GOATC nomb on budys

Spartan 01/20/2018 (Sat) 22:48:09 [Preview] No.196468 del
(21.78 KB 255x213 BK.jpg)
forgot GOATpic

Spartan 01/20/2018 (Sat) 23:09:06 [Preview] No.196491 del
>Vikings and Jasg fans still think they have a chance to win dab owl

Spartan 01/20/2018 (Sat) 23:10:39 [Preview] No.196493 del
gonna spend all day tomorrow taunting you when the pats get their ass beat