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>>/ggrevolt/15387 >>15381 >>15382 >>15386 >>15385 oh, even worse, it's the GLPtard
>>/pol/30134 >>30126 Ich kann dir versichern, dass das nicht der linke Zersetzer "Kotmann" von /rvss/ ist/war, sondern einer der "normalen"
>>/ggrevolt/15386 I don't even participate in this shitty board, I just always see it on Sauron, ggrevolt may as well be called "All stupid chanfu
>>/ggrevolt/15385 Chanism sort of collects weaklings. 4 8 now this one. Moot is your hero or just another fucking idiot like all of you?
>>/ggrevolt/15384 Do you even know what a "fray" is? This is Nerf war, you are waving nerfswords at each other, children.
>>/ggrevolt/15383 >>15381 >>15382 /cow/ enters the fray
>>/ggrevolt/15382 of course gamer gate is a non topic and you know that. [blows raspberry into your meaningless shitty thread]
>>/ggrevolt/15381 >>13579 God damn you stalkfaggots are a pathetic lot. Just reading your shit makes me laugh that you think you're human be
>>/ggrevolt/15380 >>15374 I know what N.E.E.T. means and its implications. My line of questioning was to determine if someone - not Kelly in this
>>/ggrevolt/15379 >>15375 He is unemployed lol - no set sleep schedule - always online - no danger in using his real name to call niggers "nigge

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