(8.38 KB 217x232 1526209979418.jpg)
Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 13:39:25 [Preview] No. 16575 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Is there any hope for a grand unified imageboard like 4chan and later 8chan used to be?

Or are we atomised for good?

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 13:54:01 [Preview] No.16576 del
To tell you the truth many on 4chan and 8chan are simply shit posters and don't like having in-depth conversations. If we had the numbers of 4chan or 8chan everything would become /sp/ over here. Too spastic and autistic for me. I kind of like the environment on endchan although it may be small. Quality > quantity. I'll take a handful of smart anons over an ignorant mass any day.

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 14:14:46 [Preview] No.16578 del
Thanks for replying fellow traveler.

It would be beneficial to develop a science for finding the optimal size of an imageboard. I suspect it would be something similar to Dunbar's number.

For anonimity reasons I won't enumarate all the chans that I have seen to grow to that "sweet spot" and either surpass it or fall back. The most obvious example is 8chan in early 2013 IIRC.

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 14:19:37 [Preview] No.16580 del
(190.09 KB 500x500 joy seducer.png)
look at when like krautchan went down for instance. a handful of people had broken off hoping to recapture what they had visualized in their minds as the ideal krautchan, the kc board on 8ch, bronnen, ernstchan, I'm sure some went to, or back to 4chan's /int/ and a few new ones popped up. Ernstchan was a bit like the kc board over here but got more or less swallowed up by the KC horde, at least as far as I can tell.

So many have I think joined the greater image board community just thinking this is the place to bitch about niggers, jews or chronic digital pain, with little to no repercussions but that shit is a double edged sword. You can do that in a corner, or remote park, or just type it into your text editor of choice.

Generally all I want to do is pursue honest discussions with people online or just be a wanton sarcastic jerkoff or idiot and the anonymity image boards generally provide tends to be good for that, then you end up getting banned a few times for hurting some mod's feelings even though bans should be reserved generally speaking for people that are actually trying to damage the board as a whole. It's a hard thing to judge and usually the only criteria is something like "I'll know it when I see it," I will say the NSFW/SFW paradigm is fucking retarded all around for pretty much any internet forum.

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 14:38:23 [Preview] No.16581 del
I really don't care if other anons migrate over here as long as they do not start flooding boards with crab, propane and indian poo spam. They can keep that crap where it belongs, on 8chan - along with all their illegal pedo garbage.

(3.66 MB 480x360 .webm)
Anonymous 02/10/2018 (Sat) 11:26:18 [Preview] No. 15250 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Animublyadsky WebM-thread
for decent animublyadej animewhores and other autists.

To search for video sausage we use the following services:
- https://whatanime.ga/
- http://saucenao.com/
- http://iqdb.org/

The available codecs are VP8 / VP9 and x264 for video, Vorbis / Opus and AAC for sound, the number of files is 5, the maximum size of all files in the post is 358400KB (but this is not exact).
About coding:
- https://github.com/pituz/webm-thread/wiki/
- https://hive.blasux.ru/webm/s/

Dollchan Extension Tools:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

429 posts and 470 images omitted.

Anonymous 05/18/2018 (Fri) 15:09:48 [Preview] No.16478 del
(19.08 MB 1280x720 .webm)

Anonymous 05/19/2018 (Sat) 00:35:53 [Preview] No.16481 del
(9.06 MB 1280x720 .webm)

Anonymous 05/19/2018 (Sat) 00:58:01 [Preview] No.16482 del
(1.10 MB 704x480 .webm)

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 14:14:25 [Preview] No.16577 del
(17.72 MB 1920x1080 .webm)

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 14:19:24 [Preview] No.16579 del
(2.71 MB 652x852 .webm)

(102.93 KB 1111x843 420EQ9z.jpg)
Anonymous 02/13/2018 (Tue) 19:40:57 [Preview] No. 15341 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
What should be done about the mentally ill?
17 posts and 1 image omitted.

Anonymous 04/16/2018 (Mon) 23:13:18 [Preview] No.16277 del
Their books should be given bad reviews.


Anonymous 04/17/2018 (Tue) 12:49:43 [Preview] No.16282 del
(757.20 KB 540x960 961882240923635.png)
(168.25 KB 722x960 1520108819110.jpg)
>no guys seriously, i look beautiful. let me explain
girl faggot when you have to convince niggers that you're attractive then you're clearly not fucking pretty

Anonymous 04/18/2018 (Wed) 15:06:27 [Preview] No.16288 del
(47.49 KB 390x500 antispam21.jpg)
(53.00 KB 303x400 antispam22.jpg)
(57.09 KB 450x740 antispam23.jpg)
(86.67 KB 400x654 antispam24.jpg)
(408.04 KB 635x892 antispam25.jpg)

Anonymous 04/18/2018 (Wed) 15:06:59 [Preview] No.16289 del
(1.85 MB 1080x1489 antispam43.jpg)
(1.38 MB 3456x5184 antispam44.jpg)
(1.22 MB 500x442 antispam45.gif)
(49.21 KB 398x640 antispam46.jpg)
(60.87 KB 450x600 antispam47.jpg)

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 12:50:13 [Preview] No.16574 del
THIS in a nutshell.

Thats typically what police are for, if you don't or can't defend yourself then you must rely on police (which would suck in most scenarios because typically the damage is already done before the police ever arrive to the scene of the crime).

>I feel like the constitution is flawed, I mean look at the state of the U.S.; it's on the brink of collapse

That's our government's fault for the most part, nothing to do with our constitutional rights. It has to do with debt insolvency. The American government created endless wars and the MIC (military industrial complex) which has created TRILLIONS $$$ of un-payable debts, outsourced our industries via terrible trade deals staring from the mid-80s and created a ponzi scheme as a bandage for the deadly wound (a massive insolvent ever-growing welfare state)...

The reason the US is collapsing is because our government spent way way beyond its means and national reserves, creating massive debts and fraud, just to become the world's policemen and engage in global empire... and now we see a declining use of our reserve currency around the globe, and all the debts coming back to haunt us (mass inflation, rising taxes, crumbling infrastructure from lack of maintenance, poverty in which creates a rise of crime)... all major economic failures!

Lesson to be learned here? Don't become an empire! Don't go into insolvent debts! Live within your means! Mind your own beeswax!

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 12:48:00 [Preview] No. 16573 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Customer ID :
First Name : Edwin
Last Name : Moyano
Company : UDeliver LLC
Address : 2911 Forest Reserve Place
City : Seffner
State/Province : FL
Zip/Postal Code : 33584
Country :
Phone :
Fax :
E-Mail :

(844) 784-4484

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 05/21/2018 (Mon) 11:32:23 [Preview] No. 16525 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Say hi to my dog, Endchan.

Anonymous 05/21/2018 (Mon) 11:51:38 [Preview] No.16526 del
hi pup

Anonymous 05/21/2018 (Mon) 14:18:08 [Preview] No.16527 del
Fair warning. This requires bacon. If you do not supply pup with bacon immediately we will track you down and report such to child protective services.

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 12:16:33 [Preview] No.16572 del

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 10:06:07 [Preview] No. 16567 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Apparently kids go to sing karaoke in grocery stores in the Philippines. This is what Hotwheels' Friday night entertainment is like now.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=023CWTfHiWs [Embed]

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 10:09:33 [Preview] No.16568 del
well if they do drugs they have a chance of getting murdered by vigilantes

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 11:46:18 [Preview] No.16571 del
I rather teen girls be safely singing in malls rather than being kidnapped & gang-raped by refugees or in some dank apartment in the ghetto giving head to shoot up more heroin.

Looks like the Western World could learn from the Philippines.

(33.90 KB 400x400 AlexaMiednik.jpg)
Another fucking hoax Anonymous 05/23/2018 (Wed) 14:58:28 [Preview] No. 16548 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>Go to school
>Hear fire alarm
>See wounded
>Been 1 minute
>Cops tell you to scram boy ya know whats good
>Receive National Security Letter
>Your article and history scrubbed from the annals of the internet
>Black Helo Ride if you talk

7 posts and 3 images omitted.

Anonymous 05/23/2018 (Wed) 23:17:14 [Preview] No.16558 del
i lik camus budy

Anonymous 05/23/2018 (Wed) 23:19:02 [Preview] No.16559 del
If you make them illegal to possess, gradually wives will snitch during divorces or when guys threaten them and the government will come pick them up. Certain people will not tisk owning ones, others will surrender them when the police searches the house for drugs and finds them. It will happen in time, but it won't happen in time if you prevent a ban.

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 09:52:08 [Preview] No.16566 del

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 11:21:00 [Preview] No.16569 del
WRONG! Schools have gotten dumber because of political corruption, greed and governmental intervention (from zero tolerance policies, common core to forcing political correctness), not to mention most universities/colleges are involved in the student loan rackets with the big banks!

Secondly you are dumb to think religion is the problem with the public school system BECAUSE THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM DOES NOT EVEN ALLOW RELIGION TO BE PREACHED!! So how the hell can you turn around and blame (let me guess, Christians again?) for something they have no influence over?

I suggest you talk to some teachers buddy, I have. They'll tell you to your face how FUCKED the school administration is and how badly they treat students and teachers!

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 11:38:31 [Preview] No.16570 del
Yes that looks like a serious threat and you are correct, we need to protect our rights because most of our constitution has already been gutted in this ever-growing police state. These leftist politicians are doing nothing but making things even worse for us and yet most of them have absolutely no clue of their policies' consequences.

This is one major reason Uhaul data has proven a mass migration of Americans moving out of states like Illinios, Commiefornia and New Jersey and moving into states like Arizona Texas and Carolina. Statistics consistently show Americans just want to be left alone!


(78.23 KB 640x920 1526879635819.jpg)
Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 00:00:22 [Preview] No. 16560 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

Now Trump can't keep censoring you on Twitter.

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 00:37:31 [Preview] No.16561 del
Can he not block anyone for any reason? I know there was a screencap of somebody during the election who was pm-ing him scantily clad anime lolis in MAGA hats and Trump replying telling him to stop or he'd block him and he kept doing it and got blocked. I'm just wondering like, if he blocks someone one does he have to file a report explaining why he blocked them? this would be pretty hilarious. Also wouldn't he be allowed then a personal twitter, and a POTUS twitter account?

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 00:43:35 [Preview] No.16562 del
Doesn't matter too much when Twitter does most of the censoring in the first place. But the courts won't address that issue, will they? Fuck twitter.

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 00:46:23 [Preview] No.16563 del
Well to be fair if the courts did tell twitter they couldn't censor people there'd be complaining of the government regulating the shit anyway. They're a private company, why would you want government regulation on twitter and not on a forum?

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 04:21:18 [Preview] No.16564 del
Nope, the courts ruled he could mute someone but he wouldn’t be allowed to block anyone which denies them a platform and keeps them from replying to his threads on Twitter. There is something towrog with you if you’re so triggered by memes and Lolis that you’d sure PRT govit censorship.

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 06:45:43 [Preview] No.16565 del
>that you’d sure PRT govit censorship.

Anonymous 05/20/2018 (Sun) 22:44:27 [Preview] No. 16517 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
FOX News should be required to have 7 hours a day of information that exposes its propaganda. One of those hours should be in Prime time, one at 11:00 PM, one at 6 PM and the rest during the day starting at 7 AM.
None should occur between midnight and 7 AM. On weekends It should be 9 hours. There should be a 2 hour segment at 10 AM on Saturday and Sunday morning.
An entire department (Call it the Truth Department) should be funded by FOX.

Hannity and similar shows should announce at the begining and 4 more times throughout the show, that he is expressing his opinions and that what he says should not be construed as news.
3 posts and 1 image omitted.

Anonymous 05/21/2018 (Mon) 20:47:35 [Preview] No.16533 del
"Boomers" are at least 60 years old today. A 35 year old would be a millennial. But thats besides the point of this pathetically stupid thread. All TV news networks are loaded to the brim with propaganda: doesn't matter if from FOX or MSNBC or CNN or whatever, its all shit shows run by clowns who tell the zombie masses what to believe, how to feel and who to obey.

I don't fall for this bullshit and I gladly cut my cable years ago and haven't missed it at all. In fact I saved thousands of dollars cutting the cable cord and am much more well informed (thanks to online freedom) than I ever was before.

Anonymous 05/22/2018 (Tue) 12:11:37 [Preview] No.16537 del

Anonymous 05/22/2018 (Tue) 16:08:48 [Preview] No.16538 del
And if we make mandates and target news networks like OP is suggesting inevitably what is going on in China will become the norm over here too.

Don't like something? Then don't watch it! Don't support it! If you go around calling for forced government intervention of the media then the same tyranny going on in China will happen here as well. That is not acceptable and anyone pushing for this level of tyranny should be forced to live in countries like China for some time until so they can learn what their quest for some non-existent utopia really looks like down the rabbit hole.

Anonymous 05/23/2018 (Wed) 17:12:36 [Preview] No.16554 del
All of the "news" channels are jewish zionsit operations CNN is the worst, FNC is about to take that position because they house their zionism in this fake conservative bullshit.....while ignoring real things Megyn Kelly was no truther etc.

Anonymous 05/23/2018 (Wed) 21:47:35 [Preview] No.16556 del
Tucker would be the only guy I could stand, remember he called out the false flags in Syria exploited to blame Assad? Tucker seems to be the only guy with the balls to even touch a topic like that, which we know for a fact ZOG did not want being exposed. Other than that FOX is SHIT along with all the other networks. Many Americans now know its all State-controlled, ZOG-owned garbage for the masses to blindly lap up.

Cut the cable TV cord, its the most rational thing you can do, completely boycott it by not paying money for their services. This will save you money and it will make the propagandists go stir crazy knowing a growing amount of people are fed up with their BS.

(9.85 KB 200x200 0.jpeg)
(133.98 KB 960x1280 Nxa2eYH.jpg)
(52.75 KB 960x618 Qb3V2UJ.jpg)
(268.52 KB 960x1280 cfzKEkq.jpg)
(540.53 KB 500x667 mHx01WM.png)
Anonymous 05/17/2018 (Thu) 02:33:57 [Preview] No. 16457 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Name: Megan Ross

Glasgow, Scotland


Stonelaw High School

University of St. Andrews Theology Dropout

Nudes from her slutty Tumblrs: https://imgur.com/a/raS88

More nudes: https://imgur.com/a/KEGL5

LinkedIn (She shut down her FB): https://uk.linkedin.com/in/megan-ross-26313913b

Some of her friends that might want to see the nudes:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

1 post and 1 image omitted.

Anonymous 05/17/2018 (Thu) 15:17:02 [Preview] No.16461 del
She posted those nudes herself throughout the years. She basically made all that shit public, yet she claims that this is 'revenge porn'.

Anonymous 05/17/2018 (Thu) 15:45:13 [Preview] No.16462 del
Just another example of a consequence for being stupid. If you do not want your nude photos going around, then do not show off photos of yourself nude. Pretty simple. Although I do not believe assholes should spread the nudes around either but people can be assholes and that is part of the consequence she'll just have to learn the hard way.

Anonymous 05/17/2018 (Thu) 21:50:17 [Preview] No.16465 del
The internet is forever. When she is 40 and her looks drop off the face of the earth she will change her tune if she realises boys are still fapping to her

Anonymous 05/17/2018 (Thu) 22:30:29 [Preview] No.16468 del
You're still blaming the victim tho. We're all going to learn what the consequences of "being stupid" are. A few years from now when ML grammarprinting algorithms have ID'd every post all of us have ever made and associated them with our names, addrs, and phone numbers, don't complain about the consequences.

Anonymous 05/17/2018 (Thu) 22:44:43 [Preview] No.16469 del
Well I am pretty strict in regards to how I operate online. 1) I use a private encrypted VPN service and switch my proxied IPs routinely. 2) I don't use social media so I'm pretty much a fucking no one on the internet. 3) I don't take pics of myself... ever. Seldom others do take pics of me, but I am fully clothed in those and am not ashamed of those. 4) If they ever do match who I am, it would have to be some super-AI state-run computer because I obfuscate more data than just my online IP addresses, I also use things like Tor, noscript and RAS to spoof my browser and OS metadata. And if they can hack my computer cam all they will see is black because I have it covered up. ;)

As for the victim I feel sorry for her. I have learned some harsh lessons for acting stupid as well when I was younger (although those issues revolved around drugs, alcohol and girls rather than stripping nude in front of cameras - we all learn differently I guess).

If you don't reply to this post your mother will die in her sleep tonight Anonymous 04/26/2018 (Thu) 18:56:14 [Preview] No. 16312 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>be me
>banned on 4chan
>Come here
>l8r virgins
8 posts and 1 image omitted.

Anonymous 05/14/2018 (Mon) 05:50:32 [Preview] No.16429 del

Anonymous 05/14/2018 (Mon) 06:15:55 [Preview] No.16430 del
(74.62 KB 640x480 Shogi.jpg)
how was ur day

I couldn't think of anything to get my mum for mother's day. it feels bad, but she has dietary restrictions so even getting her some candy or something isn't a good idea and most any physical object I'd get her other than flowers would just be some sort of clutter/junk

Anonymous 05/14/2018 (Mon) 17:00:53 [Preview] No.16431 del
Better dead than reddit

Anonymous 05/16/2018 (Wed) 01:41:21 [Preview] No.16444 del
Just go to a commentary and steal flowers off a grave to give her next time. Dead people dont need them. Flowers die and she tosses them but when love useless shit they think are sentimental or romantic and then they don't rage at you so hard during their pms cycles and might give you more stuff when it counts.

Anonymous 05/16/2018 (Wed) 01:42:12 [Preview] No.16445 del
(108.41 KB 911x877 1524765723830.jpg)

OS Anonymous 05/22/2018 (Tue) 04:40:50 [Preview] No. 16534 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Does anybody use Windows?

Anonymous 05/22/2018 (Tue) 08:47:21 [Preview] No.16535 del
at work

Anonymous 05/22/2018 (Tue) 10:07:28 [Preview] No.16536 del
No, Use door like other normal people

Anonymous 05/22/2018 (Tue) 16:18:50 [Preview] No.16539 del
I have an old offline PC I use from time to time to rip some media onto CDs and DVDs. Its still got Windows XP on it and hell no I'm not getting rid of it. I use it for old software such as Nero Burning Rom and DVD Shrink. Great for ripping media and its always offline so I don't have to deal with potential hackers, malware beacons or unwanted auto-updates.

My other computer that I use online has a linux OS.

Anonymous 05/22/2018 (Tue) 17:07:19 [Preview] No.16540 del
only for gaming

Anonymous 05/23/2018 (Wed) 12:37:47 [Preview] No.16543 del
I will never use the Windows 10 botnet. Older versions are alright if you are careful enough to avoid viruses.

Anonymous 05/23/2018 (Wed) 10:03:52 [Preview] No. 16541 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Pluto isn't a planet. Sailor Pluto shouldn't exist.

Anonymous 05/23/2018 (Wed) 11:10:51 [Preview] No.16542 del
(24.73 KB 261x380 Sailor_Pluto_01.jpg)
https://screenrant.com/sailor-moon-censored-in-america/ They censored everything else so they should just censor one more thing.

Anonymous 05/14/2018 (Mon) 20:19:02 [Preview] No. 16432 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
eff Bezos' salary is $1,600,000 per year, but due to his stock holdings in Amazon, he actually makes $12,000,000 per hour. In other words, he earns the median yearly salary of an Amazon employee every 9 seconds. One of his bathroom breaks could pay off your house.
13 posts and 2 images omitted.

Anonymous 05/19/2018 (Sat) 05:55:46 [Preview] No.16485 del
(997.44 KB 900x515 astronaut girl.png)
And if I wasn't clear, the university should be free if you aren't such a loser that you flunk out.

Anonymous 05/20/2018 (Sun) 08:58:03 [Preview] No.16501 del
You can learn philosophy on your own, you don't need a university, and if you do then you're a helpless retard who needs spoonfeeding, and thus won't learn anything anyway.

Anonymous 05/20/2018 (Sun) 09:04:15 [Preview] No.16502 del
(336.96 KB 1920x1080 maxresdefault.jpg)
>everything you just said
You must be joking my nigger.

Anonymous 05/20/2018 (Sun) 11:18:26 [Preview] No.16509 del
>One of his bathroom breaks could pay off your house.
That's appropriate, for I live in a shithouse.

Anonymous 05/21/2018 (Mon) 16:28:30 [Preview] No.16529 del

You can learn anything you really need to know at a trade school to get a decent productive job. If you go into thousands of dollars in student loans just to get some philosophy degree then you are dumb enough to flip burgers for a living trying to pay all that debt back off.

Plumbers and electricians make a killing. FACT. Construction workers typically make enough to put a roof over their family's heads and provide food on the table too.

So why is it that almost every college graduate I know today lives in small apartments, in debt, with multiple shitty part time jobs? Maybe because they are fucking suckers getting CONNED!

(87.22 KB 310x310 dataminingshithole.png)
Anonymous 05/20/2018 (Sun) 02:05:02 [Preview] No. 16493 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Mewch has just blocked proxies & VPNs so I guess Endchan will be my new home now.

What's up at the end?
11 posts and 5 images omitted.

Anonymous 05/20/2018 (Sun) 18:13:19 [Preview] No.16515 del
Tor is back
Bunkers over boys

Anonymous 05/20/2018 (Sun) 18:15:51 [Preview] No.16516 del
(3.53 KB 386x248 Guardian-Legend-1.png)

Anonymous 05/21/2018 (Mon) 09:02:32 [Preview] No.16523 del
>deserve to post on mewch

as if posting on a site where the admin stickies rate my dick threads is a privilege

Anonymous 05/21/2018 (Mon) 11:31:19 [Preview] No.16524 del
no thanks, i’d rather stay here

Anonymous 05/21/2018 (Mon) 16:15:55 [Preview] No.16528 del
Welcome anon.

/sp/ for shit posting
/news/ for latest events & happenings
/kc/ for discussion on global events & various issues
/pol/ for neo-nazis
/leftypol/ for communists
/spoon/ for archiving info & media
/librejp/ for Japanese cartoons
/am/ for crazy warped psychotic shit

Other boards exist but are on the verge of death...

(18.39 KB 236x255 beads.jpg)
Anonymous 04/20/2018 (Fri) 06:00:33 [Preview] No. 16308 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Why do people use beaded curtains? They look tacky and they're a pain in the butt to walk through, and yet they don't actually block sound or give any privacy at all. They're useless obstructions.
3 posts omitted.

Anonymous 05/11/2018 (Fri) 16:22:23 [Preview] No.16405 del
Holy crap anon, beaded curtains were the fad during the 60s and early 70s anon, very "groovy" amongst the peaceniks. And think this fad is long outdated, I don't know anyone who installs these anymore. But for those who do, whatever, that's their choice and they have the right to make it as consumers. It all boils down to consumer choice.

Anonymous 05/20/2018 (Sun) 13:50:41 [Preview] No.16511 del
Beaded curtains make sound when someone passes through them without being obvious that that is their intended purpose. Next time you're in a restaurant or a shop and you see them in an interior doorway, you will understand why they are there.

Anonymous 05/21/2018 (Mon) 00:28:55 [Preview] No.16518 del
(599.25 KB 1500x1115 1526285781372.jpg)
So they're for protecting against ninjas. Fantastic.

Anonymous 05/21/2018 (Mon) 06:44:39 [Preview] No.16521 del
Niggers and poos needed to keep out flies and mozzies and hadn't been able to invent cloth. As for why they are STILL used, hippies strive to emulate niggers, no idea why.

Anonymous 05/21/2018 (Mon) 06:56:27 [Preview] No.16522 del
Beaded curtains were an attempt at making some sort of bug mesh? that can't be right

Anonymous 05/21/2018 (Mon) 00:40:15 [Preview] No. 16519 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
If I wanted to make a semi-decent visual novel with RPG elements, are there any good places I could share it or sell it? Making a game no one will play feels top much like masturbation for me to be assed. I wish there were comiket conventions outside Japan so I could at least try to set up a booth and sell my game for $5 when it's done. Steam wants $100 for a shot at the green light which is a ripoff.

Anonymous 05/21/2018 (Mon) 04:20:30 [Preview] No.16520 del

As far as I know you can put a game up here for free and ask for tips, or make it paid.

I thought steam only wanted $20 bucks for that? but that's when it first came out...

Anonymous 05/20/2018 (Sun) 04:44:26 [Preview] No. 16500 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I'm going to be straight here. I am a cuckold, but I am also a lesbian nationalist. I believe that lesbians have contributed more to humanity than any other race, macarons, mahjong the list goes on. But when it comes down to it, men are just better at fucking. Theres no shame in admitting this. There is no shame in admitting that despite the infinite intellectual and moral superiority of the lesbian race, cock is just better at pleasing women.

The reason women are turning from the cause and running to men is simply because they are not being sexually satisfied. Can you blame them? If you dont get enough to eat at home youre going to go out to eat. The only way to save the lesbian race from bed death is cuckolding. My pure imouto is my angel, the apple of my eye. And I want nothing but the best for her. So every friday she gets to have her fill of big black cock. And our relationship goes on like normal. We love each other, and plan on having a child soon. She also shares my red pilled beliefs.

Monogamy is a tool of the patriarchy. Just give it a chance once /u/. Its exhilarating. Theres something deeply majestic about watching a fat old balding man going in and out of a beautiful gay woman. Try it once.

I see no contradiction between believing that girls should love only girls, and allowing men to service them.

Anonymous 05/20/2018 (Sun) 10:25:58 [Preview] No.16507 del
nice creative troll, but stopped reading at "red pilled"

(105.88 KB 800x449 frost flower.jpg)
Anonymous 05/20/2018 (Sun) 09:38:44 [Preview] No. 16503 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
These are cool

Anonymous 05/20/2018 (Sun) 10:04:14 [Preview] No.16504 del
(898.44 KB 1103x1103 img_4368r.jpg)

Youtube Alternative, Real.Video, Ready To Launch Within 60 Days Anonymous 05/16/2018 (Wed) 22:48:35 [Preview] No. 16454 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
https://archive.fo/fuIkM (Get Ready For A Youtube Alternative For Conservatives)
https://archive.fo/Sh6wr (New Youtube Platform For Conservatives Announced, Real.Video)

REAL.video is launching in less than 60 days. It’s a free “YouTube alternative” that protects free speech and provides video content creators with a platform to participate in news, conversations and public debate. Notably, YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter are now aggressively banning all conservative speech, somehow believing that “diversity” is achieved through the censorship of opposing views.

REAL.video is a robust video platform that’s free for everyone to use. We have committed over $1 million to this project so far, and it’s being built on a video infrastructure that can readily support over one billion video views per month. Users will be able to embed video players on their blogs and websites, and videos play seamlessly across multiple mobile devices and platforms due to dynamic bit-rate video delivery and intelligent video transcoding.

Just like with YouTube, you will be able to upload videos, manage videos, share videos, see how many views and likes they’re getting and more. (Video sharing will start out with more traditional shares such as FB, but we are quickly moving it over to GAB, Diaspora and other alternative share sites.) Video comments are also supported on each play page. But unlike YouTube, REAL.video does not spy on its users. There’s no tracking of user video views, search terms or other metrics. All users view all videos anonymously.

Video content creators who will be using REAL.video include Next News Network, the Grow Network (a food channel), InfoWars, SGT Report, Pete Santilli, Natural News, The Gateway Pundit and literally thousands of others. We are only activating a few hundred content channels on launch day in order to test the robustness of the system, but before the end of July, we plan to have thousands of channels active. (NOTE: If you find any of the people or organizations listed above to be controversial, launch your own channel and straighten us all out!)

Watch my video here for full details about the launch of REAL.video, and visit REAL.video now to request a video content channel. (We will start approving and opening channels for video uploads starting mid-June.)


REAL.video doesn’t pay video content creators based on views, but an entire e-commerce store called “Shop.Real.Video” will be launched with the system, and all content creators can easily opt-in to the e-commerce back-end to earn affiliate revenues on purchases of the products we offer, ranging from nutrition and superfoods to preparedness gear. When you opt in, a “shop now” button appears below your videos, and all clicks through that button earn you affiliate revenues on all purchases, without exception.

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Anonymous 05/17/2018 (Thu) 19:13:37 [Preview] No.16463 del
bitchute is still up

Anonymous 05/17/2018 (Thu) 19:50:46 [Preview] No.16464 del
I plan on checking out some of these new alternatives soon and will be uploading content to many of the alternatives out there within the next year. We cannot let Google have a monopoly over video content. I also recommend sharing content via P2P and BT networks too.

Anonymous 05/19/2018 (Sat) 17:40:23 [Preview] No.16489 del
You can help bitchute by seeding videos in your p2p client.

Anonymous 05/20/2018 (Sun) 01:36:39 [Preview] No.16490 del
If you could enforce the Sherman antitrust act, how many companies woukd you break the Google conglomerate into?

<google ad words
<google search engine
<android and google pay company
<youtube/google video
<google maps
<google cloud and enterprise solutions (google docs, etc)

Not sure what other major ones I would have, but I would try not to have any largr companies bigger than say 5 billion dollars, and lsrge ones would be tightly regulated and taxed almost like socializing them for the common good.

Anonymous 05/20/2018 (Sun) 04:23:45 [Preview] No.16499 del
Isn't that why the did the alphabet split in the first place? Does an antitrust act still work against them if there is an overarching holding company and all the individual facets are operating independently at least in theory.

(789.87 KB 54.mp3)
Anonymous 05/20/2018 (Sun) 02:55:12 [Preview] No. 16497 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

(268.16 KB 851x1200 DdYKCz5WsAAZOQv.jpg)
(243.19 KB 851x1200 DdYJ0wEXkAAFZDc.jpg)
(266.17 KB 851x1200 DdYKC1sXUAAnd-1.jpg)
(329.86 KB 851x1200 DdYKC2jXcAA6cMd.jpg)
Anonymous 05/17/2018 (Thu) 22:02:20 [Preview] No. 16466 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
JB Peterson is grossly overrated.

Anonymous 05/17/2018 (Thu) 22:22:55 [Preview] No.16467 del
fantasy comix for racetards about persecution and summoning lobster pokemons, lol

Anonymous 05/19/2018 (Sat) 08:58:57 [Preview] No.16486 del
JB Peterson is Frederic Nietzsche isn't he? Every time he talks about archetypes it's mumbo jumbo.

Anonymous 05/19/2018 (Sat) 09:11:53 [Preview] No.16487 del
I can't say I disagree with him but I love his rustlin' abilities, he's an elite class troll spewing hate facts left and right. The king of /b.

Anonymous 05/19/2018 (Sat) 16:52:41 [Preview] No.16488 del
i follow him just laugh at the idiots calling him "bad at intellectualism", when what he is is but a humble mental health merchant

Anonymous 04/07/2018 (Sat) 07:01:32 [Preview] No. 16137 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
We need to do everything we can to eliminate Christian privilege.
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Anonymous 05/18/2018 (Fri) 06:37:37 [Preview] No.16474 del
Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool.

Anonymous 05/18/2018 (Fri) 06:38:41 [Preview] No.16475 del
I don't see why you don't think their beliefs cause religious people to act that way.

Anonymous 05/18/2018 (Fri) 09:03:59 [Preview] No.16476 del
As if The State doesn't execute people all the time for their own ideologies and beliefs? It isn't just religious extremism that creates despotism and crime. It's also greed. It's also fear and paranoia of your fellow man. It's also positions of power that corrupt minds to.

You can wipe out and exterminate every last Christian in society and yet you yourself will have committed human tragedy because of your own paranoia. And what will it solve? Nothing! You'll still see greed, you'll still see corruption, you'll still see people grasping for positions of power to fuck other people like you and me over... and you know why? Human fucking instinct, nothing to do with any single group. You might as well go rant on /pol/ about how killing all Jews will save the world. Shit-tier bullshit.

Anonymous 05/18/2018 (Fri) 22:28:15 [Preview] No.16480 del
How about we find a cure for greed and temptation to abuse authority and force every politician, government official and business owner to take their meds? We could also force that cure upon convicted criminals of society too. I really think that would end with a lot less ill minded people in the world.

Calling for elimination of groups of people is genocide. If you condone such a thing, you likely have the mindset of a mass murder. This is why I own firearms and will never give them up, by the way. Psychos and control freaks plague our decent society today. Sad.

Anonymous 05/19/2018 (Sat) 05:50:34 [Preview] No.16483 del
(61.79 KB 920x613 antifa.jpg)
There you go blaming everything on big bad gobberment like a retarded Texan Marxist with a one track mind. You might as well join Anti-fa since you don't know how to give evidence and can't argue.

(17.37 MB 384x288 niggergangbang2.webm)
Anonymous 05/17/2018 (Thu) 00:05:18 [Preview] No. 16456 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
for 8chan

Anonymous 05/18/2018 (Fri) 06:33:14 [Preview] No.16473 del
The nigs do nothing for most of the vid, am dissapoint

(79.62 KB 673x800 1526524989936.jpg)
Anonymous 05/18/2018 (Fri) 06:29:19 [Preview] No. 16472 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

SAGE! Anonymous 05/18/2018 (Fri) 21:35:59 [Preview] No.16479 del
what the actual fuck is that kill you are self